Alright well

As of yesterday, being fourth of july and what not, I spent the day with my best friend EVER in the world.....universe (Kyo). Along with my other friend (Evelio) who will not recieve such a great title because he bullies me too much for one haha.

It was so much fun, but that was to be expected. Me and Kyo were huddled in a blanket trying to keep warm and flammable free while Evelio was...well...doing the opposite. We watched so many fireworks, almost died from the smoke inhalation and got to see a 10 year old boy's leg catch on fire. He's safe but it was just so funny since he didnt learn his lesson and played with more fire. In all I can say that this 4th of July went pretty smoothly.

However, today was just completely whelming. In a good way.

I went to PE and ran a mile in 7 minutes and 50 seconds....but you know what? That is not good enough for me xd

And the best knews about today is that I beat the Record Breaker! In sit ups! His score was of course.. can you guess? 50. And what was mine you might ask? 55.

Hell yeah~! Haha. Now I just have to beat him at push ups and reclaim my non existant title. On a side note to Mister Record Breaker....he actually fell asleep after we finished our insanity work out...And I have to admit. It was kinda cute whee

But that's just what goes on in my mind
Until the next meaningless internet sighting
Bai Bai readers and surfers...of the cyber variety
Eins, Zwei, Drei *poof* heart