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Itchigotchi's Diary Whats this, on the ground? A notebook? No...No.. Its something more. The beaten leather cover and crumpled pages seem very well worn and loved. There is a giant "KEEP OUT" stamp on the cover, which makes you smirk as you open the book....

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Random situations
[[An adventure transcribed from texts]]

Ben & Max

A fat blonde 14 year old guy with an eating disorder, who cries easily, has horrible luck and can control water (but usually just ends up looking like he wet himself)

A 37 year old retired NYPD detective with a short beard and a bald head. He’s a career alcoholic and pill popper with no goals other than drowning the pain of the memories of his dead wife away. He has a short temper and his first instinct is to throw a bullet or shoot a punch because he’s usually too shitfaced to do it the right way around.
Max drunkenly waved a bottle at a bunch of elemental kids, saying “When I was a lad y’ dint pice up ladies by lightin’ a fire in yer hand, ye did’t with GUNs, and CUNNING! That’s how I found me love, Sherrianne” He takes another swig, in angry memory of her death “..I’ll get those bastards..”

He rounded on the blonde kid after taking a reminiscing break “Damn Straight! I don’t need no flashy superpowers! Just a gun fulla punches and a punch fulla bullets. That’s my style. And some strong liquor in my hip flask.”

“Th-they’re not superpowers, sir! I don’t hardly think they’re good at all…” Ben said timidly, only just dukcing the handgun the scruffy man was waving around.
“D-don’t shootpunch me!” He wailed, eyes watering as he covered his face, then peeked through a few seconds later, blinking and realizing he wasn’t being aimed at.
“…should you even be drinking like this while on a case?”

“HAH!” said Max as he gazed at the boy in front of him “I’m retired kid- now I just shoot junkies for fun.” He said as his eyes scanned the street they were standing in. “You should go home kid” He said in an authorative tone. “I’ve got some junkies to shootpunch”
And he started to walk off into the distance leaving the scared looking boy to fend for himself.

Bens bottom lip quivered in fear when the detective mentioned shooting for fun, but when the guy went to walk off, he took a step after him.
“W-wait, sir!” He called out, then waddled after him as it began to get dark “Um…so..its getting dark and um… There are lots of freaks out here so um… and you probably wont hurt me…right? So I might stick with you for now?” he asked, out of breath at having to keep up with Max’s strides.

There was a suspicious movement from the alleyway.

The kids question threw Max off guard but not enough that he didn’t notice the junkie come stumbling out of the alley with a shotgun at his hip and a smile that said it all about his mental state.
“GET DOWN KID” Yelled the detective as he reached for his own handgun and dove behind the closest cover he could find. The junkie opened fire at Max and the splintering wood let Max know that his cover wouldn’t last long.
He needed a way to take this guy down, and fast, but before he had a chance to act a fire hydrant behind the junkie exploded, sending chunks of red metal flying in every direction.

Max stood slowly and saw the mangled carcass of the assailant lying a few feet from him.
Was it luck? Max wondered. Or was there more to this story…?

Ben stood there in the middle of the street, shaking a little.
He was drenched head to toe because he hadn’t had the reaction time to take cover, and dropped to his knees, tears running over his chubby cheeks and blood running down his arm (from shrapnel or a bullet, he didn’t even know).
“…Oh…oh my god…” He said quietly, watching the water gush over the body parts as a car alarm went off.
He then promptly fainted.

Max was still in shock; parts of the junkie were scattered from where he was standing all the way to the hydrant almost a full street away. The horror he was witness to was suddenly cut short though, by a whimper behind him.
Max turned to see the young boy who was following him lying on the ground, his arm covered in blood. The boy was murmuring something to himself, obviously delirious. Max needed to get a better look at the boys wound so he cupped a handful of water from the ground around him and poured it over the kids arm.
As he did, he nearly had a heart attack! The water didn’t just wash away the blood, but the wound itself seemed to just disappear the moment the water rushed over it.

“What the hell is going on?” Max muttered to himself as he stared at the unconscious boy in front of him.
After having a quick swig from his flask and a painkiller from his pocket, Max came to a decision and picked up the boy, starting the long walk home.


[[This one may be as fictional as the last- or not?]]

“Please All Passengers Depart. This is the final station.” A cool female voice called over the train intercom, and there was a rattle and whooshing sound of brakes and doors opening as the train pulled up at the platform.

Ben opened his eyes blearily, and rubbing the side of his mouth where he might have been drooling slightly. His eyes flicked up at the window he had been leaning on and his heart did a small flip as he jerked upright.
“Tailynn! W-w-we missed it! We missed our stop!!” He shouted suddenly, eyes wide as the bolt of adrenaline entirely woke him up. Tailynn jumped a little at the noise, having been curled up and asleep too, right next to him.
“Hmm? Missed what now?” She mumbled, rubbing her eyes. She didn’t seem quite as fussed as Ben “..I was having such a wonderful dream, there was this black dragon, and a banana…” She mumbled, and both fourteen year olds turned suddenly as there was a knock from their carriage door.
A man with slicked-back black hair and a button-up shirt with the train company emblem opened the door and peered at the two teenagers. “Weren’t you supposed to get off way back at Occellaris?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at the scruffy-looking duo.
“U-u-u-uhmm..” Ben began blubbering, and looked to Tailynn for support.
The girl paled, but smoothly replied “Sorry, we must have bought the wrong tickets- can we pay you the difference?”
The ticket inspector frowned “That’s not ordinary procedure..” He said, then looked over at Ben, who was just about in tears with distress. “…But I guess I can make an exception. You obviously regret your mistake. Get your things and meet me at the end of the platform- I have more passengers to attend to.” He explained kindly.
The moment he left, Tailynn shot Ben a look, “Do you have money to pay the difference?” She asked quickly, a plan already forming. He sniffled a little and shook his head “Do you?”
She shook her head too, and they both stood still for a few seconds.
Ben thought about how angry his mum would be if he got taken home in a police car for illegally catching a train to god-knows-where. Tailynn thought about adventure, and how embarrassed and angry her dad was last time she got in trouble with public transport officers.

Silently, they came to the same descision.

“..We’re going to have to run- “ “-We’re not going to meet him, are we.” They both tried to speak at once. Tailynn gave Ben a reassuring grin, to which he gave a wobbly one back.
“Lucky Fort has made you run so much lately, eh?” She commented to him as they threw their bags onto their backs and walked carefully down the platform, then bolted before the ticket officer turned up.

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