Rough cut of a story, inspired by my one and only muse.

Little waves rush up in greeting, bringing new friends and whisking away the old. An ever changing cycle. The smell of brine and damp wood clings to the air. The pale sand beneath my naked toes glitters in a restless fashion. I lift my head and my weary eyes are greeted by the sight of the ocean, cool and smooth. No worries touch its glossy surface and I let my mind mimic what it sees. The flawless facade of the sea reflects the opalescent hook in the sky, just waiting to catch a comet for itself. To hoard the beauty of the night to itself. But it should not fear, the glimmer of Lady Luna surpasses the smudges of her children. Those children who think themselves worthy of sharing the sky. And yet without them we could not see the true majesty of the moon who now hides her face beneath a sheer veil. I wish upon the greedy babies of the sky for night to never end, yet I know it is pointless. On this little slice of sand that dreams under the night sky no time shall pass. An eternal night graces me with its sweet sacrifice. And somehow I know I'm not alone, there is another on this island of serenity. I lay my seemingly fragile body on the tiny grains of laughter and tears and feel with my dreaming mind my otherworldly friend lay beside me. No time passes. Night remains, long enough to count the stars a thousand times. The only thing I know in this world is that there are two bodies feeling the same sand, two hands joined in an innocent embrace, and four eyes trying to map their way to the dawn that will never come. And when the sky claims us in her sorrowful expanse we will be blessed with the honor of looking down on all that we could not see when we were busy looking up at what we thought was everything. In the split second I took for this revelation to sweep over my mind each star began to wink out and the elegant crescent moon dropped like a stone. Leaving only blackness.

The sun beat down on my shoulders mercilessly as I trudged home, it amazed me how a simple ball of fire and gas millions of miles away could be such a pest. I could easily extinguish it with a flick of my eyes and a thought. But that would be no fun, that would end the game too soon. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Chaos. You heard me right! I'm a force of destruction without which nothing could exist. Some people call me God, in fact it's common place. I can manipulate any living thing, change the course of events already set in motion, change the weather, read minds. All very God like qualities. But I can also destroy anything with the blink of an eye, lie without you ever having a clue as to my real intentions, and twist your deepest desires into hysterical realities. I know, I'm amazing. Sadly I'm not loved by all, I've made quite a few enemies in my "life". It's not much of a life though. With no clear expiration date or precise body I'm far from alive. But I'm not quite immortal.

My current home now loomed above me, the cursed sun reflecting off the study windows. I privately laughed at the idea of a study, what didn't I already know? I may have let a hysterical giggle burst forth at that thought. I climbed the steps leading to the imposing front doors as quickly as I could and used my mind to unlock them. Inside it smelled of burnt paper and heavy bleaching agents. Nothing suspicious, right? It's not like anyone would come looking for me, would figure out all the pain I was behind. Oh, the game of human life thrilled me so! Feeling the exhaustion that was the price I paid for adopting a mortal body, a human body no less, I dropped myself into a deep armchair. Ahhh... Relaxation. Apparently I was tired enough then to slip into a light sleep.

When I next woke it was nearly dusk, the very edge of the horizon was just beginning to blush, pale blue being slashed ruthlessly with orange and pink. I smirked at the brutality of natures cycles and rushed up onto the roof. I liked to get a good view of each star peeking out. Who said I couldn't admire the lesser things? Once I got up to the highest point in available, the rough cement patio on my rooftop, I lied down and gazed at the vast sky. This was one of the few times my own powers of destruction frightened me. To think that all it would take is a few words and a strong thought to collapse the untamed dome above me.

I lay there for about a half an hour, trying to count the stars. soon enough the moon made a shy appearance, hiding behind a dingy cloud. I sighed, it's the "intelligent" life forms in this earth that are taking it down. Not the beings like me. Well they're no so much like me as a part of me. Little shadow helpers I could always count on. They were all around me, always. A disturbingly comforting thought. I was so engrossed in my own musings about the fate of mortal humans and their planet that I didn't even feel a slight tingling in my barriers though someone must have gotten through. how do I know? It might have been the knife flying by my head, I barely had time to dodge and catch it. I turned to face my attacker and was shocked to see a young man standing before me. No ordinary human could have gotten this close to me, so what was he?

He was oddly dressed in lose black clothing with bits of deep blue all over, his long dark hair swept into the hood of his jacket. I could make out several concealed weapons, most of which would barely phase me, one or two that would require caution around. I could just barely see his face, hidden in the shadow of his hood. I tried to invade his mind, to see what he was thinking. I got nothing. Not even a glimmer. How was he doing this?! I was furious and tried harder, I saw a slow smile creep over his face. So this was funny to him huh? Bring it on. With a wave of my hand I banished all clouds from the sky so that the stars and moon would better illuminate the scene around me.

"Who are you?" I kept my voice deadly calm. I didn't quite see this boy as a threat but I wanted to keep my eye on him. It wouldn't do any good to have him running off now would it? It was several minutes before he spoke in a slow and quiet voice.

"Does it matter? One of us will be dead soon enough," So he was being clever was he? I allowed myself a small smile for this boy who could act so bold in the face of what was now certain death. I don't like being teased.

"If it's a fight you want then it's a fight you've got." I got myself into a ready stance and quickly calculated a plan in my head.

"Ha! You can't fight me. You are part of me, without me you are nothing," He said this with such conviction that I was struck speechless for a moment.

"Then why come after me? Why attempt to kill a part of yourself?" I saw the corner of his eye twitch in irritation. He wanted to get this over with.

"You're getting in the way. I have a plan that will bring a twisted beauty to this world in a single strike. You seem to be in the habit of murdering and tampering with things in general. I can't have an interference like that keeping me from achieving my goals," His voice had taken a bitter tone and I wondered just how much he knew about what I did.

"I had no intention of spoiling your little plan but it seems we walk a similar path, one that leads to an ultimate beauty without corruption?" He seemed dumbfounded by this. He sat slowly, processing this information.

"Are you not Chaos, Bearer of Destruction?"

"Oh, but I am. And proud of it. I never caught your name though,"

"I'm the Midnight Assassin, The Novum Principio. It's my 'destiny' to bring a new start to this world," His face was a mask of calmness, now I could see that he had light skin and dark eyes like a black and white photo.

"That sure is a mouthful y'know," He actually smiled a bit at this.

"Call me Desmond if you'd like. Now, pray tell, how can I keep you out of my hair?" Was it just me or was there a joking edge to his voice? Now this was an odd change of events that even I couldn't have seen coming.

"First you tell me, how exactly am I a part of you?!"

"Oh that was just hype to get you pumped up fro the fight. All in good fun," I gave him my best are-you-insane looks and he fell over laughing. I just shook my head in mock disgust.

"So, Desmond, since we seem to have similar ideals in mind, why don't we work together?" It was his turn to give me a crazy look.

"Can't you see that we already are?" And with that he stood and walked straight towards the ledge that separated us from the three story drop. He perched there for a second and then leaped down. He was gone before I could muster the sense to move and see if he'd survived the fall.

I smirked and said to myself, "Nice trick," and went back inside to sleep on the idea of having a partner in crime.