Cruce: Looks like it's almost ready... So this is the gateway to that messed up realm... How did something like that even come into existence?

Feenix: It is Nijiiro's doing; all of it. That world would normally be kin to the soil you are standing on now, if it were not for me...

Cruce: You said you were the one who fused dimensions together in order to counter the coming of the Hellspawned... But who exactly are the Hellspawned?

Feenix: The Hellspawned are executioners. They've been lent to Nijiiro by a force equal in power in order to punish this dimension. Such a punishment is not deserved. The goal of the Creator is to start over; to create a new 3-D, in this case. In doing that, he must convert this world to 1-D. Even if this realm is not that which lies beyond this portal, they are still connected via 3-D. If one is destroyed, the other ceases to be, thus resulting in 1-D.

Cruce: Ah, sheesh, this guy is out of his mind. What'd we all do to make him want to erase us?

Feenix: It... was something he did. Not you.

Cruce: What did he do?

Feenix: As a sick experiment, he and his associates created a magic which allowed for transfer between dimensions... Tebice, the “pet” of the Creator's family, was the guinea pig. He was sent to the realm which Nijiiro created. 3-D. In doing so, he left a bridge between 3-D and 4-D, that is, his world. That bridge is within sight now. And he desires no such thing. Hence, he proclaimed imminent destruction of the 3-D. Even worse is that he is using a part of Tebice to do so. I, however, have captured a part of Tebice to counter this. But I fear that will not be enough. His Tebice is the leader of Hellspawned...

Cruce: And that's why you need me?

Feenix: Correct. You are the third identity of Tebice, out of four.

Cruce: I don't get it though. I have nothing to do with him. I wasn't born in this world...

Feenix: You were not. You were born in another 3-D which Nijiiro and I worked to create. However, I have merged all of our 3-Ds into one, which... unfortunately... Nijiiro found a way around. This is beside the point. There are 4 3-Ds, as that is the maximum amount there can be. It cannot exceed the integer in front of our dimension. 4-D in this case. As such, there are four Cruces. One exists within Tebice... This is the only Cruce who lacks the ability to use the Crossblade.

Cruce: ...Let me guess, you created the Crossblade also?

Feenix: Precisely. I alone worked to create what Nijiiro felt would be too dangerous. I am still shocked he allowed me to do such a thing. He took this power from Tebice, while strengthening the Crosses of the other three Cruces.

Cruce: I... don't believe it... My Spirit Cross came from the raw power of the Sacred Kindred. D-did you create them?!

Feenix: ...No... We did not create the Sacred Kindred. They are of the 4-D in origin. This was long ago, you see? Nijiiro's associates punished them for wrongdoing in our world, and sent them to a lesser existence as spirits of indescribable power, that is, to the creatures of the 3-D. Nijiiro was merciful at the time, and bestowed upon them the role of the Spirit Cross, which were distributed among 20 recipients, 4 of which managed to utilize the Crossblade. You are one of those 4, as you are aware.

Cruce: Man, this is really mind-boggling... Is the gateway safe yet?

Feenix: Give it a few moments, and you will be arriving safely upon the alternate Earth. And yes, you will be closer to your home dimension.

Cruce: You brought me here to finish this war between dimensions. So that is my reason to fight... That's the ultimate purpose of the Crossblade. To end a war crossing realms.

Feenix: I could not have said it better myself.

Cruce: Hmm, while we're still waiting, I have a pretty trivial question. Maybe not trivial... I'll let you judge.

Feenix: You can ask me anything, Cruce.

Cruce: ...If 4-D is the “creator” world of the 3-Ds I know, does... 4-D have a creator?

Feenix: Yes. Our technology has long arrived at the point which tells us that there is proof of this. We simply refer to our anonymous creators as the 5-D. To our knowledge, they have never intervened with our affairs. Even now, amidst the chaos, they refuse to interrupt the affairs of the 4-D and 3-D.

Cruce: Do you think they'll ever show themselves to you?

Feenix: No. The only reason that the Fourth Dimension has ever revealed itself to its Third Dimensions is because of Tebice. Nothing more, nothing less. The Fifth Dimension has no purpose, nor motivation, to intervene with one of its 4-Ds.

Cruce: So it's created more than one 4-D?

Feenix: That is the theory. 5-D has most likely created hundreds of trillions of 3-Ds, while it has created only hundreds of thousands 4-Ds. Likewise, 6-D, 5-D's creator, has made many 4-Ds. 7-D has created 6-D, and 8-D has created 7-D. It goes on infinitely. That said, there are infinite dimensions. We call this the ∞-D Theory.

Cruce: That's... wow... Alright, wait. What about us? Did we create something? 3-D created 2-D, right?

Feenix: Mmm, close. It has been unanimously decided that 3-D is dangerous ground for creation. It is too close to 1-D, which I will explain in a moment, have we the time... You see, every member of 3-D is born with a desire to create; a vivid imagination, which slowly decays, as it should. This is why children have such colorful minds. Thus, most of their visions are created. 2-D exists within 3-D. Virtual technologies are an example of 2-D within 3-D.

Cruce: So we -can- still create. But we create code... What are we? Are we code too?

Feenix: You were created with code, however you are not code. I am afraid I cannot tell you such a thing, Cruce.

Cruce: I understand. Kind of. So what happens if 2-D... creates?

Feenix: It cannot. It can only create itself. Allow me to explain via mathematics. Think of fractions, the 5-D, and the 4-D. That is 5/4.

Cruce: Right?

Feenix: Now think of our case. 4/3. When the numbers become lower, the quotient rises. 4 divided by 3. That is 1.3 repeating. 3/2 is 1.5. So you see, your creations are incredibly close to you. That extra half translates directly into dimension proximity. Anything equal to or beyond 1.5 is defines as dimensions within dimensions. Anything less than 1.5 can be defined as dimensions who drift further from each other as the fractions increase... Now we get to the anomalous numbers. 2/1 equals 2. That is why 2-D can only create itself. It which case it creates nothing. Now for the final problem. 1/0. Oblivion. A dimension which cannot exist. Yet at the same time does exist. 1-D. The result of total destruction. This is what Nijiiro plans for your dimension. To convert it to 1-D, so that the “bridge” may fade into Oblivion.

Cruce: ...So... 1-D is nothing then... I think I get it. Kinda, I mean this is heavy stuff, Feenix... H-hey, is there a 0-D?

Feenix: The most puzzling dimension of all... 0-D. We call it the Negative Zeroth. It defies arithmetic. 0/-1... This of course follows the pattern. We know next to nothing of the Negative Zeroth. Who knows? Perhaps you will be the ones to find it.

Cruce: Heh, I doubt that. I'm still having trouble figuring out everything you just said... Plus I'm a little nervous.

Feenix: Aw, stand stall, Warrior of the Crossblade. I believe in your ability to strike true. Your cause has been made clear... Now is the time. Step forth into the gateway. I may have been banished from Nijiiro's 3-D, but I will wish you the best, and continue to drive off any 4-D presences here. Cruce, if you find my Tebice, tell him who you are. Go with him. You two will be nigh unstoppable.