Man, nyaguh... I got me some shout outs!
This is my Gaia family, you ******** with them, and I chop your nipples and titties off.
If you're a guy, then I will chop your nipples and balls off LOL, niggah, I don't play.

Gurl, I lurv you so much! You are my gaia sister / twin baby.
o u o !!! You and me gotta hang out sometime!
Oh gosh, I am bad with long sentences...
All the times we had together! Like, I remember you as Hinata Blue Bird.
LULz. All the times in rally, trolololing, messing around with people. Back in the old Naruto days when everyone was lurking. We all messed around, and acted silly xD
Also, our times on Nazi Zombies! that was funny, it's funny how we lasted only a few rounds, and your cousin and you and I went down :C asdhfadjgkda. And that time I got that scar on my arm from straightening my hair while I was on webcam with you xD DAMN THING BURNED ME! We had some good Itachi and Sasuke times. Also, the moment when we came to notice that me and you are the exact same age difference as Itachi and Sasuke! And the ironic part that I was older and cosplayed Itachi. Oh we are such silly gooses. I remember us playing zOmg and dying in the hive ^LOL! That was funnnnnayyyy.
You'll always be my Gaia sister~ for ever and ever and everrrrr.

You're like my sister from another Mr. !!! We cray cray! Emmmh. Merack~
You my lovely xbox buddy c: we have some epic times on Halo and Minecraft. Bahaha. Excellent. I wuv ya. I love the moment when we all ramble while we play Griftball xD LOL! And all the random tea bagging. Haha, and we got all those other team members to join ussssss.
AFRICAAAA!!!! Also, remember our time in Vietnam? MAN THAT WAS CRAY.
We had Charlie all up in the trees man! NAM! I can still hear the bombs- lol what.
Mother Merack is calling! *runs*
We also learned that mother Merack killed Charlie. Loljk. We make up some crazy things, that's why you're like a sister to me.
Fork lifts!!!!!! Haha. Me, you, and Taka vs Those giant monsters. They stood no chance against the awesome power of the fork lift.
I can't remember, but that one time either Jeff or Josh was with us while in some mission, and he was like, "DON'T WORRY GUYS, I HAVE A FORK LIFT." I died.
LOL @ those times in web chat, staying up almost all night, and going to sleep on cam. Haha. We cray. And all of us calling each other on our phones while on cam xD
Those were some good times!!!! Good times indeed.

Omg, Rai, you're like a brother to me. I am glad to have met you cause idk who I'd be hanging out with, and I would never know everyone elseeeeee. 
I remember meeting you around... let's see... last year? Yes. But maybe I knew you further back, I just never talked to you...
Anyways, those times in rally we're cray cray. Messing with noobs a while back was fun. And, remember when everyone cosplayed Naruto? I remember you and many others did it. You all were awesome. 
Anyways, one day we will take a trip to Africa, I ALREADY TOLD YOU LOL! And we will mess with Africans. Zebras, lions, etc. That s**t will go down, and don't forget, we trollen the poachers. 
I like how you can get everyone together when it's someone's birthday, and arrange a happy birthday chant (: 
I always thought it was funny to see you argue with people in rally and towns, because we a know they would lose xD 
You've helped me out a good bit of times with gold an items. 
I thought that was awesome and wish to repay you some how ; o ;
Anyways, we both cray. And I wish you luck with your job and all~ You know, I've been looking for a job myself, NO LUCK! People must fear my work tactics or something... anyways...
I also think it's funny how we can all act black xD ahahaha!!! One day, we are going to get jumped by black people u__u but that's ok, because we will some how get away. Distract them with chicken.

Omg, bay bay, you also like a brother to me. Well, a little brother. 
Keep up with your tampon factory, and I'll do the same with my toilet factory. 
Anyways, we had some good times on xbox and what not :3 sone funny times in rally lol!!! Let's not forget the funny times when we'd jump Charlie. Loljk. 
But anyways, we both cray. I have so much fun with you, and when we played xbox, it was so funnay. LOOOOOOL. Remember all those cray cray custom games? xD One day, you need to join me on halo, FORK LIFTS. We attack at dawn... You'll find out what I mean later, now off you go! GO BE A BILLIONAIRE IN RL. Tampons sell like hot cakes.
I'm sorry BIeed, I'm rambling, u///u It's cause I'm crayyyy. That's all.
And you know I wuv ya, the tampon thing is out little inside joke~ But if one of your customers get a tampon clogged in the toilet, my toilet factory will supply them with a brand new toilet~ SEE WE CAN BE PARTNERS IN CRIME!

Bay bay, you also like a little brother to me~
I love fighting those monsters off on Halo while in fork lifts, u/// o ///u
That made my night, you me and Kris. We fought like heroes. We fought likes warriors.
Anyways, I've known you for like... YEARS! Back in the day! Yeah, that's a long time. And here I am, still frandsss with you. It's cause you're awesome Taka! EVEN THOUGH YOU NEVER TALK ON xBOX ngger! One day I will make you talk. Even if I have to find out where you live.
That's right, I'd go that far. I'd even get the law on me- LOL JK.
But really, you a crazy fellow. I'd rob a bank with you. Like for real! We'd have to make Kris tag along, of course. CAUSE SHE A FELLOW MERACK.
You know how to make me laugh~ You're silly, in a good way LOL. You're a really good friend of mine, and I'm hoping to stay friends with you for a long time (:
Anyways, sorry, rambling. I ramble like a fat man hunting food at a buffet.
u___u OMFG, that didn't make any sense... When do I ever make sense?
You're a strange fellow Taka, you are indeed. But that is why you're awesome.
u 3 u now go, go ride a fork lift into the sunset~

You smell like rotting stray cat in a dumpster that a hobo had sex with~
LOLJK. You know you're alsooooo like a brother to me? I joke out of lurv~ You know I do. You can't take me seriously when I do that crap...
Anyways, you're awesome and funny to talk to, even though you are a pervert, and talk about titties... and one day I swear I'll see you on the news for touching some chicks a**, and running.... well, I don't think I'll know it's you because IDK what you look like, and yes, you are one day to SHOW me that face of yours.
Right now, I am picturing a fat obese kid, that- LOLJK. I don't think you're obese. I was jay kay.
Charlie, I've known you for a while, you know that, right? We've been tight like a fat man in spandex~ Ewh. That's actually pretty gross. But it makes sense. PERFECT sense.
Anyways, I hope we stay friends for a long, longgg time, because I can't see us not being friends (:

OMG, Vali, another brother figure.
I've known you for years. I remember when we first met (: we were booby looking, LOL! I wish I could remember the username you had then >_> lolwut.
You've always been there, and when you were there, you make me laugh because you're awesome c:
You're a really good friend, and I have no idea what I would do with out you!
We've had some good times. Back in the day, and LOL, so many silly things we've talked about in the past.
Anyways, I like the fact I can joke around with you, and you don't get mad~
You're a real likable person, and silly xD like really.
I like to bring up gross topics around you, because you always react funny to them xD and *cough* shock sites, *cough* eels, *cough* lolwut? Who said that? *runs*
& o & boyyyy, you can whip out some awesome avatars~ like for real. I could never do that ]:&
TekTek makes me cray. I'm like, "SOOOOO MANY CHOICES DAFUQ?"
One day, you need to get xbox u o u!!! It's fun. We can trash talk people~ lol jk.
But yes, you are one of my few friends I trust with secrets and stuff. I can trust you with pretty much anything. And if I had an issue, I could talk to you~

Cox has got a gun, and Dante's on the run... LOL.
Dante, you are another brother from another mother. Meh, well, you are.
You are my gaia family, along with everyone else in this bundle of shout outs.
Anyways, YOU owe me a new cat, because you ate mine ]:
Dante, it's fun when you're in web chat with everyone xD You make my day.
I remember when we were all prank calling each other while we were all on cam... by the way, you need to find yo phone &_& LOOOOL.
Anyways, you always know how to make me laugh! xD And you're a really awesome friend to have, and I'm glad to have met you~ We've been friends for about a year, yes? or less... more? LOOOL, about that. Sorry, I'm bad with time.
Dante, you can be a creeper, but in a good way. xD Ever since that phone call, I watch my windows, and lock my doors at night &_& Cause you know, I need to make sure you're not out there. LOL JK. I'd likely be a stalker.... u__u
Anyways, WE BETTER STAY FRIENDS FOR A LONG TIME, or I'LL KIDNAP YOUR DOG! Even if you don't have a dog, I'll buy you one, give it to you, and a few days later.... SNATCH IT. Then you'll be like, "LOL, where is my dogggg!?"
I'll be in the bushes like, "Muaahahahahaha." lol jk.
We need to RP our OC's together one day u_u ajfkadhjgsh.
Anyways, I also think you're a beast at trolling. u____u
Cactus, cactus, cactus~

Gutsay! We've been friends for like, a while now u o u... well, maybe a year and a half? Anyways, you're like a big bro to me.
Anyways, you're freaking awesome ]: and funny to joke around with~ You can make people laugh, and that's cool xD
Remember, you still owe me that fight. One day, if we meet in RL, we fight. LOL JK.
We can just double team and fight some random people. loljk... that's mean.
Anywaysss, you're a really good friend of mine, and I hope we are friends for a long time! If not, I'll hunt you down in RL, and leave a sleeping drunk hobo Charlie on your porch with cheese tied to his head. LOOOOOL. No really- wait, that would mean I would have to capture a wild Charlie first.. damn. Well, I don't think it would ever come to that, so like, I don't have to worry about that :'D
And LOL @ those funny times when me, you Nero, and Sasu acted silly on Facebook xD
& o &!!!

Ermahgerd, you're like a sister to me ; o; LOOOOOL.
I've known you for a few years I believe and lol. Remember when we comment roll played with each other? xD I use to act like I was fighting you, and crazy stuff like that, and we would make up some crazy story and act like silly people.
We were so crazyyyy.
You know, you're a really awesome person to talk to, and like a lot of people, you brighten my day. I like how you can stand up to people who mess with friends.
o u o and that's really awesome!
I think it's fun when me, you, Nero and Gutsy get on Facebook at act silly xD
Like that one picture.... LOOOOOL, you and Gutsy were trying to change it- if you remember what I'm talking about xD LOOOOOL. That picture of Nero kept popping up. Bahaha.
Anyways, it would be awesome if we could all hang out in RL. We'd have an awesome reality show.
; o ; it'd have so many views and stuff! We'd be famous! *cries*

Gurllllll, you also like a sister to me!
I've known you for a while and I'm glad we are friends c: and we will stay friends for a longggggg time, and I will ensure that cause, if that doesn't happen, I'll go find a drunken Charlie, and place it on your door step, looool. Well, that would be hard finding a wild Charlie... anyways, that will never have to happen, and it's not gonna happen, cause we staying friends for a while.
You know, I'm really glad you got me into Supernatural! Now because of that, me and my mom are obsessed. Yes, my mom is obsessed.
u o u I believe one day that you will own an Impala. Yes. A black one.
OMG I CAN SEE THAT! ; o ; You're the one I can see meeting all of those actors lol. You're more likely to become a movie starrrr.
Like, I can see you going to Hollywood u o u and being famous. Like I mentioned in Sasu's shout out, we could make an awesome reality show. LOOOOOL.

Tom. OMG, where do I start? I've known you for a while, like, from back in the day, you were so cray. Hah! That rhymed.
Anyways, I remember back then we never talked that much and all, I mean, we talked, but not muchhhh. I'm glad we started to get to know each other and stuff, because truly, you are a cool person and easy going. You're fun to talk to, and fun to joke around with (:
It's fun acting silly in rally and s**t with you. Also, those times on Halo. Bahaha.
Also, your friend is silly that was talking on your mic >_> who ever he was, he sounded cool.
Anyways, LOL @ the times on tiny chat. And that random Anon dude you put on your screen. lolwut? At first I was like- "Is that Tom dancing??? lolwut? Niggah got some movesss." But then I found out it wasn't you, and I was like, "LOOOOOL."
That was funnnnayyyyy. Yes, I added an A in funny. I tend to do that.
^lolwut? That was a total run on sentence. WAS INTENDED.