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On April 11th, around nine o'clock PM, 18 year old Ryan Foley lost control of his mustang, and crashed into a utility box on I-84. No drugs or Alcohol were involved. The South Windsor teen died on impact.

Ryan Foley was a senior at my school. I had met him once or twice... though I hadn't known his last name. He was just Ryan to me. Wednesday morning I walked to to bus stop as usual, two girls caame up and said, "You look really nice today Sara... Is it becasue of Ryan?" For a moment, I thought they were talking about my boyfriend, and just forgot his name or something. I shruged, replying "Who's Ryan?" Katie looked at me, agast. "Ryan Foley? He died last night."

I laughed. "This is an every fifteen minutes thing, right?" I replied, thinking it was part of the program my school had set up to make us aware of the consequences of drinking and driving. "No. He really died."

I went to school, still not believing them. Until I walked in the front doors. Teachers, police and guidance councelors were in the lobby. Students were crying. I walked over to my friend Justin, who asked me, "What's going on?"

"Ryan Foley died last night."

Justin's eyes filled with tears. "Did you know him?" I asked, as he replied with a nod. "Since Kindergarden" He said before saying he had to go find his girlfriend.

I still didn't know it was the Ryan I knew. Until i went out to his memorial by the parking lot and saw his picture. I hadn't cried all day. I broke. The tears fell as if they had never fallen before. I hadn't even known him that much. I wasn't even sure if he remembered me. Probably not. He had so many friends, he was such a nice guy. Loved hockey, and his girlfriend, Ashley.

Today it rained. I thought it suited the mood. It seemed as though heaven was crying for Ryan. When I expressed this to my friend Greg, he replied with:

"Why are they crying? They're the ones that have him."

So Ryan, wherever you are, watching us from above, Rest in Peace. South Windsor will neve forget you.