Katie Alexa (killer-chan)
Breed: Pureblood Demon Princess
Name: Katie Alexa (but she was known by other underworld creatures as Killer-chan)
Age: 16 years old
Height: 5’4
Hair: Curly sun yellow hair.
Eyes: red-blood
Skin tone: a bit of pale
Clothes: She only wore black, red and dark pink cute clothes. Can be dresses but
mostly clothes that are comfortable to move such as shorts, mini skirt, tank top,
fitted t-shirt, etc. She also carries a scythe which she used to kill. Katie's clothes
Accessories: a silver cross pendant

> Express her emotions freely.
> Childish
> Open-mindedness
> Cries easily
> Clumsy

> Sweets (cakes, candies, etc.)
> Flood of blood
> Cute object
> Red, black and dark blue rose
> Hugs and being petted
> Act of brutality
> Mark Anthony

> Being bored
> Mean people
> Ignoring her
> Spicy foods

> She often follows her demon instincts
> She loves to hug and cling on Mark Anthony’s neck
> She doesn’t take anyone seriously except for Mark

Background info:
She grew up with an old couple who lived near a grave yard knowing nothing about her past. When she was
7 years old she killed them because she wanted to see a flood of blood. That was the first and last time she
kill an innocent human. The investigators of the couple’s death give up since they can’t find any evidence and
even if they asked Katie, she won’t take them seriously because she was a kid. The policeman, who was with
the investigator, adopts Katie. She grew up with the policeman’s son, Mark Anthony. She learns her true nature
as she grew up because of having abilities which normal human should not have. At the aged of 12 years old, her
love to be drench of blood provokes her to kill criminals (which she calls black-blooded human) and enjoy the taste
of their blood with the scene itself. The first criminal she killed was Mark’s family’s murderer because she thought
that this will make Mark very happy.


Mark Anthony

Breed: Human
Name: Mark Anthony
Age: 18 years old
Height: 6'1
Hair: Navy blue. Short in the back with 'emo bangs' sweeping the right side of his face but his
red eyes still shows. Messy but neat. haha!!
Eyes: Red on the right and blue on the left
Skin tone: Asian color
Clothes: Gothic/punk/grunge style- lots of black, rips, safety pins, etc. Never button the two
top buttons of his clothes showing a part of his chest. Mark's clothes
Accessories: some ring piercing in his left ear. Silver skull pendant.

> Calm and Laid back
> Easy going
> If provoked, he is ruthless, sadistic, and deadly.
> Likes to ignore everyone

> Teasing Katie
> Baking and cooking
> Reading
> Katie itself
> Quiet and peaceful open fields

> Being bored
> Crowdy areas
> Criminal, murders especially the one who killed his mother.
> Anyone who takes advantage or hurts innocent people for fun.
> Spicy food

> He never talks with anyone except for Katie
> He has an ambition to clean the world by killing all the sinful
> He is very strong and skilled at everything
> He eventually accept the fact that Katie is not a human though he kept it all to themselves

Background info:
Mark Anthony lost his mother, little brother and little sister at the aged of 8 years old. When they are having their
family dinner peacefully (their father was in the work and gets home very late everyday) a mysterious man broke
in their house and killed everyone as he took all the valuables. When Mark’s father got home he saw everyone
lying on the floor breathless except for Mark who has a little hope to survive. They put the murderer in the prison
but eventually released because of lacked of evidence. Which anger Mark so he had an ambition to clean the world
by killing all the sinful. When Katie arrived at their home, he grew attached to her simply because he look at her
as a pure and sinless child but when he discover that she killed their family’s murderer he was a bit of shocked
and happy because of it. So he made a promise to her that they will clean the world for them to live.