(unnamed fan fiction)


In a brightly lit room, a, what looked like, baby paced the blue carpeted floor. “Dame-Tsuna! He’s late!” The baby grumbled softly to himself. The green Chameleon, known as Leon, on the baby’s black fedora twitched its tail, sensing his master’s growing agitation to the late student.
A few slow and agonizing seconds later, a disheveled, brown eyed, brunet haired teen boy burst into the room panting. The boy tried to catch his breath as he tossed his school bag to the floor. Reborn, the baby, glared up at the teen. “You’re late!” the baby growled as he kicked Tsuna’s cheek, thus sending the teen to the bedroom floor. “Dame-Tsuna!”
Tsuna, full name being Sawada Tsunayoshi, whimpered in pain and rubbed the red spot that now occupied his left cheek. “Sorry Reborn-kun….. I was held in class…. Had to retake a math test.” The boy pouted again and sighed softly, he was constantly being abused by his tutor, his hit man tutor. Yes the word Hit Man. As in a highly skilled mafia killer.
The teen sighed and grumbled softly, even though he was becoming used to the abuse, it still made him a bit depressed and slightly unmotivated to do the task that the baby so obviously wanted the boy to do. “Dame-Tsuna! We’re going to go to Mount Nimamori to train. NO COMPLAINTS!” Tsuna whined and grumbled anyway. “Awwww but Reborn!!” The baby gave an incredulously angry glare as he jumped to the brunet’s head.
“No buts I said. Now get going!” Reborn tugged at Tsuna’s soft locks. The teen pouted and sighed.
“Fine.” was all Tsuna said as he walked out the front door. The teen grumbled inwardly and tried not to trip as he walked. Tsuna walked to the mountain while diligently carrying Reborn who occasionally tugged the boy’s hair for fun. Oh how the tutor loved to torture the student.
Once at the base of the mountain, better known as a giant hill, Reborn jumped off of Tsuna’s head and disappeared. Tsuna recoiled at being left alone, but he sighed and diligently started up the mountain, knowing what Reborn wanted from him. Neither one of them was prepared for the future. The feelings that would suddenly burst forth like a ripe tomato at the right time, would prove almost unbearable.