This is Mekuda. o u o Cosplaying Elizabeth on my main acc. I'm at 47 days with not changing this baby. Lolgross. lD I need to keep a habit of writing in here once a month. It's such hard work.

I HATE ATTENTION WHORES~ Jussayin. They get so "popular" because they complain to eeeeveryone, and when someone gets bored of them {or tells them otherwise}, they throw away that person's friendship and drag in some other poor sucker. Not that this happened to me, but I feel sorry for other people when it happens to them. I kinda really don't like some of the Alois cosplayers for that reason. THEY COMPLAIN SOOO MUCH, and it's not even how the real character "acts." Sure he complains, but he doesn't over do it. THESE RETARDED COSPLAYERS- FFFFFFFFF- Augh. Some Ciel's do it, too. Like those yaoi fangirl irl-fat cosplayers. And the retarded 13-14 year old cosplayers, too. So annoying.

I was looking through my old entries, and I apparently wanted to be an Alois. e u e;; YA KNOW, SOMA AND GRELL ARE SORT OF ATTENTION WHORES TOO, or so I've noticed. But I'm not. >8U

Also, my Agni hasn't talked to me since I wrote that journal entry. He probably quit. l'D;; Or is ignoring me.

It's raining.