I'll keep fighting the war until blood stains the land
Fighting for your heart, its the grand prize, the supreme, the creme de la creme.

Shooting at the enemy, but I can't tell who they are.
Guerilla war fare, it seems unfair but its at all costs.

Would you sit in this seat for me?
Battle until you were in a red sea?

Cries of pain echo in all directions,
This is the beginning of my recollection
Fought for years to be the apple of your eye,
But if I walked away, it would have been a waste of time.

So the war continued, until I was weary and injured.
Then you came to my rescue, healed me like the nurse you'd always been.
This time, the war was really over, needless to say, the time was never a waste.

You bandaged my wounds and threw the gun to the side.
You gave me life.
As I started drifting to limbo, you sucked me back out like a vacuum cleaning out the pool.

The medals and honors that come with the brave were never bestowed upon me,
But your love was, and that was all I was vying for.

The months after my victory were pure bliss.
Nothing in the world could bring me down.
Not the loss of my best friend in the war, and not the loss of other aspects of my life.

Even in the hours where it felt like I was back on the battle field, though in reality only in a dream world you held me and reminded me this was real.
This was genuine. I had won the war.

Even so, the flame of the fight burned within me,
And I offered to keep fighting until I was dead.
And you took that offer and made your own pact with me
To do the same.
Because we're worth fighting for to one another, and you swore you'd be as lost without me as I knew I'd be without you.

So we fought and at times the bullets seemed to hit one another.
But we were always so lucky to have horrible aim in those moments
Only shooting an arm or one's side.
It was painful, don't get me wrong
But it wasn't as painful as losing you.

In every hour of every day, in every minute of every hour, in every second of each minute I longed for you.
And though it wasn't always evident due to the bullets flying everywhere, I knew this was within you too.
In the moments where the guns were throw to the side and we met each other in the passionate mixture of lust and love, those were the moments that reminded me I needed to fight even harder to ensure it was only you and only me.

Eventually we realized, that's exactly what it was.
What we were fighting was simply fears teasing our heads and hearts.
And we threw down the guns and just held each other.
Tears from the bullets and the pain of such a lengthy war came falling.

But you held me again, as always
And reminded me of our pact.
Reminded me it was a necessity, not an option.

Perhaps we had gone completely insane for each other,
For this war, through all the blood shed and the loss of innocent lives.
Perhaps we were no better than the mother country,
but weren't we fighting for something much greater?
For one another, for true love?

And that made it all okay.
Because we've still won the war we had been fighting,
And even though we're still fighting it in our heads
At least the guns are away
And we're finally loving each other without bunkers and tents and a hospital to catch all the broken pieces of our interiors.

You're still the only one I'd fight a life long war for.
And I'm still the only one you'd fight for.

I love you.
Eight months, and running quickly into nine.