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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
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(Raven w/ Heartbreaker Blade, Vampire Mode a la chapter 2 p. much, Youkai transforming from lycan 2 feral/full wolf/werewolf mode, Kira w/ Iron Shield from Chapter 6, Lupa and Hex(Vampires Vs. Werewolves), Bubbles Kiku's youngest, Kiku w/ double yukitanas, Helena the 1st/Kiku's V. Mode, Stella Luna her middle, her oldest Helena II, chiyo in full future gear, and Raven w/ blade and familiar)
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(Extra sprites and characters)
(In order that's Duke Saga Raven a la part 4, Future Raven, Future Kiku, Van Helsing, Future Youkai, and future Kira)

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User Image (Regular me)User Image (Vampire Mode)
User Image (Demon Mode)
Raven Photos
Vampire Raven Photos
Boy Raven Photos

Raven Darkness Atarashi - See description on profile/Journal
Extra appearance and other details: I have a very curvy body(big boobs and Jessica Rabbit waistline) and a flushed contrasting white face. I am so beautiful that men usually go after me. Sometimes my hair is long enough to touch the ground. I get a pet wolf(non-werewolf) named Midnight. It's pure black gray and blue-ish navy and has glowing red eyes and angel wings. I summon her in Vampire Mode for my battles like in She-Ra or He-Man. Otherwise she just lays around like the tiger Raja from Aladdin. You know the rest though...

Spoilers: I do become queen of all vampires and get murdered in the future by Annette who becomes a vampire hunter. Kira and I get married and have kids and pretty much all other mains do teh same.

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Kiku Photos
Kiku Butterfly Atarashi - My cousin is an albino vampire. Her personality is very shy and she hardly talks to anyone. She has depression which takes form of OCD and anxiety which is why she's a successful perfectionist(along with pressure from her mean evil nazi parents who sheltered her) She only opens up to me and our friends but mostly just me. We are practically twin sisters in connection. She loves the sea, the color blue, maid and sailor clothing, lolita, activism, fishies, anime, angels, math, and some goth stuff. She hardly smiles and makes flat/emotionless faces like Rei from Evangelion but when she does express herself she blushes overwhelmingly in a cherry red that matches her lipsticks. She has a crush on Youkai and is his girlfriend. She's the shortest and the smallest and skinniest. She's practically a midget! If you call her that she'll cry she's super sensitive and intuitive and breaks down a lot. This is why everyone bullies her.

Appearance: Long light blue hair with spiky fringe and ends. She wears black thick-rimmed emo transition lens glasses. She almost never takes off her serafuku even if it's mostly for school. She wears long black stockings with spikes on the top by her thighs. It's a very Pastel Goth kind of thing. She gots a thigh gap too. She often times wears purple flats of any kind usually Converse though. She has very pink pouty lips like mine but thinner and always puts on red or dark pink lipstick but mostly just really red like fire engine red because YOU KNOW WHO~! She sometimes has purple streaks and other dyed colors in her hair. She's seapunk, lolita, skater, and scene. Anything with blue(especially cyan) and white and frilly lace she wears as it tickles her fancy! She has a waifish loli bodytype. A twig with a flat chest. She has long white nails because she's an Albino Vampire. She has red eyes like a white usagi(rabbit). Speaking of rabbits her pets are a bunny named Snow White. Ponyo recently passed away(her goldfish) R.I.P. Never forget.* (We replaced it with Sable our kitten)

Spoilers: Kiku and Youkai get a relationship but the families don't approve because of the species war. They have to marry in secret sadly but the ceremony is still beautiful. They have a content lifestyle as rebels basically. They live in hiding. Kiku doesn't become royalty by choice. She is a strong woman and love is WAY more important to her. Besides that it's not really required for her case anyways. When the royals find out about the child they conceived a war starts but is stopped by peace and logic and true love!

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Kira Photos
Kira Shinobi - My best friend from school. He is a Christian emo goth that dabbles in horror films and creepypasta for hobbies. He likes some nostalgia especially the older Pokemon games. He is very normal and kind of easy to embarass. He is often times a big brother or protector type. He is the ideal friend since he's witty but reserves himself when he needs to. He's very romantic. Once in a while he will be uber random and get crazy ideas and act on them like with sciencey stuffs or just anything else that's risky(graffiti and ghost hunting). But usually just shy, emo, and normal but not TOO normal. Yes, he's the love interest. He's a nice guy and absolute proof that nice guys DON'T finish last!

Appearance: He is very tall and has yellowish skin because he's part Asian and the Caucasian in him makes him super pale. He's skinny but kind of muscular(Edward Cullen build). He wears plain black, navy, or gray shirts. He tends to wear emo jeans and Christian jewelry. It makes it hard for me to hang with him sometimes. He has gray eyes that look sorrowful but also loving and in control. He has blue emo hair that swoops just on his brow. He wears cheap sneakers sometimes Converse. He occasionally spikes his hair teasing it up and wears stripes. Once in a while he's seen with his pet gray horned owl Nightingale who looks purple in most lights. He has a chin, snake bites, and nose piercing he occasionally puts in too. His piercings are all kind of subtle and in his usual colors.

Spoilers: See Raven.

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User Image User Image (Chiyo's Boyfriend Haru Akira Sohma)
Chiyo Photos
Chiyo Crystal Shinobi-Atarashi - Me and Kira's beautiful young daughter who can travel through time and do ninja/spy work. She has a very serious and determined personality. She is straight and to the point and hardly smiles. She has no problems being blunt to others. Her words cut like knives with her sharp tongue and dominance. She gets the job done. She goes into the past(right now in the story currently) to find out how I was murdered. In a way she's like my Chibi Usa(See Sailor Moon to find out more) She is a working girl and an extreme multi-tasker with great edge and business sense! She's a model, a singer, a dancer, an artist, a fashion icon, a celebrity, princess, future queen, The First Dhamphir, a ninja, a spy, a time traveler, and a biker. But most importantly: she is an enigma.

Appearance: She has super long mostly straight yet somewhat wavy purple hair which she sometimes curls she changes it lots(especially the fringe and texture) It can sometimes have a red or blue sheen depending on the lighting. The length goes all the way down her back. She has very pale skin. She is part vampire, part human. That means she can go into Vampire Mode and get the red eyes but due to her breed she has more control so she's almost always human-looking. Her eyes are big like an anime character's. They are a deep gray like her father Kira's. She is basically a combo of both of us. Her style is nu goth, classic goth, rivethead, and bondage goth. She does some lolita coords but she mostly outgrew them she says! She likes to wear hefty combat boots, black cloaks, and brown and black and gray make-up. She never wears any other kind of make-up ever(the exception being photoshoots for her modelling career but the exception isn't the rude). She looks just like Felice Fawn but with purple hair. She sometimes wears bindis. She never puts her hair up but she used to do little buns all the time as a child. She is super skinny and curvy. She looks perfect basically. She has a spoiled pet cobra named Irontail who she lounges with. It's like if Cleopatra survived and her and the snake became bros or something. Her nose isn't a tiny little pixie one like mine it's big and normal like Kira's. It's her only flaw.

Spoilers: She's my daughter from the future who goes back in time to try and prevent my murder done by Annette when she solves the mystery through following my activities in school. She also joins my band with my other friends.

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User Image
Youkai Photos
Youkai Kami Wolfheart - My other best guy friend(except I don't have a crush on him because you know he's a werewolf and totes belongs to Keekster). He's emo and bi. We have our differences since we're opposite races/species and our family disapproves of our friendship. We rebel against them though and still have adventures together. I think he's also the werewolf prince or something. He has a crush on Kiku. He's pervy, snarky, and loud. He's the comic relief of the group and the ultimate class clown in school but not in a bad way! While he's depressed and self-harms and hates himself he has an unforgetable aura and smile. He trolls the preps and other haters by telling them off. He also has a feminine side. He acts like a puppy too sometimes as well as a powerful bloodlusting dangerous sociopathic psychopath when he's in Wolf Mode. When he gets there he's never afraid to kill. He has a clear dark side that may overcome the light in shadows if you cross him. He's very hardcore and is never afraid to embrace The Call of The Wild! Oh and he likes ecchi and gets us in trouble all the time in school! Gotta love him though! He's not just a member of 2 packs but in a pack all his own!!!!!

Appearance: He's a very skinny boy with all black gothic clothing. He also has muscles. He has a slightly short swoop cut that is thick and mostly covers his special eyes. He is SCARY tall and strong too. He can become his soul beast a massive black wolf whenever he wants or even during a moon but usually he just looks sort of wolfy(regular gothic boy but w/ ears and rail) He ONLY wears Converse shoes or Demonia platform combat boots. He has emo hair which he changes the color of ALL THE TIME because he's so random and creative(like me but different, he's my soul bro). Black will always be his fave and the main one though. He has many battle scars and he wears a lot of make-up. But unlike everyone else he's distinctly ALL black for the most part. He also wears Tripp pants even ICP ones. His eyes are an owl yellow or a dramatic moon but he likes red contacts(when they aren't already red in Wolf Mode) He crossdresses sometimes because he likes yaoi. He is seen with his pet wolfpuppy Okami who is like his spirit guide and his awesome pet.

Spoilers: See Kiku.

User Image
User Image (Ariel's Demon Mode)

Ariel Darkness - My mother. The Queen of all the vampires in the world. Her personality is undeniably sensual and serene. It's unnerving because you never know what she's thinking as she twirls her hair and smirks. She's laid back and artistic. She paints and lounges and loves to indulge a lot like food, wines, and music particularly. She is VERY VERY motherly! You don't expect it at first since she seems so young for a mother but you immediately know how she is in the way she protects her family! She always has hope and faith and seldom gets angry even then she seems scary calm. She tends to smile and quietly laugh a lot. She loves being romantic and a bit spoiled but is never a diva about it! Just a lady who knows what she wants!
My Parents Photos here
Appearance: She looks just like me but taller and more physically mature. Her eyes are smaller and have a deeper purple than mine but can also shine quite pinkly! Her hair is also a bit darker. She has more of a flush to her face than I do and always dresses like the sophisticated queen she is. She has big earrings and black or purple nails. She is almost always in Vampire Mode so her eyes are very red and glowy when not her eyes are a darker purple than Raven's. She sometimes has purple eyeshadow and has Egyptian style eyeliner. She is THE modern Cleopatra. She likes to have her hair down in curls and show them off. She wears purple flowing vampire queen clothes. Only wears the royal colors(gold, yellow, red, black) when absolutely neccessary. Otherwise she's like Elvira's clothes but purple or Cleopatra! She has no fear showing skin and wears lowcut and sheer ensembles!

Spoilers: See Raven.

User Image
Himura Atarashi - My father. The King of all the vampires in the world.
He always dresses all fancy and is very very very serious. He's a trained assassin but also is a master romancer and does ballroom and tango dancing with Ariel. He's always got his eye on things and makes them all shifty. He's cold and calculating and predicting every single move! You think he's just somebody's strict dad? You're dead wrong and he can prove it by going full on Jackie Chan on your a**! He's got a strong work ethic that Chiyo picked up along with traits from my mom and me. He's Dracula's brother from another mother.

Appearance: He's very tall and broad-shouldered. He is very muscular but often times hides it under his tuxedos and other Evening and corporal formal wear. He has black hair that looks like Wolverine's in X-Men but more slicked, dark, and pointier. It almost resembles devil horns or Maleficent's. He wears a big dramatic black and red cape with big shoulders. He has matching crowns with mom one being slightly different than the other but only in a way where royalty can tell it apart. He has red small eyes(He's Japanese) He is never out of Vampire Mode but he's controlling it too. Once in a while he has a monocle for show.

Spoilers: See Kira, See Raven, etc.

User Image
Peterson Dracu'ul/Vlad Dracula - My surprisingly sheepish and famous vampire uncle. He has many great powers but puts them to the side to lead a normal life to support and take care of me and the rest of the family. He cries and gives good hugs despite his history which is often misunderstood.

Appearance: We all know what Dracula looks like. Just imagine him in regular clothes an uncle would wear or something. He looks mostly like in the ORIGINAL Dracula movie.

Spoilers: He doesn't do much except provide physical comedy so IDK!

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All Villains Photos
Annette Jonesley - My mortal enemy and bitchy prep bully from school. She is the school's Queen Bee like Regina George in Mean Girls. Her nickname is "Barbie" in good and bad ways like mine being "Elvira" but mostly in a bad way. She is obsessed with the current and needs to be popular and worshipped so she's vastly vain and hollow! She's skanky and slutty and often gets away with it. She's rich but looks cheap. She is terrible and slanderous and made me have the most embarassing moment of my life. It wasn't enough though. It was never enough and she will never leave me alone it seems like. She has a royalty/princess complex and is the most spoiled girl ever she's one of those chicks that have shirts that say "I <3 my daddy's credit card"

Appearance: She has overly tanned skin. Orange like an oompa loompa. She's anorexic and looks like Snooki and Paris Hilton got high with Lindsay Lohan and Ke$ha got high and drunk and shat out a Nicki Minaj clone reject. Her lack of cheeks is unreal. Her eyes are squinty and dead looking from drugs, partying, and unhealthy amounts of make-up. They come in a faded light yet deep blue. They are THE emptiest eyes you could have ever seen! She wears cheap icy pink lipstick, obvious pink blush, and light blue eyeshadow. She almost always does duck lips as if someone could take her picture at any moment. She has super thin lips and it never ever works out for her. Her hair is somewhat long but FRIED with bleach. She draws on platinum blonde/white eyebrows that look chola-ish and are very thin and tiny. She tends to wear slutty pink clothes and stillettos. She dresses like a hooker and never fails to get away with it but only because the teachers treat the populars better. Once in a while she wears a plastic tiara as a symbol for her supposed "princessness" and big sunglasses(a trend that died in '70's and should not have come back in the 2000's like it did). She also looks underweight(probably from all the smoking and drugs and sports and many other physical activities). Her boobs are sad looking and tiny and floppy and small but she always tries to mod her clothes to show them off. Then if anyone stares she attacks them for it. She has big bags under her eyes. She's ugly and fake. She has a pet poodle named Princess.(She's obsessed with royalty s**t I know it's dumb appropriation bull)

Spoilers: She becomes a vampire hunter with the aid of Van Helsing who had/has a grudge on my uncle still to get revenge on me for becoming a queen and because she's always been a jealous hater. My daughter goes back in time and kills her to prevent it from going down. She also gets implants and lots of bad plastic surgery to look like a Barbie. See Chiyo, See Raven, etc.

User Image
Cameran Sloane - She's Italian supposedly. A worse tanner and basically Annette's slightly less rude righthand girl. She is addicted to sports like snowboarding and uses a fake Australian accent. She is so stupid. She is THE living breathing Dumb Blonde Joke. She has a tanning addiction worse than Trisha Paytas(from My Strange Addiction). She is stupid but tries to be nice at least fake nice. She's obsessed with Annette and wants to be her and acts like her little lapdog. She can be pretty harmless until she writes the Gossip Column in our School Paper that is 100% slander. She also is cheating with her best friend's bf Kevin. She is not as innocent and as vacant and dumb and empty as we all assumed. Cameran is bubbly, talks too much, chews pounds of bubblegum, into hip hop and other trash, and eats with her mouth open.

Appearance: Her face is very sunburnt or darker than coal and can be reddish orange and it resembles "Black Face" at times. She's the worst tanner ever. She dyed her hair golden blonde but you can see some deep black brown roots, orange hair above the roots, and brown thick Spanish eyebrows that almost form a unibrow! She a pink uniform for school too except there's more white to it. She wears white folded socks(for tennis) and has pink pumps. She's always wearing gym teacher lesbian yoga clothes when she's not dressed up like Barbie too. She has dark green hooker eyeshadow that make her look like a leprechaun punched her with glitter, huge vacant medium forest green eyes(she wears blue lenses to look like her cult leader of course though), stringy thick somewhat long hair, and a big pink preppy bow on her tits(probably to hide how big they got over the summer/implants). She's basically Amanda Seyfried as Karen in Mean Girls. Sometimes she puts on lipbalm or lipstick but it has to be darker pinks because Annette sees otherwise as being a copycat. She got blue-colored contacts to be more like Annette and more doll-like but they're circle ones and really super obvious. This also applies to clothes. She copies her but it can't be TOO close! She has a pet chihuahua named Tinkerbell(she's not original). She carries it in her huge Gucci purse.

Spoilers: She supports Annette without question until she becomes an obsessed hunter. The reason is vague but it could be because she hates me but still is nice enough not to want me to rot in Hell. When Annette finally dies after Chiyo gets revenge a plot twist erupts. Cameran went to college to be smart and got over being the Dumb Blonde we always knew her to be. She became an evil genius and ressurects Annette and sews her like Frankenstein so Annette comes back for one final battle and it's like Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl! See Annette.

User Image
Kevin Smith - Annette's boyfriend who's a star quarterback of the school's football team. He is a perverted cheater that has a thing for weird goth girls as well as almost any girl he sees. But much like observed in Juno "normal" dudes have things for the freaks. His personality is vain and malicious. He's overbearing, abusive, and bullying. He plays as star of EVERY sports team our school has pretty much and the self-awareness of a carrot(Get it? Because Carrots don't think!) He has a tanning problem too. He enjoys starting cat fights, taking lunch money, and picking on people. He is a monster and is every guido or jock you have ever met! Except....WORSE!

Appearance: Brawny, juiced up, a guido gorilla(almost literally too) with bleached blonde hair. His hair is badly gelled into spikes where frosted tips used to be. Kevin's spikes can look orange and he has overgrown sideburns and chest hair which I shouldn't even know btw! He is very tall, strong, and intimidating. He is a big brown ape. He loves wearing swimtrunks, speedos, and tanktops of any color but he mostly wears the same black one that Fabio would wear that he NEVER washes! He wears black mirrorshades. He has pearly white teeth which are obviously fake. He's handsome but in an ugly way like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. He looks like the hero but is actually The Beast himself. His eyes are brown and boring and show how unsmart he is and how he can only ogle skillfully. He wears Abercrombie and Fitch stuff along with American Eagle and surfer stuff. He's kind of sweaty to the say the least.

Spoilers: He cheats on Annette ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME even with Cameran and he tries to with me and my cousin Kiku(normally she's not his type and he's disgusted by "flat girls" but his standards get lower and lower as my series goes on and he gets more depraved) but our men scare him off because he's a bully and a coward(kinda redundant but yeah) even though he's slow and can fight back the good guys ALWAYS win.

User Image
Kikyo Atarashi - Kiku's mother. Duchess of all vampires wed to a duke/judge in vampire court law. She is very quiet, serene, and a bit of a librarian type lady. But if crossed she holds a deep grudge that she could never let go of. She used to be accepting until she and her husband heard of Kiku's boyfriend. Her racism made her snap and she's no longer The kindly Duchess she once was. She was always a tad strict with education as they both were but this could only get worse over time...

Appearance: Like Kiku but older and with darker blue hair that is let down, longer like a sea, and wavy It looks a lot like a siren's or a mermaid's. It even looks like waves, coral, and blossoms! It makes her look like a goddess of sorts in good and bad ways since she is intimidating. She has cute pink lips much like her daughter's if not a teeny tiny bit littler! She has black circular Harry Potter and mad scientist nerd looking glasses. She likes to wear big, baggy, flowing, elegant, corset style dresses, and bustle skirts. Much like Kiku she favors blue. She likes super light blues, whites, and greys the colors of the Albino caste/breed which she is immensely proud of. She wears long kimono sleeves and sometimes white heels. Her outfits hardly vary but once in a while she dresses full on librarian. She's very outspoken and opinionated and judgemental at her worst. She's racist against werewolves and tries to pull a King Triton on her daughter's marriage.

Spoilers: See Kiku. She and her husband December(Kiku's dad) are forced to learn their lesson after they experience 2 tragedies 1 being another species war and the other being the assassin that tried to make Youkai kill himself and rule the world and be rich! (Vann Ravenclaw is his name I dunno if I'll make one for him or not)

User Image (The Duke) User Image] (Vampire Serum Duke)
The Duke/Sir Duke - We're not sure if he's even duke of anything at all ever or that's just his name and he's just a rich pervy a**. I rejected him while pretending to be a prostitute in the 1800's rejecting him then he held a grudge until he was 50 took a Vampire Serum to become one though his body rejected it and it aged him a lot he still lived 1000s of years and kidnapped me twice. Even after we blew him up; Hatred brought him back from the grave. Vampire Mode me had to inject him with more potion and then turn him into dust then he finally died for reals! He has a weird Southern French weird British accent. He got teleportation powers, speed, biting, floating, dodging, and some martial arts. But they were steroided up all strong because it came from The Fountain of Youth and that's why vampires don't age normally like yeah it's not safe for human people. He got over powered for a bit like Cell from DBZ. He tries marrying me a lot.

Appearance: He has medium brown hair and eyes that match. He has a vague boring square face. He was like Murdoc from Gorillaz with his appearance. He's definitely white but of kind of dark. Very peachy/normal in skin tone. He had defined cheek bones and a bent nose. He has brown sideburns and shaggy normal hair in style. He always wears formal clothes and has a cane and stuff and a cape sometimes. He's average height but seems tall with his Abe Lincoln top hat. He wears gloves often too! He might wear bowler hats as well. Big furry mean brown eyebrows as well. It was like there were two huge bear caterpillars mating on his face! Then when he became a Serum Vampire he looked the same except his dull eyes became redder. He looked anorexic. He had spiked up brown hair some gray lines that were haggard slivers of age and the monster he became more of. He got gray white pale. His cheeks got uber hollow like vents on a van that your insurance will not cover. He winks a lot and constantly has a raep face where you can see a small gap through his crooked yellow British teeth which reminded me of vintage piano keys. The bucked teeth reminded me of beavers.

Spoilers: Read The Duke Saga and see above for summary.

User Image

Gina Kowaru ("Gigi" wink

Appearance: Cheerful but a bit mousy and blank on the surface she seems very pretty and cheerful and kind of weird like a circus clown but mixed with the styles of dolls, gyaru, Hipster, and other stuff inspired by Lady Gaga. she only wears weird clothes amd make-up she wants to stand out and has no limits so she doesn't make any!!! Her hair is a dark evergreen/spearmint green in the shape of a medium/short/small bob. She has a little bit of bangs above her eyes to keep it out of her face which she uses like a freaky artsy canvas! She has smallish droopy brown orange eyes that look down a lot so she tries to make them look bigger. Her eyebrows are thin and raised and almost completely gone and sometimes she draws/colors them. She owns a LOT of wigs and outfits in ANY and ALL colors like rainbows. She likes sparkles, poofy skirts, vests, layering, many many many bracelets, bright crayon and icecream colors, and nonsense! She dresses like an alien and is short. Her skin is kind of normal peach tan. Her fave colors are specifically orange and green which dominate her make-up and other colors. She also seems to like brown in her looks too as well as bows. Her face is round like an oval and she tries to be cute and smiles cheeky. Excess too light foundation, face so glittered and painted up that Ke$ha would get nervous, thin lips that peachy orange-ish red that she pouts to look bigger, and always overdressed even at crap like school. Her hair kinda fluffs and curves in at the ends. The only other thing I can say about her style is that there is none but flashiness!! She's based on that annoying little girl from Macross Frontier.....
Personality: Bratty, snobbish, spoiled, tries too hard, gold digger except she makes the money herself and times it by a zillion, too girly, too edgy, and too weird. She is one of those rich girls that got whatever she wanted by any means especially w/ looks because she's vain and shallow like that. She acts like a diva and wears sunglasses at night and is very entitled and wants to be the best and most biggest popstar in the world. We wants the entire universe! She is lazy and can't do a thing for herself but she needs to win at everything....OR ELSE!!! Gigi gets tantrums too. Flashy and doesn't have no integritty for even her style whatsoever she just wants to be a sell out that bad! She eats too much candy on top of that. She's waited on hand and foot but claims to do everything and lies to seem cooler. But she's also naive like she probably thinks fairies and aliens are real.

Spoilers: She becomes Chiyo's rival in school and in the future but mostly when they become famous musicians. Chiyo is extremely talented at everything especially as one of the lead members in Vampire Rose. On tour to help save the environment Vampire Rose, The Material Girls, and one person act Gigi go on a tour and big concert. Vampire Rose is the one everyone wants to see but the opening acts had to earn money so we let them in. Almost immediately they fail, cry, get hit with rotten tomatoes, and run away. Then they watch our concert and get all pissed and jealous and they try and throw garbage at us but that gets them banned because littering is why we have Glonbal Warming. Gigi is Chiyo's rival in the music industry basically.

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