Eventually, My father, Yakone, ordered my brother and I to bloodbend each other. I bloodbended my brother with great ease, while ignoring his screams of pain. When it was Tarrlok's turn, he refused to bloodbend me. Our father became furious, calling Tarrlok weak and prepared to attack him as punishment. However, I defended my brother by bloodbending my own father, citing that Yakone, having been stripped of his waterbending by the Avatar, was the weak one. I proceeded to asking my brother to come with me to start a new life, but Tarrlok declined, arguing that he was worried about their mother. After hearing that, I agreed with my father that Tarrlok was weak. I ran off, prompting Yakone and Tarrlok to search for me for days. Eventually, the two concluded that I'd must have perished in a blizzard. The incident left a terrible wound on the family, with Yakone losing his interest in revenge as he spent his last years with what remained of his family.