Page 20-30

Tirac eventually leaves the other people on page 22. Lazuli and her new friends are wandering through the forest and Lazuli says she'll “save Birdy and Tirac for later...” O_O

BAM. Tirac runs into Lazuli right when she's gotten stuff she needs from her house. Lazuli doesn't really know why Tirac keeps bumping into her... (he's kinda angry at her ya know...)
Tirac is pleased... he was just on his way to look for her after all. He walks towards her and asks for a rematch.
Lazuli half seriously says they don't have to fight. And wonders to herself why she doesn't want to kill him as badly now.
Tirac says they're going to fight simply because he wants to and he would have sooner.
Antonio comes out of absolutely nowhere and asks is Lazuli is Lazuli... :/
Lazuli was about the start fighting. She's irritated at Antonio. Antonio says he's there to help her. Lazuli turns him down and goes back to fighting Tirac. Lazuli says that Tirac is off limits to Antonio because he is Lazuli's prey. (I thought it was the other way around myself...)
Tirac gets impatient and whines for lazuli to fight him. Lazuli pricks his cheek with a little blade, it pisses him off. So he gives her a similar cut on her neck with his claw. He planned to use the bow on Lazuli. That would bend her will to his and make her his slave.
They circle each other and talk about Lazuli's family. Lazuli knocks Tirac to the ground and he snarls and gets to his knees.
Tirac knocks Lazuli down with his claws, she forces herself up into a sitting position and swears. Tirac gets a burn on his flank from he flaming sword but manages to backhand her. The centaur dominantly pushes his front hoof against her back, forcing her to the ground and is quite triumphant.
But Lazuli starts to cry and Tirac, unnaturally can't bring himself to kill her. Tirac uses the rainbow on her instead, making her temporarily a mindless slave. But takes away a part of that spell a whiles later. Tirac basically says that Lazuli belongs to him and blah blah blah so does her sword and stuff. Because Lazuli won't stop talking about it. (there's a lot more detail on page 26. I'm lazy.)

Tirac keeps telling Lazuli to go to his cave, but he ends up taking her back to her hut because she's a blacksmith and his hooves look like s**t right now... etc. Lazuli needs medicine. Tirac kills a bird for her because her stomach growls, Lazuli is disgusted but eats it anyways. Upon arriving at Lazuli's hut, she smithes Tirac's hooves and he enjoys it, drowsily lying down afterwards. But Lazuli quickly reminds him they were leaving, offers him some bread, which he practically inhales and they go to Tirac's cave.

A mysterious, mad mage named Salem is traveling through the forest, singing a song about his villainous life. Tirac slowly approaches him, deciding Lazuli goes to slow, he carries her. She doesn't really like this but when she hears the mage's evil song she huddles closer to Tirac. Tirac feels territorial due to the Mage's disposition as a hell raiser. He snarls that this forest is his and that the mage should basically... GTFO.

Tirac finally arrived at his cave, set Lazuli down and tried to make a heap of pegasus, unicorn and horse corpses not as conspicuous. He basically covers up everything with some pelts.

Gabriel the archangel, meanwhile is in the Tavern, irritated at the humans.