june 26,2012
i havent gotten to write to much since i got the monster job. it has been keeping me busy for most of the time the rest i spend with my human boyfriend kota. i havent told him anything about me being a hybrid, im scared he might reject me. i havent spent much time with him only on the weekends whem the monster soicety lets me have me time. i had to put down a dragon last week because it was dieased and eating humans from the near by village. rue was upset at me until i told her the reason even though it mad her cry.mas has been doing good he came and visited me a couple of days ago telling me he was the father of the human he had dated a while back. he is scared but haappy to be a dad even though he is very young. kota doesnt want kids until he is ready to take care of one which im happy about because i dont want a kid until im ready to take care of one. which isnt now and wont be for a while.