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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
If you want to be my friend... (Must Read!)
People apparently still continue to take advantage of my friendship, so now I have no choice but to actually post these rules.

I don't like random friends requests.
Please do not send me them to me.
Get to know me first.

My friendship is not taken for granted. You have to earn it.

I do weekly friend list clean ups. So I may delete those who are not active.

I will NOT accept your friends request if you do/are any of the following:

Pissing people off on purpose for the enjoyment.

Homestuck Cosplayer
See 'Troll'. Even if you aren't doing anything.
I hate people who enjoy a shitty comic like "Homesuck".
And preach about it as if it were the greatest piece of work ever created.

Posting the same stuff over and over again in multiple bubbles.
This includes advertising.

Logging into someone else's account without permission.

Using clients or other programs to "mod" towns.
Examples would include UFOs, beach balls, water balloons, abusing the pose button, teleporting, cloning, etc.

This is self explanatory but I'll say it anyway: Internet Sex.
This includes inappropriate content like groping, fondling, making out, etc.

Friends With Enemies
(Includes Exes, Trolls, Scriptors, other people I hate and their friends.)
If you are friends with my enemies, I will not add you to my friends list.
Chances are, I will not talk to you, either.
Apologies, but it's just the way I am.
I get hurt when seeing my friends do that.
I do not like to be "second place" from my enemies.
If you don't like it, take yourself off my friends list or I will do it myself.
Tired of having friends who aren't my friends.

Learn to spell. Don't even think about talking "e-chat lingo" with me.
"lyke srs wtvr umad dawg pls stahp etc."

I am very uncomfortable with kinky s**t like this.
So don't even bother associating with me if you are into it.
It's disgusting.

Annoying/Being An a**
Don't be a d**k with me. If I don't want to associate to you, then leave me alone.

Being Inappropriate
I don't want to hear about your sex life or how long your d**k is.
Talk to me as if you were talking to your parents, boss, elders.
If you talk to them that way, then you are one sad person.

Have An Inappropriate Username
Examples are usernames that contain words like "boner, sex, fap, orgasm, kinky, condoms, penor, etc".
Refusing to list them all. You get the idea.

People who flirt with other people. More likely 'swingers'.
People who kiss, lick, be affectionate, grope, or any of those categories with someone who is not their committed lover.
Kind of harsh, I know.
But in my book, this goes against loyalty and commitment with friendships even if it has nothing to do with me.

Asking/Begging me for gold, items, etc.
Do not ask me to donate to you. Do not ask me to give you things.
I will give stuff when I feel like it. Not when you tell me to.

Creating Multiple Threads In The Forum
I will not accept friend requests from people who like making multiple forum threads each day (ex. chatterbox) because it floods my friend feed. I want to see if my friends update things I think are important, not your useless spam. If you really must post, please go to your settings and turn your feeds off.

Private Profile
If your profile is on private or does not allow me to view any information about you or even let me view your friends list, I will not accept your friend request.

Having 200+ friends
Seriously, you can't know everyone on your friends list if you just add people willy nilly.
I don't want to be a part of that.

Pretend You Know Me
If I don't even know you, you have no chance.
If I barely know you, you also have no chance.
I also only accept friends who I actually talk to everyday and actually know them.
If I don't see you for months and don't remember you, you have no chance.
If we have only talked to each other less than a few times and you try to act like my friend, you are not my friend. So stop trying. I decide whether we are friends or not. Not you.

And don't be like "I'm friends with -insert friend's name here-" so I'm your friend, too.
I really do not give a s**t. I want friends who want to be my friend.
Not because I'm friends with their friends.

And this goes for friends on my friends list.
If you do any of the ones above, I'll delete you without warning and set you on ignore.
I'd rather be alone than to have friends who don't even give a s**t about me.

If you don't agree with my rules, [******** off.

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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