"Why mε? Bεcause you seen me whεn I was iпvisablε . . . εїз"
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- - Hey there,

My name is Jess. I am a very bubbly and opinionated young woman.
I am said to be weird.. just a tad though. x)
Don't define me as that typical girl because truth be told you're in for a surprise.
I am rather shy at times, but I can be very loud the other half of the time.
o w o

I am a strong believer in staying true to yourself, I believe that the only person that can really define who you are, is yourself.
You only have one life to live, don't waste it on regrets, and grudges.
Be who you are.

There's many people on here that I consider myself fairly close with.
And though one day I may grow up and finally leave this place, I am here for them until then. : )
I hope you guys know who you are. <3

Sincerely, Qali

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