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Unknown Blog for the Unknown
When stuff comes to mind it'll be noted here :P
Giving up
Tonight I was asked by a few people if I wanted to walk town with them and listen to the music being played (it's national music day today in France). Inside I was/am torn between getting out with everybody else, possibly listening to good music and ideally ending the night by sealing the deal with a beautiful female of our species. :

In addition, this Tuesday (it's Thursday) I met a really beautiful Moroccan woman named after a princess, Adrae. We hit off pretty well and talked about lots of stuff. I even walked her home ... but wasn't invited in. All the way back home I was wondering what I could've done differently and I came up blank ! emotion_bigvein

And lastly, Christina's flying back in from writing her last exams (for this semester) tomorrow night and she wants to celebrate on Saturday night with pre-drinks and a night out in a popular disco. She invited me to come along and until a while ago I was grappling with the idea, but I couldn't quite figure out why I was struggling to say yes ! Now I finally get it !

I'm ******** horny, apparently I'm acceptable to be around and can entertain a girl mentally but I cannot interpret signals, because I don't know them ! Which is a problem, because when I try to send signals, I obviously cannot tell if they are being interpeted as they should or if they are even signals AT ALL !
I'm sick and tired of this bullshit. I give up !!!

I don't understand why it has to be so difficult !! From what I've read many are dtf, but won't if not approached in a certain fashion and the way I do it is too direct, but I have no idea how else to do it ! And they sure as hell won't make the ******** first step, for fear of being perceived as "too easy" or "sluts". Why does society have to be so goddamn stupid and judgemental ! Sex is natural. Everybody who wants to and gets a chance, does it ! It should be fun ! It's bloody ignorant and stupid to reduce a person to their sexual actions.

******** this s**t !
******** discos !
******** dating !
******** love !
******** social events centered around getting laid !
******** trying to get laid !
******** it ! ******** it !!!

I'm not having any of it any longer ! I'm getting myself a sex toy and hookers.

God ******** dammit !

Good night scream

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