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Thoughts Anyone
Just nonsensicle rants that I produce when bored. I know you don't read it anyway, so why bother?
Right, as I have nothing better to do, I will be commenting on my Favorite Disney Characters. No, I will not tolerate that moaning BS your pulling, if you don't care the back button is right up there in the left upper corner of your internet browser. Now, you'll mostly notice that my favorite characters are mostly villains, that's because I find them to be more entertaining than the Protagonist most of the time. Those silly villains make me smile, or just had a character that were more memorable to me than the heros. Heros that are on this list, are heros that I really loved. Spred the love will you?

User ImageLet us begin with Dr. Facilier. As you can see the Dr, has got some sweet moves, but that's not the reason I put him up there. You see, he wasn't really evil villian, but a salesmen who gave people their wants... at a price. He's got voodoo, he's got hoodoo, he's got things he ain't even tried! But most of all he's got friends on the other side.-shot for song reference- As you can see, I love his song. He was just doing business and basically let his cutomers reap what they sow, when they come to him with their wants. It was just tragic that in the end he was dragged into the other side to become a shadow himself.

User ImageThen we got Dodger, the coolest, street-smart dog in NY. Though Dodger came across as a total a** when he brushes off Oliver and takes the hotdogs for himself when you first meet him, when he bursts into song you just can't help but sing along. He's the unofficial leader of the gang nd soon worms his way into your heart like Oliver does to him. He totally invented Swag, and he knows it, because, after all, why should he worry?- dodges a brick- What I'm not allow to reference songs? Oh eff no! I'll reference songs whenever I want! Well, Dodger was the coolest dog in NY, and whenever he was on screen, you knew the cool factor had gone up. Plus his friendship with Oliver was so cute and sweet it gave you cavities. heart

User Image Ah, then we have Genie, that show stealer. He was comedic gold. Thank you Robbin Williams, I love you forever for this character, more so than you in Good Morning Vietnam and the Flubber remake. Everytime he was on screen, you knew he was going to pull a gag, and then his sad moments, they made me cry. OH THAT WISH FOR GENIE'S FREEDOM WAS SO SWEET!!!! His two songs were awesome, comedic and memorable, and I know because I was singing them when I was a kid. I wish I had a friend like him! Genie was a silly character, which is perfect for the cast of characters they had for Aladdin. I will always remember him, and kids don't know the meaning of funny til they see Genie! emotion_donotwant

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. You're jokin'! YOU'RE JOKIN'! No I'm not, that Oogie Boogie, is freakin' awesome. Yes, Mr. Oogie Boogie, himself is one of my favorite characters. Scary, a gambler, and a cheat to boot, this monster is not one you want to cross, or in the words of Lock, Shock and Barrel, "If I were on his Boogie List, I'd get out of town." He's such a bad a** character, that Sandy Claws,himself had to land the last blow to kill him. His hangout is a freakin' casino, and the bets? Your life. He'd sooo love Vegas. Even if I hate, hate, HATE bugs, this guy was too awesome. He was evil, and he knew it, plus his character song was JAZZ! He wins as my favorite character form Nightmare Before Christmas, with Jack coming second. Sorry Jack, but Oogie was just too cool.

User Image And then we got Clopin. He was just made of win and is to be considered the ORIGINAL TROLL. You hear that! Any who, I love this man as he, unlike the others in this post, is a nice ambiguous shade of neutral grey. People say he's a bad guy, some say he's a good guy, I think he's a nice neutral force. He's great at parties. Have you seen his puppet shows? They're to die for! He's such a funny, insane, character whose all over the place. That makes him the perfect narrator! heart I may be a bit biased to like him, as he actually is considered to be my first cartoon crush. Er... you didn't hear that. He is freakin insane, and I love insane characters. His songs, Topsy Turvy and Court of Miracles, are my Favorite songs in the movie as they add a touch of Maddness to an already crazy story.

User Image Of course I can't forget the three greatest lackies of all. These three are the most memorable lackies ever. Seriously, who hasn't heard of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and if you haven't then you haven't had a childhood. Though these three never got their own songs, they were excellent characters, if they can be remembered without one, plus Ed never even talks. Yes, they are that memorable. Plus, they get their revenge on Scar when he tries to pin the blame on them, which makes them awesome lackies. Never turn your back on heyena, it'll be the last thing you do.

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