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Not A Daily Journal - Legacy
[Insert old rock music here] I s2g.. this damn description.. can never think what to write here
The last two weeks in a nutshell
I missed so many day's this week.
I am going to make it up to you guys by writing a whole flippen essay on what ive been doing the whole week, almost two weeks. I am going to start from the last day of school.
Whensday, June 6th was are last day of school. Im to lazy to check if the dates correct, you get the idea. We had are big graduation, got certificates, and I stayed after school with 45 8th graders and just hung out.
Nothing exciting (or what ever I can remember) happened until Saturday, when Caitlin came over. We did the two module 2 labs together form Psychology. I had to do my work in advance because I was about to go on vacation. We did the labs, and it was ackward. We had to touch each other with sticks.... Good luck reading that.
Caitlin ended up sleeping over. We just hung out, and I watched Elfin Lied. WARNING: This s**t is rated M, has lots of gore, and alot of profanity. My friend Brian would like it, which is saying something. In the morning, we had Ramen for breakfast. Fooled around, then went to the pool. It was my semi- across the street neighbor, Olivia's, birthday. We actually only swam for 30 minutes... we (caitlin and me) got out of the pool and got pizza. Then we walked back to my house so she could change. After that she went home. I then got ready to leave for Ohio the next day.
I woke up at 5am and threw up. This went on all day until around 2pm when I just had a fever. Around that time my sister lanie got sick... she keep throwing up threw out the evening. That was one of the worst nights so far in my life. Woke up in the morning, feel all better. Day of my life- wasted. My mom started feeling sick also. It took us awhile, but we finally left for Ohio around noon, a day later then expected.
Driving driving driving driving driving... I barley remember this
We finally get there Whensday around 5 or so, and I got dropped off at Pat's house. He's a inch taller then me.... THE ********. I hung out there for a few hours, played Grandchase. We eventually got bored and went to the mall. We were planing to do that the next day, but were so bored we just went. We walked around, and decided to see a movie. We saw Madagascar 3! If you want to see a nice funny kids movie, this is perfect. We actually laughed a little. I mean, Im not really an older teen, but im not a kid either. 14 is odd.
I went home to aunt danna's were my family was sleeping. Immediantly as I walked in, Jake and Adler were already fighting. Ik Jake has been in here somewhere, most likely last summer. He's.. unpredictable, annoying, a nice kid, but ticks Adler off. Jake is the younger brother Adler never had. I slept on the couch. (Woah... I spelled slept right. Milestone!)
Woke up. Cant really remember what the hell I did. I went to Patrick's, and my mom and siblings went to the mall. Me and Patrick played Grandchase, and then went into the pool. He has a small circle pool, big enough for 1-3 people. We ran around the side and made a current. It seriously works. It pulls you around, only for a minute if you stop, but it works. At around 5 we got picked up to go to my family's cookout. I took Pat with me =D
When we got there, Aunt Tracey was there to greet us. Adler wasn't in the car with us, he came with Aunt Dana, so my dad did something devious (I used that word...) He told my aunt Tracey that Patrick was Adler. She was surprised, BUT BELIEVED IT. I was like "what the ********... " She hugged Patrick. Patrick was like o.e My dad then told her that was my friend, not Adler. She hit him in the stomach and called him and a**. It was totally hilarious xD
We ate food. I know I had some noodles, but I honestly cant remember. We mostly hung out on the swing set, and played that bean bag toss game. Patrick's really good at it... I suck. We played alot with the Puppies. They had a HUDGE dog named Asvan or something like that (I could never ever once say the name right) They were also babysitting there daughters dog named Stinky. Weird dog.
Me, Patrick, and Lanie were sitting in the family room of there house, just relaxing and talking. The adults came up and went to the kitchen, which is so close it could be the same room. They started to drink and talk about liquor and get drunk.. I was sitting there like "o.e" Adults are weird. Then again, im 14, so I probably dont know that much yet.
First time I slept at Patrick's in awhile. We played Grandchase in pats room until 3am, then I went to sleep in the Guest room bed. Most comfortable place I slept all vacation. Double bed ftw.
Woke up, cant remember what the s**t I did. Around 4 we were picked up to go to Red Robins. Patrick had never been to Red Robins. I had to take him with me. We both got burgers, but I couldn't finish it. After I got sick, I seemed to have lost my appetite. Still going on now, even while im typing this. After we went to Aunt Cindy's house. It was fine, played with there big dog. We tried to play Racket ball, but Jake and Adler keep getting in the way. Same with Foosball.
Eventually I got so mad at Adler I tackled him to the ground and held him down. Everyone thought this was hilarious. I apparently "broke" Adler's arm. The little faker. He keep coming back and hitting me, and I had to, 3 times, tackle him to the ground. He went back to the green house with Dana, thank god. Me and Pat sat in the family room listening to the adults talk. There all like "Im getting old" and blah blah blah. I'm only 14, way to young to be worrying about getting old xD And not to mention.. there all going on 50. My aunt Cindy is 54. O.e
I slept over Pat's again. (Friday) In the morning I hung out with Patrick for a few hours. But at noon I had to leave.. we said goodbye, and me and my family set out for New Jersey. Only a 7 hour drive. Compared to the 15 we have to do coming up there, thats nothing. We got there around 8 and finally, for the first time, saw my cousin Johns house.
They have a really nice house. 4 floors. A basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and a attic room. My cousin Johns room is the attic. Its nothing like an attic though. Its pretty amazing. Everyone had to go to bed at 11 because we were waking up at 8 for NY in the morning. Me and Joe, (my jerk of a cousin), being the highschoolers we are, go to stay up. We ended up staying up to 2am, wopes. I actually stayed up longer then he did. I swear though, when he went to bed, he snuck up on me or something. Weird kid
-Gets tired- The big trip into NYC will have to be written down tomorrow. This is already painfully long and im tired as heck. Gn!

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