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This episode... well... Uh... ._.


-Frozen Growth of Oaths-

[Danielle and Glace have kidnapped the alternate, "Fairy" Safiri, having cast away whom they call the "Anti-Cruce", as his refusal to work alongside Darkness has left him battling alongside former foes. The frozen lake within the Ancient tree of the Oathlands has served as the battleground for multiple Nightmares. With little trouble at all, the five manage to remove these obstacles...]


Cruce: [He commands the Crossblade to vanish and promptly searches the room.] ... We done?

Slianna: I should hope so...

Rilia: I hope you hope so! Because I hope so...

Cruce-EC: I'm sure we're finished. You all fought nicely!

Safiri: Why thank you. [She smiles at him before giving his cheek a quick nuzzle.]

Cruce-EC: [He does the same in return.] Heheh.

Rilia: Yay~! We won!

Cruce: [He turns away from the group, facing the mysterious pond, which holds the Oron Mo...] You did. I didn't.

Safiri: Oh, right... Hrm, I wanna help you out, but I wanna know more about you first.

Cruce-EC: I... do too... (The Connection is bothering me a lot less... Was it this other Cruce? Or... was it the other...) That other Safiri...

Safiri: I'd like to know what the heck that was all about, 'cha know? Another Safiri? Cuh-razy. And she was an Ancient Fairy!

Cruce: [He faces the other four.] She's someone I have to find again... I promised her that I'd look for her Connector by her side.

Cruce-EC: Connector?! I thought you were her Connector though! I-I mean if you're another Cruce! It would only make sense...

Slianna: But that's not the way things go? There's a third... Cruce?

Cruce: I'm not sure. I think her Connector is someone who goes by a different name. But nothing matters if she's forced to work for Darkness. I need to break her away from the Ice Princess.

Safiri: We share a common enemy. That's good enough for me.

Rilia: Uh-huh. I want to save the other Safiri too. But... I also really want to save Lavender and Nuvlora... What do we do now?

Cruce: ...Did you say Lavender?

Rilia: Yes! Yes I did! Do you know where she is?!

Cruce: If she's the squirrel... then yeah, I think I do. She's on the alternate Safa, which is accessible from here. At least, that's what I'm guessing...

Slianna: The alternate Safa... that combination of words is enough to motivate my curiosity. Defi-tively. But how do you know that it's the Lavender we know?

Rilia: Yeah! Wouldn't it be the Lavender of that Safa?

Cruce: That Safa doesn't have a Lavender. She mentioned you, Rilia. You're her sister, right?

Rilia: [She nods slowly.] Mhmm~.

Cruce-EC: Maybe if Lavender's there, Nuvlora could be also.

Safiri: Sis... My sis might be on the other Safa. I have to save her!

Cruce: And I have to save the Safiri I know... That Safiri is a part of me. She uses the Crossblade, and I know that this other Crossblade of hers is partially mine... I can't explain it now, but I just know. And the Crossblade is the reason she was forced to come here. Because it can take us across dimensions.

Safiri: A "me" with the Crossblade? I find that hard to believe... What is the alternate "me"...?

Cruce-EC: Someone we need to rescue, apparently. Cruce... O-other Cruce. You can use the Crossblade in your Safan form... How? How is that possible?

Cruce: [He shakes his head, simulating a shrug.] I have no idea. I use it as naturally as I would in my human form. Can you not use it like this?

Cruce-EC: I can only do magic if I'm anything other than a human. We've got a lot to learn from each other...

Cruce: True! For now, we may have to go our separate ways... [He turns to face the small pond again.]

Slianna: Wait a moment, are you leaving for the other Safa?

Cruce: ...I think I will be. 'Cause I need to somehow get your friends back, right? I'd like to. Lavender and Nuvlora. I'm almost positive they're on that Safa.

Rilia: Whoa~... You'd do that for us?

Cruce: I would, but I'd need you guys to try and find the other Safiri. That Princess looks kind of tough though.

Safiri: Bah, she's nothin' once you put the hurt on 'er! She likes running away from her battles.

Cruce-EC: And using unfair excuses to hate me. We'll do everything we can to rescue this other Safiri.

Safiri: Damn right. Now, you going on your own? Ain't that kind of dangerous, dude?

Cruce: Like you say, damn right. It is. But your friends--I should say family, right?--...I'm sure they're better off here.

Rilia: Wait wait, I wanna come with you... I wanna see Lavender.

Slianna: I do too. I'm worried about both of them... I want to see the alternate world too. May I come along?

Safiri: Haha, ditchin' Cruce and I already? C'mon! I'm not mad or anything! No need to be scared!

Rilia: Hey~! Saaaaaaaf... We're always a team. But we need to rescue our family so we can be a bigger team, right?

Safiri: Slianna would say "abso-truly" right about now.

Slianna: Abso-right-you-are, Safiri.

Safiri: [She chuckles.] In that case, we're splitting up. Think you two can take the heat without me?

Slianna: We'll be fine!

Rilia: Heat sounds kinda nice about now, too. I'm so cold... [She shivers.]

Safiri: Got it. You take care of them, Cruce 2. [She gives the alternate Cruce a smirk.]

Cruce: I will! I don't know the dangers of the other Safa too well just yet, but we'll be fine as a team.

Rilia: Great~! I wonder if there's another me!

Slianna: We're gonna find out soon!

Safiri: Well, babe. [She faces the Cruce who she knows best.] That leaves us to look for a Fairy me.

Cruce-EC: Today's weird...

Safiri: I noticed!

Cruce-EC: Whatever. I get to spend it with you. In the coolest possible way.

Safiri: You're such a cute little dork.

Cruce-EC: I wonder if the other Saf would think so.

Safiri: Don't push your luck.

Cruce: [Slianna and Rilia approach him as he faces the pond.] You two ready to head out?

Rilia: [Nods excitedly before turning around and waving to Safiri.] Buh-bye, Safie and Crucie! Have fun on your honeymoon~!


Cruce-EC: Rilia, don't encourage her! ...But I guess thanks? Good luck to you three. I hope you find Nuvlora and Lavender. I'm craving an Eclipse Connection about now.

Cruce: We won't let you down.

Cruce-EC: In that case, neither will we. C'mon, Safiri. Let's find another you. [He takes off before Safiri.]

Safiri: Yeah, le--...oh you did not just get the head start... [A burst of super speed allows her to surpass Cruce immediately.]

Slianna: ...Well, those two are off. Our turn?

Cruce: Yep. I know that water is pretty cold, but... I want you two to be ready to dive into it. [He conjures his Spirit Cross, watching the shimmering waters.]

Rilia: Oh, in freezing water? Okaaaaay... [She sighs.]

Cruce: [The Oron Mo emits a flash in unison with the blades of Cruce's weapon. Tilting his head to the side, he thrusts the Blade into the water. A scintillant flare erupts from the strike. Slianna and Rilia take this as the cue to make their move as the chamber brightens...]


-Oath Apex-

[The Oath Apex is as it was when Fairy Safiri and Cruce departed from it accidentally after a strange, ephemeral encounter with a mystifying force that threatened the newly-changed fairy's life. In fact, that threat is responsible for her transformation. Normally aglow with activity, the Apex is desolate. No Ancient Fairies are within the area. The small pond atop the shrine emits a brief flare similar to the previous. This leaves behind three physical figures: Slianna, Rilia, and Cruce. Cruce has returned to his human form upon stepping foot on this ground. He holds the Crossblade, the weapon having been buried in the Oron Mo.]

Cruce: [Lifts his blade from the ground, observing the back of his hand.] I can't believe that worked... (This tells me a lot. The Spirit Cross can be used to travel between Safas. And I'm sure that's the same for other worlds.)

Rilia: [More curious with Cruce's human form, she stands close and looks all the way up at him.] Whoa! You got taller! How'd ya do that~?

Cruce: [He rubs the back of his head.] It's... beyond me, really. For now. I'll prolly understand it soon.

Slianna: If you're a human again... [She faces Cruce.] ...and it looks like you are, then the Ecliptic Pull is weak here. I wonder why... Where in the Ancient Growth are we?

Rilia: Yeah! This place looks neat, but... I feel lost. Even though we're on Safa!

Slianna: Hehe, you can still get lost on your own home planet, Riri.

Cruce: [Before he can reply, the fiends of Darkness intercept their arrival. Nightmares of a fairly wide diversity appear to do ward off these newcomers. Nightmares include Safans, Pokémon, Scorpii, imps, and the "dark slugs" seen invading the Ancient Growth.] Ge--Holy hell!!

Rilia: Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa whoa!! [She runs behind Cruce.]

Slianna: Why are they here?!

Cruce: Why and how?! I thought the Crossblade was the only way here! (...N-no wait, I saw that scorpio-Shade thing or whatever he was. He got here. And he's controlling the same Nightmares I've seen before... This doesn't make sense!) Sheesh, look at how many of these things there are...

Rilia: [She covers her eyes with both paws.] Aaaaieee don't wanna!

Slianna: ...But... they're not doing anything... [This observation holds true as the Nightmares around the shrine simply watch the three, ready to strike at any moment... Footsteps can be heard upon the stairwell.] Someone's coming.

Rilia: [Her ears flicker as she peeks out from behind Cruce's legs.] What?

Cruce: [This someone whom Slianna mentioned comes into view quite quickly. Based on the strange, short tendrils upon his head, this figure is identified as Xulfur, the Scorpius Shade.]

Xulfur: Mmm... [He stops before Cruce, Slianna and Rilia highly intimidated at his stature. They inch away, leaving Cruce to face this eight foot giant.] You again... You triggered commotion among these precious demons.

Cruce: It's you! [He pulls his head back, having to look up at Xulfur, definitely with respect to the Nightmares around him.] Ehm... I've been meaning to ask this. How the heck did you get here?

Xulfur: ...[He raises an eyebrow.] I am no fool. I will not tell you such a thing. Though I'd think you wouldn't do the same. If you do, however, I will set you three free of this place.

Cruce: That's... too generous. You don't want us here making a ruckus or something, huh?

Xulfur: [He ignores the question.] I lack the time to answer questions. If you do not decide quickly, you will be disposed of. [He crosses his arms, glaring down at Cruce.]

Cruce: (Sh-s**t. I can't just tell him the Crossblade got us here. He would probably let Slianna and Rilia go, but he'd seize me. I'm not sure I can fight this many... things... at least not at once.) [He swallows spit.] Alright, I'll tell you how I got here.

Slianna: Cruce...?

Cruce: ...The Crossblade. [He holds the weapon up.] It connects me to other worlds. I'm not the only one who uses it, but... It seems like the only way to travel across these dimensions.

Xulfur: ...[He smirks, chuckling.] As I expected. You are fortunate that I am busy as of now. I would otherwise apprehend you. You are far too inept in combat to face me.

Cruce: What...?! Hey I'm not that much of a slacker when it comes to fighting!

Xulfur: Slacker? Possibly not. Inefficient? Well, with what Safan Ecliptic power I have harnessed, I will prove to you how attached to that human appearance you are.

Cruce: You're gonna turn me into a Safan? ...You know I've already been one, right?

Xulfur: Hmhmhm, I know everything about your Safan form, Cruce... This newly acquired power is highly informative. [He throws an arm forward.] Enough! I have wasted too much time already. Begone, and behold a new Safa! [A dark corridor, an incarnation of swirling black and purple energies, begins pulling Cruce, Rilia, and Slianna under.]

Rilia: Eep! [She reaches up, trying to free herself from the grasp of Darkness.]

Cruce: [His Crossblade vanishes as he feels a sorcery mixed in with the dark corridor begin to affect him. He clenches his chest with a hand.]

Slianna: [She closes her eyes tightly.]


[The three have vanished...]

Xulfur: ...Mm... [He lowers his arm.] Yes, your Crossblade... It would only mar our efforts. What an ordeal. It would aid us as well...


-The Oathlands-

[Slianna and Rilia have been transporter to the outer reaches of the village, atop a small hill overlooking said homeland. Cruce is missing... Upon this Safa, it is early morning. The sun has risen slightly, creating a luminous dawn over the grassy hill.]

Rilia: [Laying on her tail, she rolls over in attempt to stand up hurriedly.] Eek! What happened?!

Slianna: [Moving her head upward.] Ahh, I'm not sure. That was shaky.

Rilia: Uh-huh! So many Nightmares. They didn't attack us. That's good!

Slianna: I've never seen that before, Riri. Darkness doesn't even want to fight... That's hard to believe.

Rilia: It's A-okay with me~!

Slianna: [She tilts her head, frowning.] Feels like it won't turn out good for any of us... [Searching her surroundings.] Where'd Cruce go?

Rilia: ? [She does the same, checking everywhere multiple times, even facetiously under a small rock nearby. While doing this, she identifies a massive forest in the distance, with an even larger tree at its center.] I don't know where Cruce is, but that looks like an Ancient Growth.

Slianna: We might have been there just now. [She strokes her chin with the tip of her tail, making note of a village near the forest.] This feels familiar, doesn't it? I think we should check out that village.

Rilia: Okay! Oooh, this is so weird. If I didn't feel so tired, I'd be more excited.

Slianna: I'm tired too. I wasn't feeling this way a moment ago. I wonder if that tall guy did something to us.

Rilia: Not Cruce, right?

Slianna: No, hehe. The other tall guy. The bad one. Come along, Riri. [She starts off, acting as the leader of the duo with Cruce and Safiri gone.]

Rilia: [Rather than following, she runs alongside Slianna.]


[The village's scenery is worrisome at first glance. Fairly concealed by the trees is a land behind the area. It is another village, although this village has seemingly been dropped from the sky, massive chunks of land laying at an angle upon the grassy ground. This portion of the land is almost unreal... The two make a modest entrance into the small hometown, instantly greeted with a still air. Safans wander about the town, many of which appear to be mingling near the tribal statue in the center of town. The statue appears as an ellipse with a peculiar spiral shape in its center. One of the Safans is speaking to the crowd.]

Safan Speaker: [He is a small horse, about the size of a pony. His overall color is a deep brown with some subtle hues of red.] They just went in there and took our beloved Growth! Like it was nothing! I know these loons are mighty powerful. But our Safan Spirit can't be hindered by that! Ya'll get what I'm saying?!

Safan Rabbit: I hear you loud and clear!

Safan Bear: I agree. This can't go unpunished.

Safan Deer: Of course it can't, but what're we to do? They have an army in there, and it'd be far too risky to attack their numbers.

Safan Speaker: You might be forgetting what I'm talking about here. This is the Ancient Growth! Our god! It which's given us this power of nature. Our own spiritual invocation of the magic of Oaths... It's time we give back. We're not alone. We have Light on our side. We even have Darkness on our side!

Slianna: (What...? What is he talking about?) [With Rilia at her side, she approaches the scene. No Safan gives her or Rilia any regard.]

Safan Speaker: ...Maybe it's not my place to stand around up here and yell at people to do things. I know, I'm young...

Safan Deer: You're very young! Where are your parents anyway?

Safan Speaker: That's just it! They went and got themselves stuck in the forest! They haven't come back, and that's mighty scary for me! I-if we're not strong enough to take back what's ours, and I think we are with a little help... could we at least try and save my mom and pop?

Safan Rabbit: My friend went with a few of his own buddies to check out the woods. They haven't returned. I say we go check it out.

Safan Deer: And end up as... as food for those savages who took our Growth?!

Safan Bear: You heard the boy. It is the least we can do... So we should do.

Safan Speaker: We should! We have to! It's our family. All of ours... If any of ya'll would like to help out, I need to know. Maybe I can get the help of those Phaze Guardians. Or even those two girls who just got here.

Slianna: (Huh? Two girls? Is he talking about us...? He couldn't... I've never seen this boy around. I wonder where he's from. I know some of these Safans, but... many of them are new to me, too.)

[Murmurs continue even as the crowd disperses after this motivational speech, which only succeeded to sway very few villagers. The rest are far too afraid to venture forth into the tainted wilds, even with the aid of both Light and Darkness. Without a word, Slianna makes her way through the townsfolk, determined to learn more of the occurrences.]

Slianna: [With Rilia in tow, she finds her way to one of the Safans: the deer. Although male, this deer lacks antlers, which makes him quite easy to distinguish.] 'Scuse me!

Safan Deer: [He turns his head to face the voice.] Huh? Was that meant for me?

Slianna: Yep, it was. We arrived late to the scene, and I had a couple questions.

Safan Deer: I'll happily answer, Slianna! You and your friend must have been with the doctor, hm?

Rilia: The... doctor~?

Safan Deer: [He blinks, staring blankly at Rilia.] Wait a moment, I may have mistaken you for someone else... Have I? ...Your scent is different... Are you two the Eclipses?

Slianna: [Silently, she and Rilia glance at each other.] ... [Slianna returns her attention to the other Safan.] I think I might have more questions than I began with now.

Safan Deer: Sorry, I got carried away... I guess you're curious about the commotion. Only yesterday, a new "evil" showed itself in our homeland. I've heard it is an Darkness ten times as grim as the one we know.

Safan Rabbit: [The very same rabbit from the group.] 'Cha! I don't think it's as bad as Riot.

Safan Deer: Riot's just one person, Jatenn.

Jatenn: {His fur is jet black, save a select spot under his chin and hind legs. His head fur is quite spiky.} Nah man, that guy's got friends now.

Qita: {This is the name of the deer. Like mentioned above, he lacks antlers, and is fairly diminutive, as most of the Oath Safans tend to be. He has a very light brown fur coat, zig-zagging streaks of white running down his sides.} It only gets worse by the day...

Rilia: I'm sorry to hear all of this is happening. We'll play our part~.

Slianna: And I think that part starts with the Eclipses... Did you mention something about them?

Qita: Y-you... aren't them? But you look nigh exactly like Slianna. And you... [He faces Rilia.] Well, a rumor has passed that something interesting has happened to Ray, but...

Jatenn: Y'know, Qita's got a point. You look like her, but my nose is telling me a different story. I don't know the deal here, but you should look for the Eclipses at the torn down building on the eastern edge of the village. You can't miss it, unless you're looking for messed up houses. Uh...

Qita: What he's trying to say is this building looks a lot different from the others. It's metallic, with gizmos and gadgets the owner calls electronics. Hey, I can take you there!

Jatenn: 'Cha, you just don't wanna help us out with our problem...

Qita: [His mouth goes agape, as though he were offended.] That's not true at all! I'm going to go see if the Eclipses are busy!

Jatenn: Fine, fine! The more Safans we can enlist, the better. You heard Boris; he said we could even try to get those new girls to help.

Rilia: Who are those new girls~?

Qita: That's what I don't understand either. Isn't one of them Safiri?

Slianna: Safiri's here?! (Which Safiri... could this possibly be? Is it the one born on this world? Didn't I see her with Danielle...?)

Qita: We think so. We found her passed out in the middle of the village. Right where Boris was speaking to everyone. She's barely coherent. I haven't heard her say a word.

Rilia: That doesn't sound good at all. Is she hurt?

Jatenn: Dunno. Can't tell. She looks alright, but she seems kinda messed up, 'cha.

Slianna: Mmmgh... [Hanging her head low.] What about the other girl?

Qita: Even stranger. She's a very pretty pony of some sort. I've never seen anyone like her. She has this rainbow hair. Rainbow tail too.

Jatenn: She can fly. Really fast. We still don't know her name. 'Cha, we thought she could be from a far off tribe elsewhere, 'cause she's bothered to be here. Doesn't sound like she remembers anything either.

Slianna: Hmm, thank you for the info. We'll be on our way, and hopefully we can find a way to help you out.

Qita: Oh, that'd be marvelous if we really go and do this... [He gives Jatenn a nervous look...]

Jatenn: You bet we're doing this.

Qita: Guh, I figured... Well, we'll be seeing you two around.

Rilia: Take care~!

[They part, Slianna and Rilia searching for the broken, metallic building that had been described. They come to a floral section of town, untouched by the ravaging forces they still know little about. The floral area is a circular garden with a stone statue of a sphere in its center. This second statue is far more minuscule in size than the last statue, although a bit more interpretive. Within the garden, there is an adequate view of the first town.]

Slianna: Riri, can you see anything that looks like it's made of metal?

Rilia: [She gazes out at the village.] I could hardly recognize anyone, Slianna... Everything's so different. What if the look of metal is even different?!

Slianna: Heheh, well take these flowers for example. [She scans the garden.] I could name all of these flowers.

Rilia: ...I don't get it.

Slianna: If our Safa has the same flowers as this Safa, I'd think the metals look the same. Besides, the building looks a lot different than the others, right?

Rilia: But a lot of them are destroyed...

Slianna: Hmm, what about that place? [Nearly concealed by a dome-shaped hut is a facade of an observatory that has almost completely crumpled to the soil, most of the building's walls managing to stand while heavy sections of the roof have caved in.] Behind the small mud hut.

Rilia: Looks fishy. Wanna see what it's all about?

Slianna: I suppose! Let's go.

[As Slianna and Rilia leave the small, fairly pleasant garden of various floral artwork and colors, a figure who can easily be defined as illustrious, sets foot, or rather hoof, on the sphere statue. Her magenta gaze focuses on the two Safans as they move around the hut. Soon enough, her small, feathery wings lift her from the statue. Her destination is set...]

[Meanwhile, within Dr. Maiwell's laboratory.]

Riolu: [He leans against a support beam of the lab with his arms crossed and his eyes closed.] ...

Lavender: [She is sitting beside the bed, which is merely a small pile of soft straw, and watching over a suspicious, lethargic girl who looks shockingly like the Safiri of this world. This Safiri's eyes are open and her breathing is normal, however she is quite unmoving and silent.]

Daniel: [Of the Sync Darkness. He is awake and well now, his wound healed nearly one hundred percent. At the moment he is staring at a few of the doctor's gizmos, trying to understand their purpose.] ...?

Dr. Maiwell: [He returns to this "waiting room", his lab coat darkened with dirt and dust.] I say, my poor lab might be irreparable...

Lavender: [She faces the doctor.] Maiwell, did Slianna inform you how long she would be gone?

Dr. Maiwell: She should be back with supplies from the futuregrounds lab by this point. I wonder what is keeping her... I must say, I thank you all for being so patient.

Daniel: [He sighs with evident boredom.] I just wanna knock those fake Darkness dimwits into next week already! They are going to REGRET downing me at the Ancient Growth!

Lavender: Calm down, you'll get your chance to face them again.

Daniel: I can't believe I have to fight Darkness with a bunch'a Light-heads... What happened to our world?

Lavender: Well, you're welcome to go and challenge Xulfur on your own again.

Daniel: ... [He simply hangs his head low and growls at the name.] ...

Riolu: [His eyes open. He looks to the doorway.] Someone's coming...

[Each of the Safans shift their attention to the same doorway, seeing that these visitors are Slianna and Rilia... of the alternate Safa.]

Slianna: Riri, in here. [She easily slithers through the detritus near the doorway, noticing the others right away.] Oh... Maybe I should have said something before barging in.

Dr. Maiwell: [Notices the subtly unique features of this Slianna.] Is that you, Slianna?

Lavender: Wait a moment, that's not...!

Rilia: [Pokes her head through the doorway.] It's tight~! Ee--...!! [She spots a familiar light purple squirrel.] OH MY GOSH!!

Lavender: Ri!! [Stunned, albeit quick to respond, she helps her sister through the narrow, broken door, embracing her soon after.]

Rilia: [She grins wide and hugs her sister back.] Lav Lav Lav Lav Lav oooohhhhhhhh, you worried meeee!

Slianna: [Elated to see the two reunited, she joins them.] I wouldn't have expected you here, Lavender! [Notices Riolu nearby.] O-or you! Riolu! How'd you get here?

Riolu: [He smirks and shrugs.] I could ask you that as well, you know.

Slianna: We know how to cross over worlds now! Cruce's Crossblade can help us!

Daniel: ...Cruce...? What's going on? You're... who are you two?

Dr. Maiwell: I have never been so baffled and bewildered in my lifetime. I say. These two girls must be our friends from this other Safa I've heard so little about.]

Daniel: Slianna and the squirrel? That's them? [He shakes his head, squinting at Maiwell.] You sure? My head hurts...

Safiri?: [Lifts her head and watches the reunion take place.] ...Cross... Cross... blade... Cruce...

Rilia: [Peeking around Lavender at the mystifying "Safiri".] Who is she, Sis?

Lavender: I have reason to believe that this must be the Safiri of this world. We don't know what's wrong with her. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it's beyond difficult to understand her.

Slianna: (This is Safiri... But how? The other Safiri is an Ancient Fairy... I have lots of questions to list. Like how did Lavender and Riolu get here? If they're here, have they seen Nuvlora? Maybe Pachi too? That girl who the rabbit boy described can't possibly be Nuvlora...)

Daniel: I'm tellin' ya, this doesn't seem like Safiri. Not just 'cause she's a zombie right now, but my head sorta messes with me when the real Safiri is around. The Eclipse.

Riolu: You are a Shade... So how is it that an Eclipse resonates in your mind?

Daniel: How should I know? Eclipses are weird...

Slianna: ...Riolu, did you say Shade? Does that mean this fox is...

Riolu: He is the equivalent of the Ice Princess from your world, if my understanding is correct.

Lavender: Oh, he's much more thickheaded.

Daniel: Why I oughta--I'm not thickheaded! And I'm not a princess... [He huffs, facing away...]

Slianna: ...W-wait, why is he here?! Isn't he Darkness?!

Daniel: You bet I'm Darkness! Just 'cause we're working with the "good guys" [He speaks mockingly.] doesn't make us Light.

Rilia: Hehe, so I guess you're fighting Darkness while being Darkness~?

Daniel: ...Hmph... That Darkness is full of a bunch of dimwits. What doofus steals the Ecliptic energy of a whole planet?! Bunch'a dummies, that's who... If Naught's Advocate were here, he'd beat the living snot out of all of 'em!

Lavender: Charming.

Dr. Maiwell: I say... Daniel, is this Naught's Advocate person who I think it is?

Daniel: ...Who do you think it is?

Dr. Maiwell: That boy who Safiri likes? The one who calls himself a human.

Daniel: Ugh, close enough. Yeah, that's him.

Dr. Maiwell: What did happen to him?

Daniel: I didn't get the chance to tell anyone. And I'm not gonna. I don't wanna talk about it.

Dr. Maiwell: My goodness...

[The four from the alternate dimension huddle close.]

Lavender: [Speaking quietly.] Did you hear that?

Rilia: Boy who Safiri likes? Uh, yes! Sound familiar, Slianna?

Slianna: Abso-surely. But Naught's Advocate? That sounds bad.

Riolu: We have a lot to learn before we can presume that this realm's Cruce works on the side of Darkness. It just would not make any sense.

Lavender: Ho, Riolu~... We still have a lot to do before we can begin to assume anything. If we can reclaim the Ancient Growth when Rush and Amen return from their scouting mission, we must locate Nuvlora and Pachi.

Slianna: You're looking for them too? We were looking for you and the Eclipses. We're pretty lucky to have run into you here.

Rilia: Totally!

Lavender: Hm... Both parties are taking a little longer than I expected. Maybe they ran into trouble. That would concern me, considering Slianna and Rilia of this world are close by.

Rilia: I can't believe I'm gonna meet another me...

???: [From outside...] Hello?! Anybody home?!

Slianna: We have company. But I've never heard that voice...

Lavender: Shall we, Riolu? [She gives him a brief smile.]

Riolu: [Simply nods in return.] Be right back.

[Both Phaze Guardians leave the lab for a short amount of time...]


Lavender: [Standing by her fellow Guardian, inquiring at the appearance of this new character.] The flying pony. The villagers have been spreading rumors about you.

???: [Now in full view, she is a sky blue pony of origin that differs from Safa. Her short mane replicates the colors of a simple rainbow. The same can be said about her tail, which, just as well, is not very long. She bears the mark of a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt striking down.] I don't blame them. I don't have a clue where I am, but this place feels safer than that scary forest.

Riolu: You're lost, then? What is your name?

Rainbow Dash: I'm Rainbow Dash. My name is the only thing I can remember... A few people tried to ask me where I was from. I feel stupid because I can't even answer that...

Lavender: Just because you can't remember doesn't make you stupid. Come inside. We'll do what we can to help you get home, and maybe get your memory back.

Rainbow Dash: Thanks. If there's anything I can do to pay you back, let me know! I can handle lots.

Lavender: That is great to hear!

Slianna-S: [One might assumed she had somehow warped outside of the lab. An acute eye would be able to identify the distinctions of this Slianna. She is of this world.] Uh... 'Scuse us?

Rilia-S: [Struggling with a large package of unknown items. This Rilia can be distinguished by her dark brown fur and pigtails, while the other Slianna's hair is longer and straight, held down with a blue hairband. Her patterns are darker as well.] S-so... heavy... can we... please go inside? Arms... giving out... g-gosh...

Riolu: [He moves to assist Rilia with the package, holding it with no problem at all.]

Rilia-S: Thank you! Someone's a gentleman!

Riolu: Hmhm. [He gives her a smile.] You're welcome.

Slianna-S: Who is... she...? [Staring blankly at Rainbow Dash.] Is she that flying pony girl?

Rainbow Dash: Ummm... Yep! That would be me.

[With little time for introductions, they return to the dilapidated lab. Naturally, the first astonishment is shared with the Rilias and Sliannas as they watch each other with jaws and eyes wide.]

Rilia-S: ... [She just points at her "clone".]

Rilia-EC: [Points at the same time as her alternate other.]

Slianna-S: [Staring at the other Slianna.] Whaaaa?!

Slianna-EC: Great Growth! ...Slianna...?

Slianna-S: Yes...? Slianna?

Slianna-EC: [Nods...] Yes...

Dr. Maiwell: Oh dear...

Rainbow Dash: Wow. First I lose my memory, now I'm seeing double!

Daniel: [He lowers himself to the ground and covers his face with both paws.] I'm gonna be here all day...

To Be Continued...
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