He broke up with me yesterday. But strangely I didn't cry and I wasn't really sad. A part of me already new it was going to happen and I guess I was just waiting for the day to come, you know. What kinda pissed me off though was that it was his idea to get back together and then he wants to break up a few months later....come on now. There was technically no need if he wasn't going to own up to his words.

The down side to the breakup (in my opinion) is that now me and my friends can't double date or anything like that. I mean dont get me wrong..I'm not a jerk thats thinking "Aww man now who should I take" because I actually did like him, but now I just see break ups as another thing that I'll have to get over with in life.

Why ball your eyes out about someone when there's other things you can be doing like living your life or heyy~ here's a crazy idea: searching for that person who will stay in a relationship with you.

Hmmm~...maybe its a family curse haha probably....not.

On a completely different note I am having so much fun in P.E. with my friends. I can seriously feel the burn. And let me tell you... it HURTS. I even have a new rival. I did tried and succeded in beating the guys in push ups with a score of 41, but then suddenly this guy walks up to me and asks how much I did. I answer and he literally smirks and walks away....WTH xd

When he returns a while after I walk up to him and ask how many he did. He seriously laughed and told me "50"

I was so whelmed at that point. Well you know what Mister Record Breaker.

And thats all for todays rant.
Im A-okay and still living...but sore xP
I bid you all a do and a wave of the hand
Eins, Zwei, Drei *poof*