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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Cash Shop Items I Own (List)
~Cash Shop Items I Own~
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*Updated every time I buy 10+ items

Cash Shop

Abundant Garden
Albert the Ruffled Lemur
Albus Egg
Angelic Manner
Angus the Scottie Plushie
Anthem of Hope
Aoi Tribe
Archangel's Blade
Astra-10: Rolling Rainstorm
Astra-14: Sakura Breeze
Astra-15: Cruising Cumulus
Astra-30: Sugar Cookie Delight
Astra-35: Inconstant Mask
Astra-43: Origami Dream
Astra-44: Crimson Faetek Wings
Astra-51: Acid Arachnaweb Wings
Astra-55: Autumn Leaf Wings
Astra-70: Bloodstain
Astra-74: Bats and Pumkins Sprinkles
Astra-75: Falling Candy Corn
Autumn the Steed
Autumn Wings
Azrael's Shadowgear
Bahn Hammur
Ballad Punk
Bavarian Delights
Bel Gondoliere
Bento Bunny
Berry Mousse Royale
Birthday Cupcake
Birthstone Anklets - Mar
Birthstone Anklets - May
Birthstone Anklets - July
Birthstone Anklets - Nov
Birthstone Anklets - Dec
Birthstone Cape - Jan
Birthstone Cape - Feb
Birthstone Cape - Mar
Birthstone Cape - Apr
Birthstone Cape - May
Birthstone Cape - June
Birthstone Cape - July
Birthstone Cape - Aug
Birthstone Cape - Sept
Birthstone Cape - Oct
Birthstone Cape - Nov
Birthstone Cape - Dec
Birthstone Crown - Jan
Birthstone Crown - Feb
Birthstone Crown - Mar
Birthstone Crown - Apr
Birthstone Crown - May
Birthstone Crown - June
Birthstone Crown - July
Birthstone Crown - August
Birthstone Crown - Sept
Birthstone Crown - Oct
Birthstone Crown - Nov
Birthstone Crown - Dec
Birthstone Necklace - Feb
Birthstone Necklace - July
Birthstone Sash - Jan
Birthstone Sash - May
Bitter Black
Black Heavenly Unmentionables
Blight The Undead
Blood Rebel's Anarchy
Blue Belle
Blue Heavenly Unmentionables
Blue Mylar Birthday Balloon
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Blushing Bride's Embroidered Bodice
Briar's Shot
Brown Bunny Hoodie
Bullet the Puppy
Bun-Bun Plushie
Bunny Hoodie
Butterfly's Stage Rapier
Canadian Bacon
Carl's Crew
Chanho the Tiger Plushie
Charcoal Gray Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield
Chase The Painted Bandit
Cheery Cardinal
Chicky Hoodie
Chocolate Cherry Clafouti
Christian Siriano's Cream Ruffled Hoodie
Christian Siriano's Pinestripe Trousers
Christian Siriano's Pink and Black Dress
Christian Siriano's Pink Flow Dress
Churro the Donkey
Cinza the Sloth
Coco Kitty Mylar Birthday Balloon
Cockatiel Cub
Comet Breaker
Copper Belle
Cozy Holiday Tree
Crescent Cowl
Crimson Promise
Crimson Valor
Csilla the Wing Sorceress
Cupid's Crown
Dashing Gentleman Amethyst Sash
Dashing Gentleman Amethyst Tie
Dashing Gentleman Amethyst Vest
Dashing Gentleman Aquamarine Sash
Dashing Gentleman Aquamarine Tie
Dashing Gentleman Aquamarine Vest
Dashing Gentleman Blue Tuxedo Trousers
Dashing Gentleman Brown Shoes
Dashing Gentleman Brown Tuxedo Trousers
Dashing Gentleman Classic Dress Shirt
Dashing Gentleman Diamond Sash
Dashing Gentleman Diamond Tie
Dashing Gentleman Diamond Vest
Dashing Gentleman Dickey Dress Shirt
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Sash
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Tie
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Vest
Dashing Gentleman Forest Shoes
Dashing Gentleman Gold and Black Cane
Dashing Gentleman Gold and Oak Cane
Dashing Gentleman Marble Tuxedo Trousers
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Sash
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Shoes
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tie
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tuxedo Trousers
Dashing Gentleman Onyx Vest
Dashing Gentleman Pink Tourmaline Sash
Dashing Gentleman Pink Tourmaline Vest
Dashing Gentleman Pristine White Gloves
Dashing Gentleman Ruby Sash
Dashing Gentleman Ruby Tie
Dashing Gentleman Ruby Vest
Dashing Gentleman Sapphire Sash
Dashing Gentleman Sapphire Tie
Dashing Gentleman Sapphire Vest
Dashing Gentleman Sardonyx Sash
Dashing Gentleman Sardonyx Vest
Dashing Gentleman Silver and Black Cane
Dashing Gentleman Silver and Oak Cane
Dashing Gentleman Slate Shoes
Dashing Gentleman Topaz Sash
Dashing Gentleman Topaz Tie
Dashing Gentleman Topaz Vest
Dashing Gentleman's Blue Tail Coat
Dashing Gentleman's Brown Tail Coat
Dashing Gentleman's Forest Tail Coat
Dashing Gentleman's Marble Tail Coat
Dashing Gentleman's Onyx Tail Coat
Death Roach
Deluxe Witch's Cauldron
Demonic Style
Deranged Surgeon
Deus Persona
Devoted Pawn
Diedrich's Crew
Dimmet Legionaire
Dread Ocean
Doctor Killshye
Dwarven Locks
Edmund's Crew
Egan the Fire Griffin
Election 2008 Donkey Plushie
Election 2008 Elephant Plushie
Electric Gun-tar
Emblem of Kannon
Enchanted Meadows
Energy Sword
Errant Green Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield
Exalted Rook
Faded Gold Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield
Fae Adornment
Fall Artist
Fallen Groom
Fall of the Morning Star
Familiars of Demonic Affection
Fanged Regalia
Fate's Artillery
Faunzy's Flute
Fay Cervidae
Fergus The Scottish Terrior
Fierce Loathing Style
Foot Soldier's Blade
Forlorn Wordsmith
Freki the Red Wolf
Frosted Affection
Gaia Gaia Party Time!
Gambino's Platinum Treasures
Geist the Spitz
Geist's Spirit
Geronimo High Uniform Blazer
Geronimo High Uniform Loafers
Geronimo High Uniform Scarf
Geronimo High Uniform Skirt
Geronimo High Uniform Trousers
Geronimo High Uniform Vest
Ghoul's Acre
Giant Green Eggshell
Giant White Eggshell
Glittering Carouser
Golden Dragon
Golden Wings
Gore Red Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield
Grace of Anteros
Grace of Aphrodite
Grace of Eros
Green Abominable Scarf
Green Heartstring
Grunny Mylar Birthday Balloon
Guang The Golden Qilin
Gift Box: Black
Gift Box: Green
Gift Box: Silver
Gilded Aviary
Hallowed Gentleman
Hanzo the Moga
Hannya Mask
Heartless One
Heavenly Awesome
Heimdal the Ram
Henri the Poodle
Her Infernal Majesty
Hermann The Frog
Herr Schwartz
High Tea
Holiday Cardinal
Hops the Goat
Hunter's Companion
Immaculate Bishop
Imperial Queen
Infernal Seduction
Ironcrusher Armor
Kappa Plush
Kaloh The Valu
Kiipah the Seafoam Dragon
Kiken Rider
KiKi Kitty Mylar Birthday Balloon
Kindle The Sprite
King of Life
King Tootie-Kamen the Chihuahua
Kinzie the Scottie Plushie
Kiwi Chocolate Creme
Knight Patrol
Kotengu Mask
Kottan Bell Reunion
Laraha Sea
Latrans Trickster
Leporine Warrior
Limit Breaker
Little Princeling
Long-Stem Black Rose
Long-Stem Blue Rose
Long-Stem Gilded Rose
Long-Stem Pink Rose
Long-Stem Red Rose
Long-Stem White Rose
Long-Stem Yellow Rose
Louie's Crew
Lovebird Plush
Lover's Anarchy
Loving Manner
Loyal Jay
Lucky Horseshoe
Luminous Pangea
Lunar Celebration
Mackintosh the Scottie Plushie
Magical Girl's Black Uniform
Magical Girl's Blue Uniform
Magical Girl's Green Uniform
Magical Girl's Pink Uniform
Magical Girl's Purple Uniform
Magical Girl's Yellow Uniform
Majestic King
Malice Punk
Malicious Vizier
Mari the Djinnh
Mark of Courage
Marquis Laurent
Mathematical Knight
Maximilian the Snow Dog
Merle The Pelican
Midnight Reprisal
Minister's Stole
Moana the Azure Porpoise
Moga Huey
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Blazer
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Loafers
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Scarf
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Shirt
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Skirt
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Trousers
Momohiro Chugakko Uniform Vest
Mono the skunk plushie
Mood Bubble: Angry Vein
Mood Bubble: Banana
Mood Bubble: Black Sleepy Piggy
Mood Bubble: Blueberry Pie
Mood Bubble: Boy
Mood Bubble: Broken Heart
Mood Bubble: Cactus
Mood Bubble: Cakey
Mood Bubble: Chocolate Cream
Mood Bubble: Dango
Mood Bubble: Deadly
Mood Bubble: Disapprove
Mood Bubble: Dizzy
Mood Bubble: Dumpling
Mood Bubble: Flame
Mood Bubble: Frusterated
Mood Bubble: Gaia Cash
Mood Bubble: Gaia Gold
Mood Bubble: Gaia Wing
Mood Bubble: Gear
Mood Bubble: Girl
Mood Bubble: Golden Star
Mood Bubble: I Have One
Mood Bubble: Little Yellow Robot
Mood Bubble: Love Letter
Mood Bubble: Loving Heart
Mood Bubble: Lucky
Mood Bubble: Match Stick
Mood Bubble: Mocha Ice
Mood Bubble: Mod
Mood Bubble: Music Note
Mood Bubble: Nuclear
Mood Bubble: Olive
Mood Bubble: Onigiri
Mood Bubble: Pineapple
Mood Bubble: Pizza
Mood Bubble: Question Mark
Mood Bubble: Rainbow Feels
Mood Bubble: Recycle
Mood Bubble: Red Rose
Mood Bubble: Screw
Mood Bubble: Spoons
Mood Bubble: Sweatdrop
Mood Bubble: Sunny
Mood Bubble: Taiyaki
Mood Bubble: Tea Cup
Moon's Watcher
Mr. Emotion
Mr. Raccoon
My Friend Cupid
My Hunter Duo (Zeppelin & Ammo)
My Little Overseer
Nightwalker's Reprisal
Nodlomu The Dinosaur
Norseman's Expedition
O Righteous One
One Hit Marksman
Opening Act
Ophidian Harmony
Orangecicle Octopus
Otafuku Mask
Pale Bebe
Panda Plushie
Paper Party Hat
Patches the Pup
Peaceful Ruins
Pearl and Amethyst Earrings
Pearl and Amethyst Necklace
Pearl and Citrine Earrings
Pearl and Citrine Necklace
Pearl and Cymophane Earrings
Pearl and Cymophane Necklace
Pearl and Emerald Earrings
Pearl and Onyx Earrings
Pearl and Onyx Necklace
Pearl and Pink Tourmaline Earrings
Pearl and Pink Tourmaline Necklace
Pearl and Ruby Earrings
Pearl and Ruby Necklace
Pearl and Saphire Earrings
Pearl and Saphire Necklace
Phalaenopsis Bouquet
Pierrot Piccolo
Piggy Plush
Pink Heart Chocolate Cake
Pink Heartstring
Pink Mylar Birthday Balloon
Pink Sweetheart Teddy
Pizarro's Armaments
Plastic Lunchbox
Ponzu The Panda
Postal Pigeons
Powdy Pengy
Prince Cardinalis
Prince with a Wavered Heart
Princess Manner
Puppy Love Plushie
Purple Abominable Scarf
Qudis the Squid
Rabbot Brigade
Raijin's Rage
Rakugaki Style
Red Flame Bike
Regal Blue Foot Soldier's Rounder Shield
Reindeer Slippers
Retro Runway
Rich Copper Voluptuous Wrap Dress
Rolling Referee
Rose Bebe
Rufescent Cervidae
Runcible Spoon Renewal
Rural Sheriff
RuRu Kitty Plushie
Sacred Guardian
Sam's Crew
Science Camp Tesla Coil
Shade The Baby Dragon
Shilay-Lee the Pooka
Sienna Bebe
Sienna Pescal l'artiste
Sky Bebe
Skyward Mechanic
Smashing Cities
Space Pirate
Sparky the Terrier
Speedy Jackalope
St. Baldur's School Uniform Blazer
St. Baldur's School Uniform Loafers
St. Baldur's School Uniform Scarf
St. Baldur's School Uniform Shirt
St. Baldur's School Uniform Skirt
St. Baldur's School Uniform Trousers
St. Baldur's School Uniform Vest
Stitches The Grick
Sublime Madamoiselle
Sumi Tribe
Summer Groom
Sunset Harvest
Sushi Master
Swanky Gent
Sweetheart Sweeper
Tamed Twister
Tamer of Blue Flames
Tangy Citrus Deluxe
Team Durem Uniform
Teenie the Brownie
Tengu Mask
Tenshi Gaia-Tan
Thank You Gift
The Golden Chuuchilla
The Gravedigger
Thor's Passion
Thief of Hearts
Timid Gruidae
Toro Bravo
Tory of the Glen
Traveler's Saga
Triscuit the Cockatiel
Twisting Dusk
Two Turtle Doves
Unlikely Hero
Unorthodox Experiment
Unseelie Chaos
Unwritten Story
Ursa Major
Valiant Knight
Vampire Sound
Vengeful Jackalope
Verdant Jungle Voluptuous Wrap Dress
Vorpal King
Water Meat Set
Wayward Trailblazer
Wed to Darkness
Wedding Doves and Ribbons
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Blazer
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Loafers
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Scarf
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Shirt
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Skirt
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Vest
White Bunny Hoodie
Wild Armor
William the Playwright
William's Stage Rapier
Winter Groom
Wolfgang Duck
Xiao Tu Zi the Rabbit
Xin the Lucky Dragon
Year of the Dog
Year of the Monkey
Year of the Pig
Year of the Sheep
Year of the Rat
Year of the Rooster
Year of the Snake
Year of the Tiger
Yin & Yang Sprites
Yinlong Warrior
Yuki the Snow Monkey

FoxDemonAreiku V2
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FoxDemonAreiku V2
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