Well I tried to swim with my old swim team today, and as easy as it was/should have been, I am so tired right now.

Work Out: 1x200 choice kick, 1x200 free pull, 1x200 I.M., 8x50 choice down and free back, then it was 2x25 fly, 2x50 back, 2x75 breast, 2x100 free. It was a pyramid, and we did the same thing but reverse so 2x25 free, 2x50 breast and a pyramid of that. Then there was a 1x200 pull and then a 50 cool down but the first 25 was no breath plus flip and 2 strokes of no breathing but that was easy stuff.

Boring day, but not bad. Woke up 7:33, laid around, waited for Kai to pick me up. Go over to his house, chill till class, went to class where i ended up reading some and being tired and kinda falling asleep. Then home to chill and kinda sleep till swim. Oh yeah! Got a roo cup and mixed icee and pepsi, I like it but i drink it fast. Then swim. There was only one kid in my group so I moved her up, another kid* came and he went down a group and then I helped with six and unders. Then my practice and then you know how that went. Then back to Kai's to chill and dinner (eggs in a basket and scrambled egg) and then watched Kai play Fall Out three some, rested some and I was driven home and here I am after checking facebook and email. =D

*This kid is not hte best. He does not listen to me EVER. Luckily he was moved and he does better so yeah =D

Anyways, not blogging today really for the fun of it or it being awhile. Maybe the effect of me being tired therefore I am grumpy but (-_-) at Kai. Meh! Yeah yeah, he needs social interaction and talking to people but so do I but maybe I don't need it as much or I do. Because I got very -_- when he was liike, I only have 5 people I talk to in real life. Yeah, I have a couple people plus swim, but I don't really talk to them. We aren't close and it's kinda whatevers. We're friendly but past swimming, there isn't much else and it's like -_- I like talking to people, like other people too. =/ It's very >_> when I can't even talk to my best friend anymore. Yeah yeah, unlike Kai, in my opinion, I don't have many people I can talk to about much. Most of them is kinda small talk and I can't go in depth for anything. Meh, whatever, I guess I'll go to bed now.

Also, I wonder who all reads these still... or the number of views just randomly goes up to make me feel better... well I guess whatever is fine because I guess it is nice someone is kinda "listening" ...or not, but I would like to think someone is... unless they're just that bored... in which I hope you didn't feel like you've wasted time on this blog Dx