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TOP SECRET! Naw not really hm just day to day things, what ive done, what ive been thru, what ive gottend myself into, etc.

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i ******** hate the bitches and idiots i live with <3 they need to die horrid deaths and they are lucky i am calm and patient. that 13 year old special needs b***h think that she is supreme ruler and everyone is below her because her idiot mother always buys her what she wants and gives her the special treatment, and spoils her because she is special need. no b***h she is just a stupid pointless waste of space. and the mother, what the actual ********!? she does not let me sleep with my fone in my room because "i am being obsessive". no ********, i have had my fone beside me every night because it was my alarm clock until i moved into this hellhole, and also i am atheist, quit pushing your fairytale religion on me. really, christians are like druggies. "it will change you for the better, you will not want to go back to the way you were before" actually they pressure people more than any addict i have met. i have argued with them about this many times. "why do i have to go to your church when i am atheist, and i will not change?" "because you live under our roof" "how come amy, a christian, gets to sleep thru church while i, an atheist, have to go" "because she is an adult" "well hay, so am i!" "but she works at night" " so? it is HER religion, not mine." "christianity is NOT a religion and do not EVER say that around me again because in the bible it sayes that god loathes religion" (is he threatening me?) "if it is not religion, then what is it?" (no response). yea, thought so. really, the bible is just something a bunch of people with insane ideas morphed together. half of what is in that "book" is actually and physically impossible. another thing that pisses me off is their whiny bitchy spoiled opinionated children that do not kno have the s**t they inturrupt of try to put themselves into and yet argue with me, a logical 18 year old when they are 13, 11, and 7, and if the 2 year old could, he would.they are lucky they are not my children, they would be well behaved because i would beat them daily. maybe hourly, cause "god knos" they need it. i was secretly happy when my uncle beat the 7 year old for somehow, yet again, hurting the baby. i was overjoyed, but i kept it inside and hid my smile well. this is how much i despise the trash i live with. also the way they talk. if you ever watched Of Mice And Men, that is how these uneducated idiots talk. and to think my grandmother was an english teacher, HOW!?
and the 11 year old STUDDERS!!! that is my biggest pet peeve in the world and i have to live with it! but not for long, how did i survive a year here?? i am leaving asap! ... well i am sure you are tired of me so i shall be done now, i hope you enjoyed yourself, there shall be more to come i am sure!

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