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Sailor Cronus Scout Guide
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Writing Sailor Cronus 30 Questions
Sailor Cronus 30 Questions

(This is a revised version of the 30 questions for Sailor Moon in the entry preceding this one. It is modified to emulate a person asking me about my personal writing habits while working on my Sailor Cronus manga. This is simply an exercise in critical thinking on my part, and a form of motivation to continue my work in the series. Some questions have remained unanswered, mostly because I'm still too early into the series right now to know them fully, but also in case of revealing spoilers. If anyone has any REAL questions to ask, please, please, by all means post them here, on my profile, or in a PM, and I will add your question to a future entry like this one.)

1. How many chapters have you written for the manga?
- So far, I've written the first chapter more times than I care to count, but I've "completed" 2 and a half. I have about 6 chapters outlined and 32 chapters planned so far, not counting specials.

2. Which character has gone through the most changes while writing?
- As far as physical design, Sailor Cronus has gone through a lot, but the award goes to Sailor Hyperion. I modeled all the characters after real people, so I wanted them to look like them. But I also wanted them to look original, not like the canon characters. Unfortunately, every time I drew Castina, she came out looking like another Senshi. It took some time to get a good design for her.

Personality-wise, my characters haven't really changed. Except that Chyroptera gradually became a better and better character as I worked on her.

3. Which character has changed the least?
- Sailor Poseidon. I had a good handle on her from the start.

4. How did you feel the first time you attempted to write the manga?
- Exhilarated. I just couldn't wait to show it to my friends. I still feel that way when I work on it.

5. A lot of people like the older version of the manga. Why are you changing it?
- I'm glad people like it. But there were story problems with the old ones, even though no one has noticed yet. The older ones also lacked character development. Anyway, once the new ones are up, they will be much better than before, and if my readers liked the old ones, they'll love the new ones.

6. Where do you keep your Sailor Cronus manga?
- I have a lock box for all my art supplies, and it goes in there.

7. Which volume is your favorite?
- Hard to say yet. When Chyroptera's story gets into full swing, that will be around volumes 2 and 3. Plus, I can't wait for the stories in the second arc, which go in-depth about the formation of all the crystals.

8. Do you allow other people to borrow your Sailor Cronus comics?
- Not many, because I'm redrawing and posting them online. But when I do let people borrow them, they have to be where I can see them.

9. How long does it take you to write a volume?
- Well, it's been about ten years already...

10. How long will it take for you to write the whole story?
- Hard to say at this point. I'm only at volume 1...

11. How long have you stayed up writing Sailor Cronus?
- I can be pretty dogged about it, so I've been up all hours of the night working on it before. I try not to overdo it, though.

12. Why has it taken so long to get them done?
- The very first version of chapter one of Sailor Cronus was awful. It was aimless, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. So I tried to focus harder on making the story work. Over time though, I let it slip away. Because I am pursuing a career in manga, I somehow thought it would be “wrong” to continue working on a story that will never legally, truly, be my own. I turned to Sailor Cronus when I felt like I needed more practice, but in a sense, I made the story and art worse for a while. Eventually I realized I was hurting my talent by NOT working on it.

I also had motivation problems. I’ve been working on remaking my older chapters since 2009, shortly after joining Gaia. So many people wanted to see my work with Sailor Cronus after I made her as an avi, and I have been working on it ever since. It’s still a long process because I am also working on my original art and stories as well. It’s hard to give an equal spotlight to each of my projects. It’s a bad habit I suppose, and I’m working to get past this.

13. Which story arc is your favorite and why?
- I only really have two arcs, not counting specials. So far, the first one. My heart lies with Chyroptera. ^_^

14. Least favorite story arc?
- By default, whatever hasn't been written. -.-

15. Secondary character you wish had a bigger role.
- Sammi and Erica. A lot of my real life friends couldn't make it into bigger roles, or the stories would have been terribly clogged. Also, Chyroptera’s husband.

16. What is the most interesting fact about Sailor Cronus?
- The history of all the crystals, how they were made, where they come from, etc. I've been burning up with anticipation to get this all down in manga form.

17. What is the most shocking thing about Sailor Cronus?
- Spoilers. Can't answer. XP

18. What is one thing you will never understand about the story?
- o.0 ?

19. Which attack did you like the best?
- I don't want to spoil it. Oh, I do like Mini Cronus's candy-based attacks. They're cute, but they're ever so useful!

20. Which attack did you like the least?
- Back when I first started writing the manga, Sailor Calypso actually had a cloned Silence Scythe and gave it to Sailor Cronus, and they used all the attacks Sailor Saturn had. Stupid. Lame. Unoriginal.

21. Favorite chapter?
- I'm getting excited over "Kitti's Tragic Love." I just love the amount of detail I was able to come up with for this story right from the start.

22. Least favorite chapter?
- If I don't write any bad ones, I'll never have to worry. xP

23. Funniest moment?
- That already exists? Kitti's realization that she's talking to a cat when she first meets Helene. To come? I'm planning a Halloween special where Kitti dresses up as Sailor Cronus because she's lazy. The entire chapter is funny.

24. Scariest moment?
- It occurs near the end of the series, and I will not spoil it.

25. Favorite side story?
- "Kitti's Tragic Love", or the Halloween chapter.

26. Any part of the manga you wish made into the anime?
- All of it. XP Okay, I'd love to see "Kitti's Tragic Love" or an entirely original movie installment.

27. What if Naoko Takeuchi reads your manga?
- Um. Well, I hope she’ll enjoy it. ^^;

28. Any part of the manga you wish you had a wall scroll of?
- Anything with Chyroptera. I have a large project planned with Midnight Raven dancing with Phyllosto, and Chyroptera and the other daughters are pictured in vertical panels alongside them. Also, probably a good romantic Raven x Kitti scene. Oh, and the cover to Kitti's Tragic Love.

29. Best outfit ever.
- It's in Kitti's Tragic Love. One of the outfits she'll never wear again because they're so expensive.

30. Best romantic scene.
- Undecided yet.

31. Most powerful line.
- Not spoiling that one, either. I already have it planned, though. Here's a hint: It will be spoken by Helene.

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Wed Jun 13, 2012 @ 09:43pm

When you are done with your work I would be more than happy to post in on the thread. heart I love your answers.

If you haven't stopped by:
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Well I totally blame King Endymion! Don't let King Endymion control your life come join us right now!
TS Sailor Cronus
Community Member

Fri Jun 22, 2012 @ 12:49am

Thanks, MissDark. I'll do my best to finish my work. ^_^

Lol, never seen that before: my own journal wants me to fill a recaptcha before I comment. XD

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