Well summer has been going pretty nicely, aside from being so busy.

Just trying to work out as much as I can, spend time with the bf, work and coach... eventually school will come back into the picture this summer..

Taking grandma to therapy tomorrow: leaving around 6:00 to gville, to drop off brother's stuff, donate blood, take gma to the therapist, dropping her off, drive back, hang with bf, work, coach, work, home, gym. Fun day =)

I guess life has been starting to throw obstacles in my way but slowly and trying to work my way over them =)

Erm, boyfriend good. Family good. Dog good. Team good. =)

Well, aside from the part where the dog got into a bunch of chocolate chips and threw up everywhere and she was just *laying on her side* all bloated and idle for at least six hours.. but she's better now!

Welp, apparently not allowed to have friends nor communicate with other people, especially Daniel and Courtnie. That's fun. I have no friends anymore and it's =/ but I'm sure I'll eventually get over it and I guess make more acquaintances. =)

Oh yeah, last thing to put on here, cousin? Rude. The one that married that white guy, Chi Uyen. Dad told her about swim team and she asked about the website and I told her my team's and she was all like "I don't want to join your~ swim team." I felt very upset and disrespected. My team is awesome, thank you very much. You could have easily asked for other teams or other teams in the area or if there was a site where she could look at all the other teams but geez... wtf