"We will not give on the real Metal music that's been around sins.
You will not win the battle of 2012 Metal music sins throughtout the years.
Pantera is better than your Bring Me The Horizon and Suicide Silence.
They are nothing and they are spitting on our Dimebag Darrels grave.
Slash and alot of them out there even my hero Joan Jett, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is out there.
I do wanna live in Colorado to be near Hollywood for the real matter because Steven Tylar and all them are there.
They are the real music not this BMTH, SS, Canibal Corpse shyt.
Seriously get over yourselves if you live them.
Mitch even pushed a girl who dressed as if she was a big fan of Aerosmith hippie style.
Yes she is a fan and I'm with her.
Mitch can DROP DEAD himself with Oli Sykes.
They are friends who think they are better than the music back then.
The women will not take this.
Making fun of the dark side also like The Cure.
Get over your selves and listen to Aerosmith, Mayhem, Gun & Roses, and though's type of bands.
Normay, Finland and surroundings are like us back then they created best Metal music.
No one never heard of The Gathering.
This band made me smile just like me hearing Mortal Love.
Because they are talking about good religion.
Mayhem was bad Religion but that's the whole thing about Metal is that we wouldn't of had this type of music if were the things that made us.
Marilyn Manson is the same way as Metal and Nine Inch Nails with Jack Off Jill.
All them made the greatest music and the music today just sucks.
Lady Gaga is with the old side of music and Ke$ha also understand.

Madonna is fake. Twilight love isn't real. Kristen is a Satanist. Country Love is a killer to Kurt Cobain. Rob Pattinson hates the US and loves the Queen. Natalie Portman support Hilter.;;; anyone else who hates us goes on here.