Naruto RPC

Age: 20
Hight: 6ft
Hair: brown
Eyes: Green
Powers: Basic Ninjutsu. Specialization in dark matter jutsu. This allows Jako to teleport and to create matter disrupting attacks in the for of dark purple energy/chakra. Teleportation, Disruptor blades, and teleporting other things in his surrounding are his favorite moves. Rift shatter is his ultimate jutsu, teleporting the enemy to pieces.
Summoning: Jako's family has a blood pact with the falcon's. Mokin, his summoned falcon, can fuze with Jako, upping his power and changing his physical form. He is also great for scouting.
Physical Powers: Jako is an expert knife fighter and uses his family's blade in combat. Jako wears his head band on his sheath as a symbol of his desire to protect his comrades. Basic Tijutsu.
Bio: Jako was raised in the forest near the hidden leaf until he was sent to the academy for final testing at age 14. This was not his choice because he was in the graduating class with younger kids (narutos age group). This was because his family taught his there secret dark matter jutsu and sent him to school for basics late. Now with his class 16 to 17 and Jako 20, he is the oldest of that generation. This has made him humble, despite his wise cracking nature. He stays in the chunin position until he desires to move up.