Bleach RPC

Age: 23
Zanpakuto: Tsuraiai
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Hight: 6ft 1in
Bio.: After given a black Damascus still sword for his birthday, Jako, who has been haunted all his life, is finally confronted by the spirit in hollow form. It is after the spirit of a small girl. He attack's, thinking the girl is human, using the sword he was given. The blade connects and the connection opens an opportunity. The spirit contacts him. It is a chimera like female spirit of balance. Overcome by chaos it became a hollow. It asks to be reborn in Jako, sensing the purity of his soul. She will grant him power in return. Jako agrees and the spirit flows into him. It is reborn instantly and his sword is transformed into his zanpakuto. The spirit calls herself, Tsuriai. This is all noticed by a soul reaper who sends the little girl to the soul society and approaches Jako. It is then Jako starts his duel life in the real world and working his way into squad 8 in the soul society.