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30 day Sailor Moon challenge pt 2

1. How many times have you read the manga?
2. Which version of the manga do you have?
3. Do/did you buy, rent, or download the manga?
4. How did you feel the fist time you read the manga?
5. Are you rebuying the newer editions?
6. Where do you keep your Sailor Moon manga?
7. Which volume is your favorite?
8. Do yopu allow other people to borrow your Sailor Moon comics?
9. How long does it take you to read a volume?
10. How long does it take for you to read the whole story?
11. How long have you stayed up reading Sailor Moon?
12. Did you get in trouble for it?
13. Which story arch is your favorite and why?
14. Least favorite story arch?
15. Secondary character you wish had a bigger role.
16. What is the most interesting fact you learned from reading Sailor Moon?
17. What is the most shocking thing you learned?
18. What is one thing you will never understand about story?
19. Which attack did you like the best?
20. Which attack did you like the least?
21. Favorite chapter?
22. Least favorite chapter?
23. Funniest moment?
24. Scariest moment?
25. Favorite side story?
26. Any part of the manga you wish made into the anime?
27. Any part of the manga you wish made into the musical?
28. Any part of the manga you wish you had a wall scroll of?
29. Best outfit ever.
30. Best romantic scene.
31. Most powerful line.

So, my answers:

1. I don't remember. Lots.
2. A few. I have volumes 1, 2, and 6 of the older prints, and Sailor V 1 and 2, and Sailor Moon 1-3 of the reprints.
3. Yes, I have downloaded the complete collection. It is much better to have a hard copy, though. 3nodding The downloads were temporary, just for research until the reprints came out.
4. I was at a friend's house overnight, and she had the individual issues, starting at Sailor Venus's first appearance in the team. I was so excited, because I had never read Sailor Moon manga before. I can't compare it to its anime counterpart because I still haven't seen it.
5. Yup.
6. On my bookshelf, safely sandwiched in all my manga, unless I pull the entire stack out to use for art references. ^_^
7. 8-10 of the older manga (Sailor Saturn's first appearance). Don't know where it lies in the reprints, lol.
8. Only while I'm watching them. 0_0
9. Pretty quick. I don't know. I know after I downloaded them, I read about 7 in one day, not sleeping until 4 or 5 AM. ^^; That's not exactly typical of me, but it happens. ^^;
10. Depends on how many volumes are available to me. Back when I first read them, I borrowed them from a friend. It took quite some time to switch out all the volumes until completion. The downloads: Within 2 days when I'm dedicated.
11. As per # 9.
12. No. Not only was I an adult at the time, but nobody noticed anyway. XP
13. As per # 7. Hotaru is MY girl. She is MINE. xP
14. Stars, I guess, or Super S. I wasn't too fond of Mamoru's Golden Crystal, simply because he was made unoriginal among the Senshi that way. It was better when he could feel the earth and learn stuff and that was it. He didn't need a crystal. To me, it sort of implied that Sailor Moon wasn't allowed to pair up with someone who didn't have "Senshi" powers. xP But I liked the rest of the story. Also, Stars wasn't bad at all, I just don't have a "favorite" slot for it.
15. Secondary, as in, not a Senshi? Uh. Well, "Molly" and "Melvin" kept disappearing, as well as a Usagi's family. Not that I like Melvin. Or that Molly or Bunny's family particularly NEEDED a bigger roles. I just like consistency.