Az Yet

I'm really, really happy.
My heart is racing at the thought of being next to you again, Luis.
I love being with you, I can't believe we're living together this summer.

I got 2 jobs on Monday!
GAP & Food Lion.
My interview at Polo didn't go well, but the girl that interviewed me was a total b*tch so Luis's momma wants me to go talk to Richie since he not only adores her, but pretty much was eating out of the palm of my hand when I was talking to him.

Sighh, I could really use the job at polo versus gap, its a whole dollar extra an hour to do even less work.

8.75 at Food Lion isn't bad at all though, so I'm excited to start tomorrow.

I can't wait for the day I'm finally Luis's wife.
We go together so well, its beautiful.