Background information on Ferron has been recovered and cleared. Completely accurate, information received from reliable informant. Public files have been scrubbed. Evidence of training nonexistant.

Creation of background file solely for personal use.

I am concerned that Ferron may not detach herself without the use of extensive files on her false identities. The true background file is created to maintain distance.

Leisaim, when you read this, understand that I have not invaded your privacy as it is my absolute right to know every single thing about you. I am the one person in this universe that should know your inner workings.

Leisaim Euril Ferron
Aged 22
Biological: Nianesth Ferron. Missing in action. Aisidne Ferron. Missing in action. Possible liabilities. Unable to form conclusive opinion.
Surrogate: Anna Carlile. Benign. Christopher Carlile. Benign.
Other: Krias Ferron. Brother. Aged 29. Benign.

Moved often, rarely stayed in one place for more than a year. Not attached to any one place. Settled in Rowan on-base, would not move again. Leisaim attended Young Cadets camp for two years, began to attend on-base school and tutoring. Agents Nianesth and Aisidne left for deep cover mission. Details not available, higher authorities involved. Communication dropped suddenly. Inquiry launched, no conclusive results. Reported as MIA. Leisaim assigned to foster parents in the military, Cpt. Christopher Carlile and Senior Petty Officer Anna Carlile. Krias left to attend engineering school. Contact between siblings sparse. Letters monitored. No signs suggesting they know the location of their biological parents.

Leisaim continued on-base education. Became highly proficient in military tactics and gathering information. Upon graduation I requested Leisaim as a student. Request granted. Training began immediately. Leisaim was 18.

Details of training not included as a safety measure. Travelling was done discreetly, evidence of our stay destroyed before leaving.

Correction. One piece of evidence remains in my possession.

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I normally frown upon sentimental gestures, but considering the things that have transpired between us, I hope you will forgive my lapse in judgement. This picture is the only one of you that I own. The only personal one, I mean. I have many photos of you. None are as precious to me as this one. Don't worry, it has no copies. I would not jeopardize you.

Perhaps you remember this night, though it would be best if you didn't. It is the one time I gave into the urge to take a photo of you. The city was bright, the alcohol was strong, It was your 21st birthday and we spent it in a cheap flat above the ruined streets of Northern Ireland. I don't think either of us expected the events that followed. I had regretted my decision then. Now, I only regret that it had hurt you. As you know, you are the only student I have ever taken on in such an extensive manner. You are the only student worthy of my attentions. I did not mean for that attention to take the turn that it did. I pray that you learn from my mistakes.

This is my final entry. I now send you this file with the intention of erasing it and all other information I have on you from my home, both as a safety measure and a way of detaching you from me. We both know that we will not see each other again.

My best reguards