Haaaiiiiiiii strangers. Since its summer and since I am ssssooo bored to the point of jumping of airplanes, I am writing in this.... Uhh.... What ever you would like to call it O_O yup yup I am gona write (ahh hate that word... Write write write Dx) stuff that's happen to me in the last few year v.v hehe. Read on your own guts okie O_O ? I will not be responsible if you suddenly get attack by hamsters or being push down a rabbit hole (OOoooOOOOOOO like Alice!!! surprised XD) the following entries will be ummm how should I put it... Crazy... In a stupid way :3, like the time I hid under Jessie ( RL, one of bffffffffs)'s bed and nearly scared the heck outta her....goodie times.... Last but not least ( trust me I can go on forever !!! > biggrin ).... Enjoy smile

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Monster under your bed > smile