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Eizo's Musings
Just for whatever I feel like posting into it, be it daily life or Gaia stuff.
MLP FC Stuff : The Duke

Name: Duke Von Hannoverscher
Font: #000099 Italicized
Type: Earth (subtype vampiric)
Mark: Bloodstained Waning Crescent with blood droplet
Talent: Undecided
Personality: Outwardly, a soft-spoken gentleman seeming to hail from a more chivalrous time, with more than a few dated quips and sayings, and certainly an older style of dress. Von Hannoverscher's debonair ways and charismatic speech would not be out of place among Canterlot elite. And to see his written correspondence to shops and establishments, one would believe that one was dealing with little more than a reclusive, eloquent eccentric. The Duke has never been seen in person, to most shopowners' knowledge. Leastways, not during daylight business hours.
What few have seen him have been nighttime establishments, but only very rarely. And when it comes to deliveries, all the address labels point only to an old building just outside Everfree Forest. Most delivery ponies don't ask questions about it, and make the 'eccentric' assumption. Probably in their best interest.

Those who have met the Duke on a more... Personal level, have seen past his civil exterior. His charm a mere veneer, Von Hannoverscher is, at his very core, a cold and arrogant self-serving individual. The absolute ostracizing of his person at the time of his curse, and the years of consternation and condemnation that followed, served to harden his heart and turn him cruel. No one but himself could be relied on; that was his first lesson. Those that would cause him pain, he would repay in kind threefold; that was his first vow to himself. Though, he does have one loyalty to another, and that to the night and its overseer, Princess Luna. While he has never met the alicorn face-to-face, he has become devoted to her all the same. For it is her dominion that enables him to walk the earth freely, without the pain of the sunlight and the weakness it causes him. While she was Nightmare Moon, he would have done anything in his power to see her reign begun, and eternal night brought upon the world. After all, what use does he have for the mortal coil and its daylight-needy trappings?
It is his arrogance that is his major downfall. One would wonder how it is he managed to survive some of his more intricate dilemmas caused by the metaphorical blindfold. Perhaps he didn't think to cover his tracks well enough, relying solely on his speed to lose his pursuers. Or he fancied himself stronger or more clever than he is. Regardless of the mistake, the results were not pleasant for the vampiric pony, and he carries those grudges to this day, despite the fact that those who tormented him then are long gone.

When it comes to his more malicious side, his favorite methods of agonizing are mental attacks and emotional distress. Physical trauma is less his thing, but should one be stubborn or unlucky enough to earn that much of his ire, it seems to be perfectly within his capabilities. The Duke only seems to bring this kind of retribution on deserving annoyances, or perceived offenders. Despite this, he dislikes wanton bloodshed and overly malicious action resulting in blackouts or death on the part of the subject. He much prefers one to be able to learn from the incident, and for that, they need to be alive and conscious.

Character Q&A:
1. You see some trash on the side of the road. You feel like you should pick it up, but it's sticky and covered in filth. It might cause a problem for the local creatures if they find it. What do you do?
What any responsible stallion would do. Dispose of it, using a kerchief to spare myself the unnecessary filth. What's a cheap kerchief? I've had the time to collect more than enough extra.

2. You see an old woman being mugged by a man who is larger and stronger than you. You could help her, call the police, or act like you never saw it happen. What do you do?
Stronger than I? *snorts derisively* I look frail, but judge me not on that. I would simply do as my code of chivalry demands. Put an end to the scum's attempt to rob someone less hale than himself. One kick to the knee and he will be seeing a healer rather swiftly. If he can make it to one, that is. *smiles coldly*

3. A friend asks you for helping moving into his house. Another friend asks you to help fix his computer. The second friend has been asking you for the past week but you've been busy. Who do you help?
Beg pardon? Computer? Is that some sort of slanderous remark?

4. What would you rather have: More friends or more time?
I have all the time in the world. Friends... Aren't of much use to me. Not unless they wish to... *ahem* Donate.

5. Your friend is moving away. You can only give him one of two gifts: flowers or money. Which do you choose?
Haven't I already stated that friends are of little use to me? *sigh* Working from the assumption that I do have friends, I suppose... Had he done me a service in the past, I see only the practicality in bestowing him financial security. Flowers are beautiful, but fleeting as the summer rains and life itself.

6. Your uncle puts you in charge of his business because he can no longer manage it. The business is not doing so well, but you have some ideas that might help. Your far more successful rival has offered to buy your business for far more than it is worth, taking you off the market. What do you do?
Me, back down to a rival? Equus, what kind of stallion do you take me for? A noble knows how to retain his wealth and his assets, otherwise he is little more than a cur on the streets. I will learn exactly what makes this rival successful, and I will employ it against him. All businesses have their dirty tactics, and word of mouth is powerful.

7. You're almost late for a doctor's appointment. You call up the doctor to let him know, and he gives you the option of rescheduling. You might be able to make it on time but you're not sure. What do you do?
Eh? Why would I be visiting a doctor in the first place? Appearances?

8. Your good friend calls you up and tells you that one of his cousins is in the hospital and he wants you to come along. You and the cousin had a falling out and hate each other for unpecified reasons. Do you stay at home or go to the hopsital?
Again, the friend issue. But... How are we to know that I am not the cause of that hospital visit? *raises eyebrow* Fallings-out and rows with me tend to not end so well for the opposing party. Equus only knows what may have instigated the incident, but in all likelihood, I ended it. I'll send a well-wishing and a little money to compensate the cost of the stay, but that's the extent of it.

9. You're friend has been kidnapped. They are held hostage at the end of two merging paths. The left path is a spooky forest filled with cut-throats and the right path is ablaze and barely passable. Which do you choose?
...What is it with you and this whole 'friend' thing? Bloody...*sighs exasperatedly* I'm the reason the forest is spooky, or one of them, as it stands. Brigands used to concern me. Fire.... Fire still does. *baring a fang* You say a word about that and I'll be paying you a visit, and it won't be for tea and pleasantries.

10. You find a wallet on the ground. It belongs to someone you know, an older person with memory problems, but you don't know them all that well. There are a few bucks in it, a negligible amount. Do you take the money or return it as is?
...I'm a night fiend, not a thief. I would send it back to them via mail service.

11. You find a bottle labeled, "Change who you are." What does it mean? Will it change your species, talent, outlook on life? Do you drink it? If you do drink it, what does it end up doing to you?
I've already changed once. And that was against my will. I see no need to change like that again. I'm far too set in my ways to make such a gamble. Now... Are we quite finished? Daylight comes.

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