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My OC's: Drakokatze and Kóri
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Drakokatze (female OC):
Anthro dragon cat. base is cat (so face, feet, and hands, along with some cat coloring, she has some tabby striping), but she has red/ black dragon wings and tail. Hair= brown with golden and red highlights and super curly, goes to a bit below the shoulder, glasses, clothing can actually be anything (either something comfortable looking or sexy, i can make up something if you'd prefer). the hair can be pulled back some if that'll make it easier. Eyes are brown. She'd be about a size 12 or so, so average build.

(this is the closest one I have, minus the striping)

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Some Non-anthro References:
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OC Backstory and additional info:
A human librarian somehow got into the library in the middle of the universe (not to be confused with the end of the universe library, which is a completely different one). She found out that they didn't have any librarians there (the last one had just eloped) and so decided to stay awhile. After a while, some of her mental attributes and habits altered her physical appearance, and she took on the look of two of the creatures who have those traits (in this case, a cat and a dragon). The cat was from her curiosity, love of being with people, her random penchant for purring even while human, etc. The dragon part came from hoarding (in her case books were the treasure), protecting others, and generally wrecking havoc on any place she tended to live (not the tidiest person in the world), etc.

The changes ended up being rather helpful. she flies to reach books on the higher levels, can use her tail as a placeholder, can see/ hear better with cat eyes/ ears to make sure everything's in order, etc. ^_^

(Questionnaire came from EmperorZensekai)
Section one: Personality

Q1) Does your character ever do anything embarrassing that he or she would rather forget? What would embarrass them most?Yes. She loves to dance, and once turned the music up too loud by the reference desk and started dancing on the desk, forgetting they hadn't closed yet. She is most embarrassed by not knowing answers or by jumping in and answering questions, and then having everyone look at her oddly

O2) Is there someone else your character identifies with? (can be a teacher, lover, friend... or historical figure) Why or why not? She identifies a lot with Dewey (creator of the Dewey system of classification). She likes having things in order (doesn't mean she's neat, though xd ), and loves libraries and library systems

Q3) Does your character have a motto or slogan? Does he or she have some kind of symbol or signiture they use to represent themselves? What's the meaning of it to them? Her slogan is "I can help with that!' and her symbol is a book. This is due to the fact that she is a reference librarian, and is always trying to help people find what they need and learn.

Section two: What ifs?

Q1) What if your character lost all their powers permanently? How would they respond? Her 'power' is her mind and ability to find and learn things quickly, and she would most likely go drown herself in a bunch of root beer floats. (she goes kinda nuts/ semi-drunk-ish when she drinks root beer)
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Q2)What if the character was faced with their nightmare senario/worst fear? What is that scenario and what would they do? her worst nightmare is coming into the library and seeing something similar to this. and most likely she'd push up her sleeves and get to work re-shelving xd

Q3) What if they met someone very attractive (whatever the char's sexual preference is) how would they respond?(PG 13 please) She'd be fine if they were discussing work-related items, but she's start blushing and stuttering if it got personal

Section three: Moral stand point

Q1) Does your character see humanity/whatever alien-human-like race they fit with most as inheritantly good, evil, or neither? Why? She likes to think that everyone is good, although she sometimes has doubts with some people who mistreat books. She sees the best in people, because we have the ability to learn and grow, and we can change for the best. (plus she's a closet romantic, so likes seeing people in the best light)

Q2) Does your character see themselves as good or evil? Do they have any regrets about it, or desire to change?
She sees herself as good, and as a defender of knowledge. every now and then she has the urge to be wild and naughty and let her hair down, though.

Q3) If your character would have a very debatable power like time-travel, the ability to bring the dead back to life, or something like a Deathnote, what would it be and how would they approach it? (you can pick more than one if you want, or can make up something ambiguous) Would they be happy to have that power? She would have the power to make people want to read, and to know anything she wanted to have the answer to. It would make her happy in some instances, but then she'd also be sad at the drawbacks (that she was having to make them read and they weren't doing so of their own initiative, also there are some things people are better off NOT knowing the answers to ^^; )

Section 3: Physical description
Age: 25
Build: average (about what you would see wearing a medium top/ size 12 jean)
Hair: brown and very tight tiny corkscrew curls to her shoulder with some red and gold highlights
Eyes: brown with golden flecks. a bit slanted like cat eyes
Face: she has a delicate heartshaped face, and always rosy cheeks that she hates
Clothes: she wears outfits suitable for the library to work (she likes wearing fun skirts), and then she wears fun and funky tops when at home
Stuff: she has dragon wings and a tail and cat ears

PM me with any questions, or with samples and prices

User ImageKóri (Male OC):
Kóri has an overall human look, but he's also part kirin and wyvern. Overall appearance is human. He has elf-like ears. There are blue-grey scales close to the base of his ears, on the outer edges of his face, as well as some scattered on his shoulders and wrists, and a lot of scales near his waist and going down his thighs. His wrists have some hair 'tufts' on them as well as along the very tip of his ears. His feet are mostly human shaped, but the toes are slightly claw-like. His hair is icy blue-green and it falls just below the shoulder, with one piece that always is falling in his eyes. Eyes are ice blue, with a slit pupil. (slightly asian looking). He has blue-grey kirin horns (two) and a kirin tail and blue-grey wyveryn wings coming outta his shoulder. There's also a tattoo of a scroll down his arm, and (optional) tattoo of chinese symbol for 'water' on his left upper chest chest. As far as clothing, he'll often run around with no shirt/ unbottoned shirt/ or one with torn off sleeves paired with low-riding jeans.

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User Image User Image(where it looks kinda hairy on his body should be more scaly)

OC Backstory and additional info:
He basically just lives to annoy Drakokatze to no end (as she sees it). He's always trying to get her to go out with him, and is generally always making himself a nice-looking nuisance xd . Not much is known about him at this point. Except he has a mysterious tattoo, is very knowledgeable, and tends to show up at odd and often inconvenient times.

More info will be coming on him sometime!! really it will ^^;