Nodens has talked with his lover about the acts of Bast and it would seen that there should be no retaliation...instead an allegaince between the 3. They will walk together though the wild jungle and find Bast. Nodens will greet her with a smile of forgiveness and see if that twinkle returns to the eyes of Bast...if that is so then Bast will be cleansed of her lunar curse and return to her old self again. However, what would happen if Bast were to fall for Nodens again? The 2 goddesses and the elder god would have to come up with an answer to that. Nodens also is well aware that his new lover had lost a very dearest ex-lover to the hands of death and has sworn to avenge him for her. Also, Nodens is hoping to restore his life, but unsure of what form he would like to take. The vessel he onced used perished in a fierce battle and Nodens would have to grant him the power of a new body form of some sort.