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I'm gonna be throwing words at Gaia again!

Maybe. This summer won't be as peaceful as the last like... six summers. Obviously, I'm a LITTLE bit older now, which means I'm probably gonna be getting a job for a small amount of time. It won't be as binding as school has been this year, nor will school ever really be as binding. It's been hell through these last few days of senior year, what with finals and shiz. I'm almost done though, so that's gewd.


"Hmm? What do you mean you cannot find her?"

"Almighty One, she is not here. She is not in this... dimension."



-Frozen Ancient Growth Forest-

[Having joined forces with the Pokémon of Chronic, the Safans, including this younger variation of Cruce Maximilius, have set out to find the Eclipse Nuvlora, as well as the Phaze Guardian Lavender. Their instincts have brought them to a troubled sacred forest which most Safans call home.]

Safiri: [Standing alongside Cruce, who has transformed into a Safan via the Pull. Rilia and Slianna are behind these two. All four are at the entrance to the forest. Previously, this forest was seen as partially frozen. Now, however, the unnatural snow has spread throughout the entire forest floor. The air is grim.] ... ...No...

Rilia: [Her ears flatten.] The Princess...

Slianna: Looks like she beat us to the Ancient Growth.

Safiri: [Growls and lowers her head.] Not AGAIN. Damn her... I... No. Damn Maaya. I thought Danny chose to leave Darkness.

Cruce: [Sighs.] {His Safan form is different than the other Cruce's. Though sharing the fox species, he is white with yellow edges on his ears, legs, and tail.} I think that was only because of me. Maybe. Heck, when the Ethereal War ended, I didn't expect everyone in this realm to have their memory. And lives.

Safiri: [Shakes her head and glares forward.]

Rilia: That's not fair! Those jerks got a jump start!

Safiri: So it's a game of chase. Tch, I've already won.

Slianna: Wait a moment. [She slithers in front of the other three, impeding hasty progress.] Look, there's something out of the ordinary about this.

Safiri: I noticed.

Slianna: Beyond what we all see here. Remember what Team Time told us? They've only seen the Nightmares, right? The Shade Mewtwo was nowhere to be seen.

Rilia: ...So does that mean the Nightmares did this?

Slianna: I think it's beyond their power! But there's a connection. If Mewtwo, a Pokémon who takes advantage of chaos, won't show himself when our worlds collide, what does that make Danielle?

Safiri: A fake Princess about to get her butt kicked by me.

Cruce: As much as I'd like to see justice happen and all, Slianna's got a point. If this collision thingy happened to the other worlds--you know, Soren and Mobius, or Tulwar V and Pimix--Darkness is at least going to try to understand it before anyone else. That could be what Mewtwo is doing right now. Why Danielle would harm the Growth right away... it just doesn't make sense.

Safiri: Are you two thinking someone else did this? She's the only one who can...

Slianna: And maybe you're right, Saf. Th-there's something else, but I think I might be wasting our time.

Safiri: You're the only one who I'll let speak out at a time like this, Sli.

Rilia: Yeah~! You're like the smartest girl in the tribe. We trust you.

Slianna: Thank you! Now uhm... I think it's too suspicious that both our Eclipse and Phaze Guardian, like Chronic's pair, are gone. Cruce, do you feel the Connection?

Cruce: [He nods.] Yeah.

Slianna: How powerful is it?

Cruce: I'm glad you brought that up. It's going crazy. There's an Eclipse around.

Safiri: WHAT?! Why didn't you say anything?!

Cruce: Because I don't think it's Nuvlora...

Safiri: ...O-oh... [She frowns.] Who is it? Pachi?

Cruce: I don't know. I can't tell anymore. There are no voices or visions or anything. It's like a flickering... sense. I don't really know how to describe it.

Safiri: I hope Nuvlora's okay... I've got faith in her, but she's too passive.

Rilia: I think she'll be just--AHH!! [Covering her mouth with one paw, she points with the other behind Slianna. A few Safan Nightmares have spawned.]

Safiri: Heads up!! [Reacting more quickly than anyone else, she bursts around Slianna in a blinding yellow light, zig-zagging around and piercing the two foes as a bullet. This eliminates them. However, two more appear in front of the group, just a two more appear behind.] Oh, now we're talking. So much for the Princess being innocent!

Slianna: [Rushing to aid Safiri in battle.] Oh, we have no idea who is commanding these!

Cruce: [With Rilia, he covers the rear.] Too bad I can only use the Crossblade as a human!

Rilia: [Much like her sister Lavender, Rilia uses an aural energy of the same texture, though it is often in the shape of bubbles and possesses a bright yellow color to it. At the moment, she is prepping this energy, waving her arms slowly as it flows through her body.] Mmmph, I don't like being surrounded.

Cruce: [He receives the first charge. Cruce counters this with ease, making use of his wide range of magic. A quick cast releases a brief pulse of raw kinetic energy from his body, only stunning the enemy long enough for him to finish the job.]

Slianna: [Tribal magic has enhanced her body with mystical force that can leave in the form of a whip of her tail. Possessing plenty of ability to do this, as well as a small, evasive body, she skillfully manipulates the maneuvers of her opponent, striking softly at key points of the Nightmare, leaving behind a glowing mark each time. She slips away, avoiding a swipe, and detonates the marks she had left by simply making eye contact with the enemy.]

Rilia: [Although her movements are clumsier than those of her sister's, she is often seen battling very defensively, summoning aural shields around herself until her opponent has exhausted his, her, or, in this case, itself. Being a Nightmare, that takes slightly longer than a "mortal creature". As soon as she notices a slower offensive, she shifts the tide of the battle, hurling small spheres of her tribal energies at the Nightmare.]

Safiri: [Her power is, much like her alternate version, that of unnatural, though naturally provided, super speed. Although tiring, her ability is extremely efficient for shorter battles. She is the first to eliminate her foe by dashing into it a series of times.]

[Seconds after the first wave, another group of Nightmares closes in on the fighters. Seeing this as only a minor threat, the four give no thought in the face of battle other than to quickly dispose of Darkness. It is when the third wave arrives that battle begins heating up, as Nightmares have taken on unusual new forms.]

Safiri: What is that?! [Facing a spawn of Darkness easily three times her size, though still small for what Cruce recognizes it to be.]

Cruce: [Landing carefully after delivering an airborne attack.] 'The hell is that?! Is that a Safan raptor?!

Slianna: [Evasively moves through her own foe while overhearing the words.] No way! Those are nearly extinct. There's no way Darkness could--ack!! [Her evasion is defeated by a swift reach of the chimpanzee Nightmare she is battling. She does manage to wriggle out of its grasp, though only narrowly having escaped injury.] No time for biology class!

Rilia: Idon'tlikefightingbigthings Idon'tlikefightingbigthings Idon'tlikefightingbigthings!! [Running frantically around her enemy, fur shimmering with bright yellow energy. The Nightmare she faces is a full grown lion Safan; perfectly capable of harming Rilia disastrously in one blow, unless she manages to maintain her defensive magic. She has realized this much.] STOP BEING SCARY, YOU BIG SCARY CAT!

Cruce: [His foe has been defeated. Attempting to help Safiri do away with the powerful raptor Nightmare, only little is accomplished on his end, as another force of Darkness shows itself. He turns to it with a confident grin, though that grin sinks into a horrified gaze.] OH MY GOD! CORE!! RUN! [This particular floating incarnation of non-sentient elemental energy, called a Core, takes the form of small ice crystals orbiting around a light in the center. Rilia screams in fear, though not necessarily horror, as she has become overwhelmed in the battle. A Nightmare ape has joined the assault on her, and a small pterodactyl Safan has joined the raptor against Safiri. The group decides to bail out on this increasingly hellish battle.]

Safiri: [She swerves around the battlefield, throwing the Nightmares into disarray before calling out to her allies.] Guys! Get your butts over here!!

[Evading corruption by Darkness, the four escape into the vast woodland...]


Rilia: [As the group comes to a rest, she falls into the snow, laying on her tail.] Eeeeh, that was... so scary...

Slianna: [Eyes wide, she scans her group to check for injuries. No one is severely hurt.] I'm glad we got away! It's been a while since I've seen Darkness get that aggressive.

Safiri: I can't believe they mixed a Core in with those 'mares.

Cruce: We would've been able to take 'em out if that Core didn't show up. [He sits near Safiri.] You okay?

Safiri: [Smirks at Cruce.] You think I got hurt back there? You're cute, Cruce. [She gives his muzzle a short lick.]

Cruce: [Blushes, his eye twitching a little.]

Safiri: Hahaha! ...Uh... It's cold out here. [Her mood shifts spontaneously.] That stupid Princess! Look what she did to the place.

Rilia: [Looks up at the snowy tree.] She's mean... Why does she do this all the time?

Slianna: I might have been wrong back there. Seeing all of those Safan Nightmares... Wh-where did Darkness get so many powerful Nightmares? They wouldn't send so many after just anyone.

Cruce: We're not just anyone, Slianna... But it's not like they know I'm here, nor do they know what the Ecliptic Guardians are up to, sooo...

Safiri: Right now, we're nothing to them. But that's crazy how they'd throw so many darkies in our faces.

Cruce: Darkness is up to something. And they're ready to defend that something by any means available to them.

Slianna: But how could they have so many Nightmares available?

???: Ohhh, you are so ignorant that it nearly pains me. [The source of this shady voice falls from the trees, snow cascading around her. She appears to be a blackened Glaceon with gray fur where the original lighter blue fur would have been. This is a Nightmare Alpha.]

Rilia: [Leaps to her feet and runs behind Cruce and Safiri.] Eep!!

Safiri: What?! Who the hell are you supposed to be?

Nightmare Glaceon: I didn't expect you to know. All the more, I didn't expect you to emerge victorious from that skirmish. It was a warning. We mean business, kids.

Safiri: Grrr... [She snarls at the new Nightmare.]

Cruce: You're a Pokémon... Why are you here?

Nightmare Glaceon: I serve under the Ice Princess. Consider it a trade of sorts. In return for a Safan given to Mewtwo, Princess Danielle has me by her side. Quite fitting. Now, enough with the trivia. You must be Cruce.

Cruce: I'd ask what it is to you, but that would be kinda easy to answer, huh...?

Nightmare Glaceon: I'll take that as a yes?

Cruce: Take it as a "duh".

Nightmare Glaceon: Hmmm! Hehe, so one of the legendary warriors of the Crossblade found his way to the mashed worlds of Safa and Chronic! I wonder where your kin are...

Cruce: I'm looking for them. You get in my way, and I'll tear you apart!

Nightmare Glaceon: Such ferocity! I can see why you chose to be with the Princess before that rude plant you're with now. But you won't be forgiven for betraying her love for you... Well, maybe. Maybe if you beg for mercy, she'll give you a chance.

Safiri: ...Ten seconds. Ten seconds to shut your mouth. Or I will slice you the hell in half, shrewd.

Nightmare Glaceon: Hehehe! I think I see how you two clicked now! You're both so harsh. You'd be perfect for Darkness!

Cruce: Wait, wait... Safiri, don't blow a gasket at her. She's trying to lure us into something... [He squints at the Nightmare.] ...What're you doing? You're on your own and trying to make both of us mad. You're not stupid, so... what then?

Nightmare Glaceon: Ohhh, that's sweet of you. I guess you're not all that stupid either. And that's why we cloned you, after all.

[This takes the group by surprise. Rilia and Slianna lean back in shock. Safiri's jaw drops a bit, while Cruce steps forth.]

Cruce: You didn't! W-what?!

Safiri: You cloned him?! You're lying... You're lying, and I can tell!

Nigthmare Glaceon: Bluff! I'm not lying. Right now, in this very forest, the Anti-Cruce roams, looking to draw innocent suckers into his game of madness. He's oh so much more powerful than you, Cruce. And so much cuter!

Cruce: ...H-hey... Th-this is messed up!! Have you done this with the others too?!

Nightmare Glaceon: Who knows? They could be ripping up your little planet right now. We wanted to send Anti-Cruce to the Ecliptic worlds just because that pesky Connection is so powerful, even for him!

Slianna: ...Why are you warning us about this?

Nightmare Glaceon: Hehe, that, Miss Snakey, is classified information. Direct orders from Her Iciness. I'll be going now! Thank Darkness I don't have to wander around trying to fix things. Oh! And if you're looking for Nuvlora or Lavender, have fun! You have no idea what you're in for this time! Hehehehehe! [A mist of black ice separates her from the physical world as her childish laughter carries on...]

Cruce: ... [He turns to face the three Safans.] ... I really hate Darkness, guys...

Safiri: [She growls quietly.] ...Me too... She was... such a b***h.

Cruce: I agree.

Rilia: I-I don't like this...

Slianna: Me neither... Abso-posi-surely.

Cruce: If she was telling the truth, which I think she wasn't, I'm going to opt to avoid running into Fake Me.

Rilia: Let's hope he stays away from us too. I don't think I can bring myself to fight an evil Cruce~.

Safiri: Yeah... neither can I.

Cruce: Says you! [He smirks at her.] You had no problem with fighting me back on Earth!

Safiri: ...Shaddup, that was my fault. 'Course, if you want a good match, I'll take you on anytime!

Cruce: I'll happily let'cha take me.

Safiri: Yeah! Yo--!! You pervert! ... ...Really?

Cruce: We'll discuss this when we're not in mortal danger.

Safiri: Fine. That Pokémon Nightmare doesn't scare me. Let's keep going. We know the trail to the Growth from here, right?

Rilia: I can remember.

Slianna: Me too.

Safiri: Good. Let's hurry it up.

[Leaving their dread aside, the four Safans replicate the rush to the Ancient Growth as had been done in the alternate forest...]


-Treasure Town-

[Team Time, which consists of Grovyle, Celebi, and Leafeon, have their plans set in stone. An interruption has postponed their immediate actions. That is the result of an encounter with a peculiar Pokémon named Edge...]

Celebi: Another Chronic?! There's another Chronic just like ours out there?!

Edge: W-well we just call it Homeworld. But it is exactly like this! This beach... [He gazes out at the shining ocean.] I woke up on this beach when my adventures with Snivy and Treecko began. I had no memory of who or what I was in the past. I found out who I really was... and what I was supposed to be used for.

Grovyle: [Intrigued with Edge's tale.] And what was that?

Edge: To destroy all explorers, starting with the federation. I was the foundation for a new world of Pokémon. A dark world of gamma-corrupted Nu-Mon.

Leafeon: But what is "gamma"? And what's a "Nu-Mon"?

Edge: Gamma is a source of energy for us Pokémon. It occurs naturally in some asteroids. It's a liquid in its original state. We can craft it into other shapes, and then use that to power our machines... and ourselves. [He raises his wrists, showing his two watch-like devices to Team Time.] The Action Velocity Modifiers you see here empower Pokémon. They raise our limits... But... there's a bad side to that. Some Pokémon go mad with power, and it's not very fun to bring those Pokémon to justice. 'Specially not if they're ill with natural gamma poisoning... That's what a Nu-Mon is. A Pokémon so messed up with gamma poisoning that he or she's become crazy powerful. It's not rare to see hybrids of Pokémon, and entirely new ones. That's what I am! A combination of both, actually... Uhm, a hybrid of hybrids. [He shakes his head, lowering his small arms.]

Celebi: Wow... This is so hard to understand, even for me. And I can travel through time itself. Say, you are a good "Nu-Mon", right?

Edge: Hehe, uh-huh! I don't remember ever being bad. The only bad thing about me was my purpose. But I lost my memory of those days, so I'm a good guy!

Grovyle: Fascinating... I would love to hear more. Alas, we find ourselves in troubled times! Would you be willing to help our cause?

Edge: Oh I'd be honored to help such famous heroes of time! [He gives the three a warm smile.]

Grovyle: Excellent! You're a polite boy. It's difficult to believe you were to be used for such a disaster.

Celebi: So cute, too! I would think someone like that would look monstrous and mean! But who am I to judge~?

Grovyle: Hmm, I hate to involve others in matters with Darkness, but locating Riolu and Pachi are vital to our efforts. I wonder if the guild would help us.

Edge: Guild?

Grovyle: Wigglytuff's Guild. Among the most famous of establishments in Treasure City. The guild master founded it with high hopes of making prodigious explorers out of humble Pokémon!

Edge: [He gasps.] Oh! The guild?! Here?! I can't wait to see them!

Leafeon: Sounds like you know them on your world!

Edge: Uh-huh! They operated in space!

Celebi: It just gets crazier and crazier with you, doesn't it? [She giggles.] Chatot wouldn't believe you for a second.

Grovyle: Hm, speaking of the guild... [He watches as another Pokémon approaches them with an otherwise eager mood about him... It is Bidoof.]

Bidoof: Huff... Golly. Hey! Sure glad I could catch you folks! You have to come to the guild! You'll never guess who showed up! It's a miracle!

Grovyle: Who is it?

Bidoof: I'll show you! Follow me! [He takes off, quicker than the others can react.]

Celebi: How exciting!

Leafeon: Shall we?

Grovyle: Let's. [He nods to his team.] Coming Edge?

Edge: Yes sir!

[Team Time, with the addition of Edge, follow the elated guild apprentice...]


-Wigglytuff's Guild-

[At the second floor of this guild built within the cliff-side overseeing the sea, a large crowd has gathered around two Pokémon. Many from this crowd are apprentices which those Pokémon recognize. {None of these apprentices are fifth gen Pokémon.Those who are from the Explorers series are as follows: Croagunk, Diglett, Dugtrio, Sunflora, Loudred, Corphish, Chimecho, Bidoof, Marill, Azurill, Chatot, and Wigglytuff}]

Sunflora: Oh my gosh! Just... oh my gosh!


Chimecho: You know how much we worried about you?!

Al: {Varies from his Sync counterpart in that he is a regular Mudkip with a red scarf.} Shucks everyone... [Slightly teary-eyed.]

Adam: {A regular Torchic at first, though has a history as a human. He wears a blue bandana.} I've been hoping we could return... I've missed home.

Wigglytuff: And we've missed you, friends. [Everyone turns to Wigglytuff as he speaks. Chatot stands by his side.] We have a lot to catch up on! I would never ever say no to having you back, but something bad is happening in town...

Chatot: Something very bad is happening everywhere, Guildmaster.

Wigglytuff: Yes. Maybe when Bidoof gets back, you'll hear from more experienced explorers... Explorers of Time and Darkness.

Bidoof: [Just in time, he arrives with Team Time in tow.] Pardon me, everyone!

Edge: [In awe at the sight of the old fashioned guild...] ... ...W-Wigglytuff's Guild...

Leafeon: Quite the get together! What's going on in here, Bidoof?

Bidoof: See for yourselves, yup, yup! [He stands to the side as apprentices let Team Time through.]

Grovyle: ... [Mouth agape, he stares silently at the Torchic and the Mudkip.]

Adam: [Taken aback, he blinks as his partner in time stands before him.]

Al: It's... It's you...

Adam: Grovyle...

Grovyle: [Overtaken, he falls to his knees.] You're alive...

Celebi: This really is a miracle... Where have you two been all this time?!

Adam: [He looks to the ground, a tear nearly forming in his eye... He leave the explanation to Al.]

Al: Erm... [Closes an eye, finding this difficult to say.] How do I put this...? We've been searching for a way to return to Adam's home world.

Edge: [Staring at all of the apprentices as though they were superstars, his ears flicker as he hears this. He shifts his attention to the center.]

Adam: It's our... ultimate goal. To find my planet again. I call this home, of course. But keep in mind that I had a family too... They probably think I'm dead now... I-it's a little saddening if you think too much about it. That's why we never wanted to tell anyone where we've been... Until now.

Al: We've traveled across the world! But there is no answer... Not even Palkia can send us to Adam's planet.

Grovyle: [He is enthralled by this concept.] ...That exceeds the abilities of many explorers, you two. [Getting himself together, he returns to his feet.] I believe in you. Adam, you deserve to see your home planet again. That and so much more.

Adam: Seeing you is all I need for now, Grovyle... Celebi... and Leafeon? Heh, have you two made some new friends?

Leafeon: They have! We're known as Team Time now. Pleasure to finally get to meet the legendary Team Krossover. I've heard all sorts of great stories about you.

Wigglytuff: Oh yoom-tah! So many new great explorer stories to go around!

Chatot: Guildmaster, what about Darkness?

Al: Darkness?

Grovyle: Ah, Chatot brings up a good point. Darkness has returned on this day. Our world has collided with another... Safa.

Celebi: The Safans themselves are working together with Cruce in order to find Lavender and Nuvlora, the Phaze Guardian and Eclipse of their world. I would think they've seen some Nightmares by now.

Adam: Whoa. We missed a lot!

Corphish: Hey, hey, you sure have!

Croagunk: But now our problems are yours too, heh heh.

Al: I wouldn't have it any other way! Whatever you need us to do, we'll do our best, as usual!

Wigglytuff: Yay! That's the spirit!


[A few moments later, the rest of the guild has settled down, formulating methods of defense against possible Darkness swarms. Leafeon and Celebi have accompanied some guild members up to Treasure Town. Grovyle and Edge remain.]

Al: [He and his partner scan an apprentice's quarters in the lower section of the guild.] Ah, our old room. I miss those days, Adam~! Remember that night we got no sleep because of Croagunk's scary story?

Adam: Oh no, why'd you bring that up...?

Al: Haha! Sorry! Say, who occupies this room now?

Marill: [Standing with Sunflora and Azurill.] My brother and I!

Al: Marill! Azurill! I'm so happy to see you've joined the guild!

Adam: I always knew you two had some spark in you. It's pretty hard work, but it can be fun!

Azurill: Yeah! It's a toughie.

Marill: We've gotten used to the everyday life of the guild. We've also made decent explorers, says Wigglytuff!

Al: That's great!

Sunflora: Oh my gosh, these two are so cute. They remind me of you when you started out here, guys.

Azurill: Hehe!

Adam: Those were the days... Hey, does anyone know where Grovyle went?

Sunflora: He's with Chatot and the Guildmaster discussing Darkness.

Al: I guess we really did come at a bad time. There's so much we're interfering with...

Marill: Don't say that! You two are heroes around here!

Sunflora: Totally! You could never get in the way!

Adam: That means a lot to us. Really. But we could have timed our return better.

Sunflora: You couldn't have known! Don't sweat it!

Al: Heh, if you say so! Let's see what everyone's up to!

Adam: Agreed!

[The heroes of Team Krossover return to the main room. Quite a bit of guild members remain, each of them entranced and listening to the story of a certain Pokémon: Edge.]

Edge: ...they don't, so we have to travel back and forth between Homeworld and the Dawn Star. But that's easy! Our gamma teleporters really make that less of a problem! Imagine using up all of that fuel for starships...,

Al: [Quietly.] Hey, Sunflora. Who is that Pokémon? I've never seen anyone like him.

Sunflora: I don't know. He sure seems like an interesting boy.

Corphish: [Listening to Edge.] Whoa! This is making my head spin, hey!

Loudred: You're telling ME. THIS kid is a braniac!

Edge: [He gives a bit of a squee.] Noohh gosh! I can't believe I get to meet all of you in the first ever Wigglytuff's Guild.

Al: Uh... E-excuse me...

Edge: Huh? [He faces Al and Adam.] Hi! [Gives a friendly wave.]

Loudred: Al! Adam! This kid's name is Edge! He's from the FUTURE in another WORLD.

Adam: The "future" in another "world"?

Al: And I thought the whole Safa thing was crazy... Are we in this other world, Edge?

Edge: Strangely... I don't think you are. I've never heard of an Al or Adam. But Corphish and Loudred are famed explorers of space... It's odd. Grovyle and Celebi were famous, thanks to... well a lot of things... like Lucario and Jovany; Team Crimsongleam. I could talk about it all day! But we have more important things to be worrying about.

Adam: We'll get to know each other much better after complications with Darkness are cleared. Who knows! Maybe I could learn something about my home planet through you.

Edge: [His ears flicker once again.] O-oh oh! That's right. Your home world... Were you by any chance a human before being turned into a Pokémon?

Adam: !! [He leans in.] I was!

Al: How do you know?!

Edge: It sounded like too much of a coincidence to me that two famous explorers knew Wigglytuff's Guild so well. So I think you two are this world's "Team Crimsongleam." ...Jovany was a human before turning into a Snivy, then evolving into a Servine. Through space travel, we were able to reach his world. But--


Adam: PLEASE TELL US HOW! We need to know!!

Edge: Eek! Erm...

Sunflora: Oh my gosh, you two! Calm down! He said he got there using technology we don't yet have! We'll get it in time~.

Edge: She's right. You have a long way to go. But the only way you're gonna get that done is if you work together! Work with Wigglytuff's Guild and the explorer federation, and you can overcome anything. Now, as for Earth... W-well, Jovany's Earth is probably not like the human-run Earth you're thinking of...

Adam: What's it like?

Edge: ...We call it Brother Bedlam. Because it's inhabited by Pokémon too. There are a few humans. If I could show you this world, I would. It's the birthplace of... everything... [He lowers his head, rubbing the back of it while bringing his tail around his torso.] Maybe that sounds a little unreal.

Grovyle: [From the Guildmaster's quarters, he calls out.] Pardon my interruption. It's time to organize ourselves.

[Further reunions and explanations are put on hold as the guild comes together in this time of crisis...]


-Frozen Ancient Growth Forest-


[The lost Cruce lay nearly still, snow darkened with his blood... The Nightmares have ceased the attack on him, providing the warrior with enough time to recover his strength, albeit to a low level.]

Cruce: [Groans softly, finding it nearly impossible to move in any way, at least for the time being. Unknown to him lurks an enchantress of ice in the vicinity.] ... (I'm alive... so they stopped trying to take me on... But they tried to kill me in the first place. What are they up to? ...Oomph! Who--)

[Approaching ever stealthily to Cruce's position, This enchantress cautiously wakes him up with a subtle, gentle method.]

Nightmare Glaceon: [Kicks Cruce in the gut.] Hey. Wake up. C'mon, you've got things to do.

Cruce: Mmmrgh, what...? [The kicking does nothing to ease his pain. As he understands who exactly it is who is kicking him, he becomes more alert.] Hey... Hey! Knock it off! Nightmare!

Nightmare Glaceon: You don't like that, do you? [Continues kicking Cruce, though playfully now.]

Cruce: Huuh... Go away... Do something else. Pick on someone your own size, I dunno... [Apathetically rolls to the other direction, clearly capable of movement now.]

Nightmare Glaceon: You do know I am your "own size", right?

Cruce: Uh, fine. Give me a sec... [He stands, showing the range of his endurance.] Or two... Ooph...

Nightmare Glaceon: Time's up. So, you're working for us now.

Cruce: Pardon?

Nightmare Glaceon: You're with Darkness, Cruce. Or should I say, Anti-Cruce!

Cruce: ...What the hell did I miss? I'm pretty sure I was knocked out by Nightmares...

Nightmare Glaceon: Psh... [She waves a paw dismissively at him.] That was to slow you down. I hear the Princess found you and your little friend. Well, she wants you to work for Darkness. And guess what? I'm your partner now.

Cruce: I'll pass. I have to look for my home world...

Nightmare Glaceon: Puh-leaze. You really think you can do that on your own?

Cruce: I got here with the Crossblade on my own. I think it's possible if I keep at it.

Nightmare Glaceon: On the contrary, Crossy. You had that little Fairy Safiri's help... And if you refuse to do as Princess Danielle says, you won't be getting any more help from her. Ever again, I should add!

Cruce: [He growls.] Y-you freaking cheap bastards, that's foul play! ... [Sighs and turns his head away.] Who am I kidding? You're Darkness...

Nightmare Glaceon: So you noticed... How badly do you want to return to your dimension? To keep the Fairy girl safe?

Cruce: Badly. And badly. She's the only one that I... really made a promise to... Well... we were to travel together, but... that Ice Safan took her away.

Nightmare Glaceon: Ice Princess to you.

Cruce: ...Ice Princess... I don't remember anything about my past. Maybe I really am Anti-Cruce. But what does that mean? Who is that? Who am I...?

Nightmare Glaceon: Hehe, beats me, Crucie Crossy. If you join us, we'll do our part in helping you get back home. Light's not gonna do that, and you're not going to get anywhere on your own. We'll just keep getting in your way and hurting your friends. And you wouldn't want that.

Cruce: I don't want to join you. You're making me... Because of Safiri.

Nightmare Glaceon: I guess that's that then! [She turns away, walking off.] I suppose I'll go ahead and tell Princess Danielle. She'll know what to do with your friend.

Cruce: ...Wait, that's... not fair... Alright, what do you want me to do?

Nightmare Glaceon: [She turns around, facing Cruce with a mischievous smirk.] Simple. My enemies are your enemies. Fight 'em with me! Just try not to slip up and get in my way. Like some of those mindless grunts of the Nightmare legion...

Cruce: ...Alright. For Safiri and myself... You're lucky I have amnesia...

Nightmare Glaceon: C'mon, you could totally make a scary bad guy. What makes you think otherwise?

Cruce: Because I have the blade of Darkness' bane?

Glace: Looks like that blade's gonna have a new job! Now that you've agreed to serve under Darkness, you'll need someone telling you what to do. For now, that's me. Glace. Anyone who shares or is over my position, weeeeelll... It'd be a good idea to listen to them also.

Cruce: Glace. What are we going to be trying to accomplish?

Glace: Hehe, I have an idea. We're gonna give a few suckers a big scare. That should show 'em just how screwed they are! Hey, can you fight? You looked a little cruddy.

Cruce: [He nods.] I can fight. Do I already have to battle good guys?

Glace: Just show 'em what you're made of. Enough chat, let's get to the Ancient Growth. I can take us there with these fancy dark corridor thingies.

Cruce: Ugh... fair enough... kind of... [Hanging his head low, he awaits the transportation.]

Glace: [With a bit of effort, she conjures a helix of black and purple energy around herself and Cruce. The helix soon perishes into the air, leaving none visible...]


(Well... I can't say I'm too proud of what happened. First I get my a** kicked by Darkness... then I'm forced to work for them. I'd be even more ashamed of myself if I was heavier on Light's morals, but I don't know who I really am. Maybe I somehow ended up with the Crossblade because of... I don't know... Hey... That scorpion Shade... and the Princess of Ice or something. They both knew me. They both knew "Cruce". But they were really eager to kill me... Maybe I was Darkness, but I betrayed them? Why would I betray them? Was I truly evil to begin with? Maybe that's why they want me back... But... why so soon after wanting to end me? There's something I'm missing here. What do they want with the wielder of the Crossblade? I don't feel like Darkness is a good home for the Spirit Cross... I'll have to work with them for now. I don't want anything bad to happen to that Eclipse girl. She's the only one I really care about right now. 'Hope she's doing alright.)

Sorry for any errors. I think there might be a lot in there. There usually are some errors in my posts. I do proofread them, but I'm always finishing these things when I'm really tired, like I am now, so I kinda forget about it the next day...

Slow updates. School's finale and all. I've kept this in mind though!