Just to clear things up again, the newest Ethereal Cross in this journal will still be going. This is usually how it works. I want to start some new thing with my old characters, but I get nostalgic and go back on something else, usually Sync, which is what's going on now.

The thing that's different about this Sync is that it's basically a "Mega Sync". I'm combining all worlds, excluding Phrenic Sync and Sync 2. The introduction of Theory was the reason Sync 2 died. I'm still debating on that. For now, I'm not sure if I'll use it. I might!

Phrenic Sync is too out of place to include. Sync's fan fiction half, which is the Dreamworld stuff with like Legend of Zelda or StarFox, is going to be shifted enormously. Only four unoriginal titles will appear. It's looking like it'll be Pokémon, My Little Pony, Cave Story, and Sonic the Hedgehog. These worlds have a lot to do with Mirror World, which was seen a lot in the last bits of the first Sync. It linked Chronic to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world. Soren was linked to another Soren, and that's going to be fixed.

Safa will be linked to the My Little Pony world.

Soren will be linked to a new original world.

Anti will be linked to the Cave Story world.

Mobius will be linked to the Sonic Series world.

Chronic will be linked to the Pokémon World.

Aquatica will be linked to a new original world.

Tulwar V will be linked to a new original world.

Pimix will be linked to a new original world.

Earth is linked to Vrtra. (Anthropomorphic world. Will see many changes.)

Other nonmentioned worlds are linked to themselves.

That pretty much summarizes the Sync worlds, with the exception of the Empyrean Paradox, Tartarus, Me'ihm, and Corus. I mentioned that the Strayer Void is the only way into Mirror World, or the opposites of these listed worlds. Usually you'll see the characters go through a dreamlike area to get there. The Pokémon one was some crazy Garden of Eden thing.

In addition to the Strayer Void, there will be new "voids" that lead to the other dimensions: the Vision Void, which leads to the Ethereal Cross Saga universe, the Gamma Void, which leads to the Wave, Liquid Starlight, and Spirit Cross universe, and the Sacred and Fourth Voids, which lead to worlds to be planned.

In the meantime, Ethereal Cross worlds are as follows: Safa, Soren, Anti, Mobius, Chronic (PMD), Aquatica, Tulwar V, Pimix, Fusion, and Vrtra.

The worlds are aligned. Just like how there are "futuregrounds" in the Sync universe, there are going to be physical collisions of worlds here, to replicate Ethereal Cross. (I'll get to the futuregrounds in a sec.)

Safa is aligned with Chronic -- Eclipses Nuvlora and Pachi.
Soren is aligned with Mobius -- Eclipses Saturn and Stream.
Anti is aligned with Aquatica. -- Eclipses Jet and Kuno.
Tulwar V is aligned with Pimix. -- Eclipses Toxik and Tutuki.
Fusion is aligned with Vrtra. -- Eclipses Terrah and Cree.

(Psst, the Eclipses don't make much sense here, but let's just roll with that because nonsense is fun. :3 To a degree.)

So in Sync 1, part of the collision course consisted of a cross between past and present, and a whole bunch of other random characters from different worlds. The most prominent was Danithan's: the future. Danithan's time period is about 20 years into the future of Sync's world. It has less Eclipses.

Safa - Roxy.
Soren - Mikazuki.
Anti - Eann.
Mobius - Fever.

A magician by the name of Sercis travels with these guys, protecting them from Riot. The last universe is the Wave / Spirit Cross universe. This one's the trickiest. Here are the Eclipse worlds.

Safa, Eclipse Safiri.
Soren, Eclipse Kutzu.
Fusion, Eclipse Glitra.

Earth and the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world play a large role in this universe. It's not the hardest to understand, but going to be so to execute, if I get to it. Gonna go ahead and commence the madness here.

"Feenix, you have betrayed me, have you not? Not even I can fathom how you have managed this."
[It is night. The large moon of the planet illuminates the land. Torches placed around the Oath Village help to brighten its internal structure, as well as the surrounding proximity.]

-Growth of Oaths-

[Cruce has returned to the village after discovering the wounded Shade, Daniel, with his team. Under the care of the Phaze Guardians, he has set back out with Danithan to investigate the Ancient Growth. Having returned, he does not see Lavender or Safiri...]

Cruce: Oh. Where'd they go?

Danithan: [He snaps his fingers, pointing at the arch-shaped opening.] Let's check for 'em inside.

Cruce: Sure. Hey, it's dark around here...

Danithan: I noticed! [His sunglasses rest atop his hat.]

Cruce: [Scoffs, starting to walk inside.] I can see pretty well in general, but it's not like I can see through pitch black. And wouldn't Darkness take advantage of that?

Danithan: I think they would. Sure, it's a drag. I have a solution. [With a hand lifted, a white spark glistens from his palm... Within a split second, his hand lights afire.]

Cruce: [He smirks at the helpful sight, lighting a decent radius around Danithan.] That doesn't burn or anything?

Danithan: Nah, dude! Comes naturally.

Lavender: [From inside the base of the tree, it is clear that light may not have been required. A cyan, gossamer glow radiates from a large lake within the tree, fireflies allured by this location.] Oh, there you are, Cruce. Who is this with you?

Danithan: I'm Danithan. [Alongside Cruce, he approaches Lavender and Safiri.] I guess you guys wanted backup?

Safiri: Yep. Thanks for coming, Danithan! When did you get to Safa?

Danithan: I arrived with Amen thirty or so minutes ago. Rush wanted to tell us all the whackiness that's happened here.

Safiri: Yikes, he was right to. It's still happening. We're looking for a way to contact the other Safas.

Danithan: ...Wow that just sounds mind-jacking.

Lavender: Maybe Cruce told you the events thus far. We saved a Shade earlier following a scuffle with Darkness. Now I know that sounds insane. Well it is. But the Shade was at once an opponent of Darkness.

Danithan: I heard the story, and I agree with the insanity part. So how do multiple Safas tie into checking out the Ancient Growth? Is it 'cause those Safas have Growths like this one?

Lavender: Yes, they do! We assumed they would be linked in some way. But the energies of the Growth have been sapped on a level that is putting Safiri and I in a state of concern, you see...

Danithan: [The flame in his hand flickers.] I see what you mean. It's affecting the Ecliptic forces of Safa, and the Ecliptix doesn't like that.

Cruce: There aren't really any evil things here, right? So they left with something valuable... What's the layout of the tree?

Safiri: This is the main chamber: the lake. It's beautiful, isn't it? [She gazes out at the magical scene of the luminous reflection of the surface of the shimmering water. The moisture within the vast tree reflects speckles of light even further, blessing the chamber with dim light.] This water is crucial to the Growth's purpose. It's a kind of spirit water that the elder of our tribe uses to invoke tribal magic given to us by this holy place. It is passed down from Safan to Safan within the tribe, each type of magic having to do with that Safan's bloodline. The family has a shared oath: in return for the power, they have to be buried within the soil of the Growth.

Lavender: Mhmm. Returning the energy they borrowed from the god.

Safiri: Exactly. The tree goes up into the clouds. I have heard some really cool rumors that there's a shrine a the apex of the Growth. It's supposed to be home to the Ancient Fairies.

Lavender: Yes, yes! I believe I have been to the top of the Ancient Growth I know. I would hate to spoil the surprise, but there are a select few things that work differently here. Such as the Fairies. That is new to me! For Safa.

Safiri: Really? I've never met one! Maybe we should try to reach the top of the tree then. What do you guys say?

Danithan: Sounds like a lot of climbing. But the quicker we start, the quicker we finish.

Cruce: (Hm...) [He crosses his arms, looking out at the lake.] (Such a cool place. I've never seen anything like it. It's nice to be here, but I wish I could see the place at its best. ) Hey... Saf.

Safiri: Yep yep?

Cruce: Have you any clue if the fairies or top of the tree have something to do with the Eclipse properties of Safa?

Safiri: They do. The lake is the physical magic of Safa, while the top of the tree is home to the Ecliptic energies. W-well, one of the homes. It's harbored in a lot of complicated sources... But the Ancient Growths are major points for it!

Lavender: Oh... this could be worse than we thought. We need to ascend now!

Safiri: Alright guys, I know the way up for a little bit at least! Follow me! [She takes off at a high speed, leaving the other three grossly behind... ...Upon realizing this, she darts back to her team.] Sorry, uh...

Danithan: Y-you'll want to take it slower, Safiri. [He chuckles.] We'll keep up as best as possible.

Safiri: Yep! My bad! [She leads on once again, heading for a massive vine which slopes upward over the lake. The others exercise caution on the narrow bridge... The vine evolves into a spiral shape which ascends into a second level of the Growth.]


[This second section of the tree possesses small rivers and cascades of water in a maze of large corridors. Giant, exotic plants are strewn about the labyrinth. The light persists.]

Cruce: (Big tree... I'm beginning to remember more about the Ancient Growth. But I'm not sure I remember anything about fairies in the top section.)

Safiri: From here, we take this path. I just remember the largest river leads to the right area. The others go to waterfalls, and I don't think it's easy to get up there.

Danithan: Nah, unless you fly. Heh.

Safiri: Oh gosh, not even then. The water falls through veins in the tree, so you'd have to swim straight up!

Danithan: Maybe an Aquan can do that.

[...A disturbance in the form of a splash. All eyes shift to the flowing water nearby. There are no rapids in this orderly, glowing river. Feral fish can be seen swimming about...]

Lavender: ...We all heard that...?

Danithan: Looks like. [He watches the reputed spot he heard the splash.]

Safiri: The fish don't jump here... Uh, and if they did, I don't think the splash would be loud like that one was.

[Another splash. Cruce witnesses this out of the corner of his eye. He cautiously walks to the riverbank, summoning the Crossblade and wielding it in his preferred style: backhand.]

Danithan: You see something, dude?

Cruce: [Without turning around.] I think so... [He creeps up to the ridge of the bank, peering into the disturbed water. A very unpleasant feeling overwhelms his senses; a qualm... He observes a swerving motion in the water, which disappears into the glowing blue.] I'm... not too sure I like that. It's gone.

Lavender: What did you see?

Cruce: Something dark.

Danithan: Go figure.

Cruce: It was probably one of those Nightmares...

Lavender: If it was a lowly grunt, it would have attacked. The more threatening ones, such as those we faced earlier, are the strategists... The Growth might have an interloper.

Safiri: Gee, if we see that thingy again, let's stop it. I don't like it roaming freely in here. C'mon, guys, let's keep going. [She hurries forward to a cross section of thick, ascending vines directly over the river. A bit of a leap leads them to a ledge, this being the third level of the Growth. Exasperating as the climb seems from here, the group witnesses a distracting threat. Within the center pond of this nearly flat, bio-luminescent floor, a scene is unfolding.]

[Surrounded by odd, waveform Nightmares is an unlikely duo: a Riolu, and a peculiar fairy...]

Riolu: {The Phaze Guardian from the EC series, that is, Ethereal Cross. Was seen alongside Lavender. Differs highly from Team Crimsongleam's Riolu from Liquid Starlight.} These fiends are... coming from nowhere!

Ancient Growth Fairy: [Appears to be a fairly small with light green skin, pearly eyes, a slender feminine body with long antennae and pale monarch butterfly wings.] This is grim...

Lavender: By the Light! [She calls out, immediately rushing up to the scene. Lavender attracts the attention of the parasitic creatures.]

Riolu: Lavender!!? [Utilizing this moment as his chance, he delivers an aura-empowered blow to one of the Nightmares, thrusting his elbow into the next. They are defeated with ease.]

Lavender: [Casts a few quick bolts to thin out the Nightmares' numbers.]

Ancient Growth Fairy: [Seizes the opportunity to dispel the Nightmare's energy closest to her via a form of ancient magic, vaporizing the creature.]

Lavender: ... [She eases her stance.] Hm~! That's all?

Riolu: Lavender... You are a sight for sore eyes. Hrrg. [He falls to one knee, holding his chest, though there appears to be no wound.]

Lavender: [She quickly jolts to his aid.] I could say the same for you, if you were not already sore, it seems?

Ancient Growth Fairy: I think he withstood a few bites from those creatures.

Riolu: It feels as though I'd been stung by a Scorpius... I'll... be fine. If those things would let up. They die easy, but they're quick and deadly.

Lavender: Scorpius... I would guess you saw the Shade?

Riolu: He was here. I tried to fend him off, but his Nightmare army kept me busy. He was aiming to harm my friend here.

Ancient Growth Fairy: That monster poisoned our blessed home! He stole me from my family to... [She closes her eyes and trembles.] M-my family who I... I don't know where they...

Safiri: [Darts to the three.] I don't mean to interrupt, but... you're an Ancient Fairy. Do you know what happened to the Ancient Growth?!

Ancient Fairy: Eclipse, is that you? You came up here because you sensed the turmoil... I'm glad you're safe and with others. I have to explain as quickly as I can. A Shade from another Darkness came to our home and absorbed its energy. It... was minimal. His true goal was to poison our tree so that he could spread these dark creatures. They're multiplying evermore. Riolu was here before the Shade came to the tree.

Riolu: I haven't the slightest idea why I ended up on Safa. And while I'm on that, this seems to be a very different Safa from yours, Lavender, based on what you've told me. And from what I have just heard here, you... [He watches Safiri.] ...are an Eclipse?

Safiri: [She nods twice.] Yep. One of three.

Lavender: Riolu, this Safa is different than my home world. We've come to the Ancient Growth to investigate a possible gateway to that very world. Of course that may now be secondary, if what this unfortunate fairy says is true.

Ancient Fairy: It's as true as it is dire. I can feel the higher energies of the trees become clouded with the venom of that Shade.

Riolu: [He stands, the effects of the poison fading for now.] Mmgh... I know nothing of the Ecliptic energies this world has, but I know from the Scorpius Phaze Guardian that their venom can be undone with a remedy from a type of "bell flower" on Tulwar V.

Lavender: All the more reason to get to our universe! It's a long journey, and this may not be my Safa, but I'm not about to let it suffer.

Safiri: Thank you... Thank you Lavender. I wish I could be a little more help, but I promised to go with Cruce.

Riolu: [He raises a brow.] ...Cruce...?

Lavender: I'll explain later.

Ancient Fairy: ...Eclipse, the energies that flow within your body may be enough to send a signal to the other dimension... Your instincts to come here were spot-on. We've been receiving curious magical transmissions in our shrine since this began. Before the arrival of the Shade.

Safiri: R-really?! So we might be able to...

Ancient Fairy: I think it's possible, but... We need to hurry. Those dark fiends could--

[In a pack of several, the surroundings darken with the creeping, parasitic Nightmares.]

Danithan: Surefire timing!!

Cruce: [He looks back at the approaching creatures and quickly summons his Blade.] Damn! Look out!

[He and Danithan begin a brief assault on the foes.]

Ancient Fairy: There's no time to waste! Gather around me! I will use what remains of my power to take you to the apex of our home. My family will guide you.

Cruce: Hm?! [He looks back at his group as they gather around the fairy.]

Safiri: [Watching Cruce and Danithan fend off of the Nightmares.] G-guys! C'mon over here! Hurry!

Riolu: They gave us a break, but there's a lot!! Come quickly!

Danithan: [With white fire blazing upon his hands, he faces the foes.] Ah, crap... Go, dude! Cruce, they're calling you!

Cruce: What?! What about you?!

Danithan: [He smirks at his ally.] I can handle a couple hundred Darkness slugs! It's a drag, whatever, but I can. Get outta here. This is my dimension--maybe not time--but I'm still devoted to it. Find your world, Cruce! It needs you!

Cruce: [Gritting his teeth, he gives no thought to this.] (Sorry, Danithan...) Good luck!! [He shouts out before joining the others, taken into the roof of the Ancient Growth within a small orb of light...]


-Oath Apex-


[The orb of light rockets its way through a vertical vein of the tree until arriving at a massive chamber, complete with symbolic stone structures and luminous ponds. Streaks of symbolic light line the pathways of this magical village, as well as the symbols upon the stone buildings. The village is built within a giant ring, a mystifying altar in the center of this ring.]

Ancient Fairy: [The orb solidifies into the five companions. As it does so, she scans the area, finding no sign of the Nightmares.] Good, they haven't reached the Apex... My family is here. I'll gather them. Wait for me at the center altar, please. [With haste, she flies into the village.]

Safiri: Woooow... [Gazing at her surroundings.] ...I wish the Growth of Oaths weren't in danger... this is amazing... I've never thought this was here all this time... I thought it was a rumor.

Lavender: [She smiles at Safiri.] An impressive place, I agree! Let's hurry to the center.

Riolu: [He catches a glimpse of Cruce's Crossblade... He shakes his head briefly and follows Lavender to the altar.]


[The altar is a basic pyramid with a set of stairs on all four sides. At its pinnacle is a shrine encased in an array of vines, flowers, and spores. The shrine's center consists of a tiny pond, lit with an emerald-colored inscription beneath the shallow water. The group gathers at the base of this pyramid.]

Safiri: [Gazing up at the large stone structure.] ...I feel like I've seen something like this before...

Lavender: You might have. Eclipses are known to have various visions teaching them more of their own world, especially those things that are significant to your Ecliptic being. This is one of those things.

Safiri: Wow, it kind of seems like you really do know a lot about this Safa too.

Lavender: You would be surprised at how similar our worlds are! ...I think you'd also be amazed at the differences.

Riolu: I'm amazed twofold. This is my first experience with any Safa.

Lavender: Heh, but not your first with any Safan activity.

Riolu: Not at all.

Ancient Fairy: [She returns with two other fairies of varying colors, wings, and the like. They are both female.] Friends, friends!

[The four face these fairies.]

Ancient Fairy: [In midair, she and her sisters come to a stop side by side.] These are my sisters, Elivri and Garnet. For the time being, they have been told to remain in the Apex...

Elivri: The others are searching for those who became isolated as a result of the infiltration. Naera was on her own, which I personally think was a terrible call.

Garnet: It was! It was and they need to feel bad about that! She almost got killed down there!

Naera: [The third sister.] Let's not go blaming the rest of the village. We've been blessed with the help of these adventurers, one of which is the Eclipse Safiri.

Elivri: Safiri? Your senses are as keen as can be, Eclipse. You've come to the correct place, and with a wise choice of allies, as it would appear we do not know our enemy.

Safiri: I'm glad I could make it in time! My friends here actually are from the world where those "shadows" come from. Apparently it's a whole 'nother Darkness.

Garnet: Well that certainly doesn't look good for us...

Naera: Which is why we still need to hurry. The Eclipse and her associates are looking for a gateway to another Safa, which is a world within a realm where this new Darkness hails. And girls, I'm sure you've noticed by now...

Elivri: The shocking sensation, yes. The feeling of another Ancient Growth nearby. That is impossible on its own. The nearest Growth on this world rests thousands of miles away.

Cruce: Hm, Safa's a pretty big world then.

Elivri: Well, as opposed to a couple other Ecliptic worlds, I'm sure.

Cruce: But we're talkin' about dimensions, right? One Safa's Growth coming into contact with another? Those distances are far, I'd think.

Naera: Hmm... Dimensions are strange, even if you remotely understand them. Say, for example, you have two planets. Well those planets are far apart in space. The same is true with galaxies. Universes, however... A universe fulfills its time and space quota. Which means it has a certain amount of space, and a certain amount of time. There is no space between universes. There is subspace, which works on a more mystical level. It's durable, but I think the subspace between a few dimensions, or universes, has been disrupted somehow. That may be how Riolu got here. How this subspace was damaged I fear I cannot say. I can say that Riolu, and you too Lavender, appeared around the Ancient Growth for a reason, and that reason was because of the high Ecliptic energies in the area.

Lavender: Right, and those Ecliptic energies are... well they're points where you are most likely to appear on a world, in layman's terms. Without them, you'd end up stranded. They're guides, so to speak.

Naera: Exactly! You and Riolu are well taught. Come with us. We want to show you something curious. [The three fairies, in unison, lead the way up to the shrine...]

[Lavender and Safiri follow close behind, while Riolu and Cruce walk behind them on the wide stairway. Each of them circle around the small, altar pond at the pinnacle.]

Garnet: This is about as high as you can get in the Growth of Oaths. Unless you were to fly to the roof, but there's nothing up there but a pretty view!

Naera: [She lands softly, leaning in and gazing at her reflection in the shining water.] Here we are. This puddle... You see within it the symbol? That symbol is the code of Safa.

Safiri: ...[She gazes closer into the shimmering water.] I see it... I... made this...

Elivri: Of course. You are in charge of it after all.

Safiri: [She nods...] But... I didn't make the symbol in this life... [She closes her eyes, attempting to think back. This is empowered by the presence of the ancient symbol.] I didn't make it in the previous life. Nor the one before that. I made it long ago; a number of years larger than I can count. But it's all flooding back in! I know I made this. It's called the Oron Mo. The Growths aren't the only place it's located... I'm... not allowed to say where else it is.

Naera: That's perfectly fine. You know of your history with the Oron Mo, and you know how to activate it. Any World Eclipse would.

Cruce: (World Eclipse...? That sounds like a pretty important role. Also sounds like Safiri's had this role for a while. She's not completely immortal, right? I heard her talk about past lives. Maybe the Eclipse has the same mind, but different bodies? ...This symbol kind of bothers me... My hand feels tingly. Both of them, actually.)

Safiri: Once I activate this, it'll let me look into the Ecliptic magic of Safa, right?

Elivri: It will. And if there exists a second Safa, I think you will find another source of similar magic. And from what I hear, that is what you are all looking for.

Lavender: Correct.

Naera: Alright. Safiri? Whenever you're ready, we will help you channel your power into the Oron Mo.

Safiri: Thank you! I remember this taking a long time on my own... I think I'll start now... [She takes a deep breath, exhaling through her nose. With her eyes closed, a silent state of meditation becomes her goal. She sits to achieve this.]

[The three sister fairies place one of their hands upon each other's. A small beam of light gently hovers to Safiri's body from each of their hands. The fur on Safiri's body stands on end as this light forms a fork in its path, that second path shooting into the Oron Mo within the waters, which ripple as though a pebble had been tossed into the puddle. The symbol brightens...]


Cruce: (This... ceremony... I feel something happening in me. I'm not sure what, but I know something's going on. I thought I didn't have any sort of Connection to the Eclipses, at least not here... Is it... the Crossblade...?)

Safiri: ... ... ... [Completely in the state of seemingly unconscious meditation...] ... (...Who... Who's that...?)
("Hello Eclipse... I think you're the one from Safa. Safiri, am I right? Sincerest apologies. I know what you are trying to do, but I cannot allow it, for these worlds already have enough grief to undergo as it is. ...Ah yes, I see into your mind. You have seen Darkness from another dimension. There is a simple solution to your problem. Let them do as they please. Let Safa die. Each dimension is bound for destruction, and must be. All worlds have now become tainted, and have strayed from our Lord's grand design. And now you know far too much! I will do you the favor of ending your life through this symbol. Goodbye Eclipse." wink

Safiri: !! M-mrrgh!! [In clear anguish, the light around her and the symbol become an ominous mist of black and red. Slowly, the mist envelops her, darkening as an opaque barrier.]

Naera: Oh! What is this?! [She and her sister observe their hands. The light has vanished from it. It flows from the Oron Mo to Safiri.] I-is this bad?!

Elivri: She looked like she was in pain...

Garnet: Should we help?!

Lavender: Maybe the magic is overwhelming... But I know an Eclipse can sort this out. She might be seeing the other Safa.

Riolu: I feel wrong about this, Lavender. That fog is... aura... and it is a deadly aura.

Cruce: [The black and red aura finds its way to his palms.] The Crossblade! It wants the Crossblade! [Feeling the urge to conjure his Blade, he does so, pulling back from the mist.] (I can feel something happening with it. The Crossblade wants to... save Safiri? Well I'm not one to ignore it!) [Suddenly, he raises both arms high, Crossblade inverted down. He thrusts the blade into the Oron Mo, disrupting the black aura. The group steps back in shock as they watch the energies at play oppose one another. Sparks of unknown energies flare out. As these energies settle, they brighten as well, producing a greenish color aura around Safiri. It soon caves into itself before hurdling into the Crossblade... Safiri is nowhere to be seen, but only for a few silent, nerve-wrecking moments...] ... S-Safiri...?!

Naera: Where... Where did she...


Cruce: Rgh! [He pulls the weapon from the Oron Mo, its three blades glowing a bright virdian momentarily... That glow shoots out, manifesting in the center of the shrine's puddle; upon the symbol... The light takes a particular form.]


{This new Safiri is technically much older. She is an Ancient Fairy; a slim, radiant green body with a belt of petals, some of which flow down her small legs. Her antennae are longer than the other fairies'. The same holds true with her floral wings, which represent the colors of roses and their stems. Sections of her body are white, such as her feet, hands, and antennae.}

Safiri: [Standing, disoriented. She realizes that she is within water, and makes a minimal effort to step from that. As she walks from the water, she falls...]

Cruce: [He lets the Crossblade fall, crouching down to one knee and catching this new fairy Safiri in his arms.] Whoa, whoa...!

Safiri: Nngh... Guys?

Cruce: [Failing to observe his surroundings.] Yeah? I'm here, Safiri. I'm here!

Safiri: [Being about three feet tall and on two legs at the moment, she struggles to stand, instead looking up at Cruce.] Cruce...?

Cruce: Yeah? Safiri, that's you... is it? (G-God, what did I do to her?)

Safiri: I... think so... I am Safiri, but what am I? Am I a fairy? [Feeling for her wings, she is still too stunned to understand her newer body.]

Cruce: You look like one of the fairies... So yes. Here, I can show you. [Gently holding one of her wrists, he brings her to her feet.] Uh, careful. I don't think you're used to walking on two legs.

Safiri: Two? I have two legs? [She is taken to the small puddle. The ripples clear upon the surface of the new water... It is then that she and Cruce look out at the Ancient Growth.]

Cruce: [They are within a huge chamber. It appears to be frozen, plants caged in ice. The chamber seems to be similar to that of the rivers and the lake combined, as a massive, frozen lake leads off into smaller bodies of water. They happen to be near a still puddle of unfrozen, from which they came... They are no longer in the Apex.] Ah, crap. What happened here?

Safiri: [Upon noticing her new features, she places a hand softly on her cheek.] ... ...

Cruce: ...You okay? [Turning back to Safiri, he sees that she is entranced with this new body.] Oh, right... Listen, uh, I don't know what I did. I'm sorry. I wish I knew why the Crossblade started freaking out. If you're mad, I understand. Turning you into something else is kind of bad on my part, I'm... sorry Safiri.

Safiri: Cruce! You saved me... [She returns her attention to him.] You saved me from that fog.

Cruce: I did? I don't think it was me. It was the Blade...

Safiri: Well, both of you! Someone was talking to me... That person wanted to kill me. It told me that I needed to let Darkness and destruction take everything. That we live in a tainted world... And it used that as its chance to kill me. Or try to. It tried to... but ended up making me into this. A fairy... I don't know why... but the point is that you saved me. You saved my life... [She carefully walks to Cruce, though ends up losing her balance on two legs and falls, yet again, into him.]

Cruce: [He catches her, holding her in hug which provides significant warmth in the current setting.] ...I'm happy I could be there. I don't know what I did, but I'm glad I did it.

Safiri: [She smiles wide, her arms as far around Cruce as they can go.] Thanks so much... Ah, you're so much like him, but a little more modest.

Cruce: The Believer, right?

Safiri: Mhm... I feel something new... I feel new magic of some sort. In addition to the new abilities I think I have. What happened back there? ...And where are we now?

Cruce: Your guess is as good as mine. I threw the Blade into the sketching, or Oron Mo, I think, and you came out of that puddle looking different. There was a bit of a light before that... I don't know where we are, or where the others ended up.

Safiri: Uh oh, so this isn't good then. [She lets go of Cruce, aghast at the amount of ice within the chamber.] This is really not good... It's frozen. This feels like the Ancient Growth, too...

Cruce: Kind of cold in here!

Safiri: [She wraps her arms around herself.] Brrr, very cold. We need to try and find a way out. I don't know how well I can keep up though.

Cruce: I can carry you if you'd like.

Safiri: [She blushes clearly.] Oh! It's okay! I have to learn sometime. Maybe now isn't the best time, but what if things get worse?

Cruce: Fair enough, I'll help you out if you're having too much trouble. Try your wings out when you can. Looks like they can give you some lift.

Safiri: Yep! Let's get out of this place!

Cruce: Agreed.

[With no interruptions from any type of Darkness or other foe, the two briskly yet cautiously explore this icy interior. A few slip ups on Safiri's part slow the duo down, though not considerably. The environment is difficult for someone learning to walk on two legs, if the ice is taken into consideration. Safiri's feet do not receive as much traction anymore. That said, she begins to experiment with her wings, finding that a very difficult task for the time being, the frozen air preventing much progress.]

Safiri: ...I think I can walk now. [Walking beside Cruce with little trouble.] But now I won't know how to walk on something less slippery, hehe.

Cruce: Hah, you're used to ice. It's easy to pick up! Speaking of picking up things, you can hold stuff in your hands now. I mean you did hug me. That's one way of holding something.

Safiri: Hold stuff? [She observes her hands, curiously eying her fingers.] You mean with these things? They're like... little tentacles... That's kind of weird, Cruce.

Cruce: Heheh, well you could put it that way! Hands help. You'll find out why pretty fast. Hm, I don't mean to change the subject, but it looks like there's a cave leading down over there. [He points ahead, stopping briefly.] I think it's a river. It's frozen though. Wanna check it out?

Safiri: [Nods.] I do! Could be a way out.

Cruce: Gotcha. (She's cute. Her optimism is pretty nice. She has a heavy duty. She's probably stressed out most of the time about being an Eclipse. From what she told me, she almost died back there. But she's still going strong... Are all Eclipses this way? Because this is a really powerful mentality.)

[They come to the downward river, which continues on around a sloped corner. The two stand at the edge of this.]

Cruce: ...Well this is interesting. Let's be careful about this, alright?

Safiri: I'll try to be careful... I already wish I knew how to fly though.

Cruce: Trust me, I'd be doing it if I knew how. Watch your step! [He takes the first step on the downward, icy slope. Unfortunately, as soon as he lifts his other leg, he falls forth, sliding down the covered river.] W-WAIT I LIED, JUST SLIDE, JUST SLIDE!! [His voice fades out as he slides down.]

Safiri: Eep!! [She takes after Cruce, though sitting down as she slides.] OHMYGOSH THAT'S SO COLD!!


-Ancient Growth Base-

[A gathering of Nightmares has formed at the crystalline base of the enormous tree. It's base is a ring-shaped cavern, that itself being a huge residence for many Safans. Around the center, a river spirals up into the higher sections of the tree near a pathway. Both, however, are frozen solid. The same goes for the residence cavern. Most of these Nightmares have taken the shape of various Safans, ranging from birds to bats, with a couple hounds and felines. Leading this gathering is an elegant, glamorous icy fox with dark blue fur, icy claws, crystalline tips on her ears and tail.]

Danielle: {She is the Shade under Maaya from the EC series. Originally Daniel, the Ruinous Maaya has overtaken her body, affecting appearance and ultimately gender. Icy blue lines show on her dark fur. A small structure of ice crystals form on her large tail. Tiny crystals sparkle under her eyes. Most notably is her large hair, styled into a black hime.} My Nightmares, no longer are we opposed by Light. Those Eclipses are far too busy with the affairs of Chronic! The ice is spreading throughout the Ancient Growth... Soon we will be able to harvest the energy with the greatest ease! Hehehehehe! What a glorious day for Da--[She is interrupted by a peculiar yelling...]

Cruce: [Sliding down the ramp at a very high speed, Safiri close behind. They quickly approach a section where the water flows into a small hollow, much too small for them to fit through. ] Wall. Wall. Wall! WALL! [He calls out, summoning his Crossblade and inverting his position with haste, thrusting the Blade into the layer of ice to act as a pick. He slows down considerably, scooping Safiri up... They come to a stop inches before wall.] ...Huuuh... [He simply leaves his arm extended.]

Safiri: Whoa, Cruce... Nice thinking... I'm... dizzy... [With her eyes closed, she leans into Cruce's side.] ...And... cold.

Danielle: Mmm? [With her Nightmares, she faces the anomaly.] Cruce...? [Upon noticing the Crossblade, her stare goes wide-eyed.] I have found you! Finally!!

Cruce: [He stands, supporting Safiri to her feet and pulling his Blade from the ice, carefully dropping from the slope beside his friend.] ...Oh hello.

Safiri: E-eep... This doesn't look very good... A-again.

Cruce: No it does not.

Danielle: [She snarls at Cruce.] Y-you... Where have you come from!?

Cruce: [Looks back at the river.] ...I dunno, up there? [Points to it.] Who are you?

Danielle: You do not deserve to know!! I will shatter your body into a thousand fragments here and now!

Cruce: Oh, s**t! [He prepares himself, holding his Crossblade backhand.]

Safiri: [Watching her ally hold his weapon, she brings her hand up and around, following a strange motion. A green light trails from her hand... Out of almost nowhere, a Crossblade forms in that hand. It is smaller, more on par with a wand. Floral designs line the handle. The blades are smooth, green energy, similar to Cruce's dark energy.]

Cruce: !! Wh--(What did she do?! How did she... Bah, not now!)

Danielle: [She steps back, startled by the presence of a second Blade.] Another?! How can there be another?! Who are you, fairy?

Cruce: That's not really your business.

Danielle: Grrrr, you pestering whelp... [With no warning, she blows a cold stream of icy air at Cruce.]

Cruce: [Blocks the move with an arm raised. The icy mist freezes his jacket sleeve, then the majority of his arm, though quickly melts, as his enhanced endurance easily negates most of the damage.]

Danielle: [She growls, stepping into the ground. A splash of ice crystals and dark liquid accompany this, the same effect duplicating itself beneath Cruce. An immense spike of black ice rockets from underneath him. Though this magic is not solid. It is seemingly solid energy.]

Cruce: [Knocked into the air, he returns to the icy ground having recovered to avoid landing on his back or chest.] ...Ow... I get it. You want me dead! Which means a battle! [Without hesitating, Cruce takes a swing of his Crossblade, igniting the air with a white, crescent-shaped shockwave. Danielle reacts quickly, ducking her body under this attack. This goads the Nightmares into attacking Cruce and Safiri.]

Safiri: [With a sterner look, she prepares herself for combat. A flock of devilish Safan bats swarm her and Cruce.]

Cruce: [He swings at the air, striking a few bats, as well as birds. They fall back, though quickly return. Safiri appears to be doing the same. Both of the two feel the sting of a few bat bites.] Gah!! Screw off! [He rips a bat from his arm, hurling it onto the ground and thrusting the Blade into the creature, which is enough to end its unlife.]

Safiri: Ow!! [She holds her shoulder, feeling the pain of a couple bites.] No fair! Stop picking on me...! [Her swings become a bit more adept. The floral Crossblade grows with her radiant aura.]

Cruce: [He catches a glimpse of a couple hounds and cats headed his way. His reaction is swift. He throws the Blade into the ice, using it as a pole and twirling around it once, kicking the Nightmares back before hand-standing atop the hilt of the blade, pulling it from the ice and striking vertically at the ground with it as he loops back upright. This crash triggers a minuscule quake; enough energy to dissipate the attackers.]

Safiri: [Finishing off the horde of fliers, she is confronted with a large hound. This foe chomps down roughly on her weapon-wielding wrist, causing her to wince in pain and drop the Blade. Danielle takes this chance...] Aah!!

Danielle: [Quickly utilizes a black portal to reach Safiri without being noticed. A prompt spell encases Safiri in dark ice.] You've interrupted me from my work. Now I desire to see what makes you tick, Crossblade-wielder. Nightmares. Be rid of this pest.

Cruce: Ah!! No! [Thinking as quickly as he can, he throws his Crossblade as though it were a javelin at Danielle. A large portal swallows she and Safiri, leaving the Nightmare behind, who quickly bolts to Cruce.] Shoot. [He re-summons the weapon with haste, countering the charge of the hound with an accurate swipe. A combo of these manages to fell the other Nightmares in the area. After a few more minutes of troubled battle, he scans the area...] Safiri?! ...Anyone?! ...

(So is that how it is? Am I all alone again on a world I hardly know? ...I thought I was doing well, but I slipped up here. I've made some progress, but it looks like I lost everything in a heartbeat. To make things worse, this Darkness hates my guts. I don't even know them! Who am I to them? Am I a threat? Some nuisance? Not knowing who I am is killing me! And I'm afraid it actually WILL kill me if I don't hurry up and find some evidence about myself... No... wait I think I already have... That symbol in the Ancient Growth. It had something to do with the Crossblade here. But what? And why did Safiri get the ability to have one? What did she turn into...? Rush... now I can see why there are so many unknowns. They add up faster than you can count. And Darkness isn't helping. That's the thing. Darkness isn't helping. Ethan, I really need to get to know your Darkness more. Daniel, too. I just lost my last partner, and I have no leads on where to head next... Dammit, Safiri, don't worry. I'm coming for you!)