Maybe you're wondering why I'm writing this? emotion_awesome
Why not screw up a screwed up story some more? But make the character more aware of just how screwed up stuff is?
Sounds fun to me. emotion_dowant


(My name is Cruce Maximilius. I've met this guy named Rush. He seems familiar, even though he's not a human, which pretty much says that I am a human. But I'm about to be an animal of some sort. He's telling me to look for a girl called Safiri on a planet that turns people into animals. I don't know all of the details, but I'm willing to search for her. It's the only objective I've received since I got here. Rush says he's working for Light, but he's got shifty eyes. I believe him about the Light deal, but he thinks I'm some bad guy called the Believer. I feel like something's wrong. But I could just be paranoid. I can't predict anything back home, so I won't jump to conclusions here.)


-Ravaged School Campus-

Rush: [He stops, scanning the ruins.] Somewhere, a notorious enemy of ours left a wormhole of sorts to Safa.

Cruce: An enemy? So he's on Safa.

Rush: I wouldn't know. He's been on many of the worlds. I think he might have left paths to all of them around here for his own convenience. He doesn't bother with getting rid of them. If you fall in, you probably won't come back out.

Cruce: Unless you're made of magic. [Crosses his arms and looks out at the area.] Where is this thing?

Rush: It's around here. It shouldn't be too hard to locate. It's a red pool that swirls, almost like quicksand.

Cruce: Quicksand? Are you sure this isn't a trap, man? I told you, I'm not this Believer person.

Rush: [He turns his attention to Cruce, not answering this question.] ...Hm...

Cruce: [Notices this and raises an eyebrow.] What?

Rush: Can you fight?

Cruce: I can. [He raises his Crossblade closer to his chest.] Why?

Rush: Just... It's nothing. Let's hurry up and find the hole.

Cruce: [Shrugging, he agrees.] Whatever you say.

[It takes mere minutes to locate the grounded vortex, as its luminescence was simple enough to spot. The crimson color spirals into a black emptiness... Rush and Cruce stand at the brink of this portal...]

Cruce: [Scratching at the back of his head with his free hand.] This won't just throw me into some sort of subspace, right? I can't live with that...

Rush: ...[Shrugs.] Technically, it travels through subspace. You'll land safely on the other side. Safa.

Cruce: Hmm... [Crouches down and peers into the deep vortex... Before his eyes, Rush dives into the portal.] !! [He stands back up quickly.] Thanks for the warning! ...Well, he did it. Might as well... [Following after his supposed ally, he jumps into the wormhole, greeted with the sensation of weightlessness...]


[On the other side, the grass becomes black. Redness spirals out. The portal has recreated itself on this green landscape. Moments later, it practically spits Cruce out. Gravity reverses, him having fallen up into this world. He lands on the grass... The portal has vanished already.]

Cruce: [Holding his Blade firm, he scans the area for a few seconds.] ... ...Rush...? Rush, you anywhere? [Checks all around his location. There is no sign of Rush.] Where'd that weirdo go? ... Well whatever. This place looks a lot better... [He takes notice of the forested area. Trees thicken the surroundings. The canopy filters the sunlight into visible rays. The canvas of this forest is painted with diverse floral scenery, large mushrooms, and a mystical bioluminescence about the ground and bark of the trees. With no bearings, he simply walks through the forest in hope of finding someone. Again.] I'm lost again... (And on top of that, I feel kind of sick. I haven't felt this way in a while. My body can take a lot of physical punishment because of my Spirit Cross... the Crossblade. This doesn't feel right...) ...

(Well, I'm not floating aimlessly in space. Rush was probably telling the truth about this leading to a planet called Safa. I can't help but feel weird at the sound of that, and the sight of this place. Safa... I feel like I remember a Safa. It doesn't make sense to me. The only planet I've been to is Earth. Right? I don't really understand what's happening, but I'm supposed to be looking for someone. Safiri is her name. I don't see Rush anywhere. I'm thinking maybe he returned to those Gardens or whatever? ...I feel heavy now... It's weird. I don't know what this is...) [He falls to one knee, his weight supported with the Crossblade.] ...No, gotta take five. Ahh... My... [He lets go of the Crossblade. It falls to the grass, as do his palms. His body, beginning at his hands, slowly becomes concealed in a bright, green hued light.] !! What the heck, dude?! ...Gah! [He braces himself as the light covers his entire body. In that quick moment, it reshapes his physical structure. When it is complete, the light dispels itself into fragments...]

[Cruce's body is shaped like a small fox's. The color of his fur is black, his underbelly being gray. The fur on his head replicates his hair, which covers one eye. The fur on his legs light up to white at the paw. The same goes for his tail. The pull has transmogrified his body into a black Safan fox...]

Cruce: [On all fours, his first reaction does not relate to his body.] Ohh ow... Where's my Crossblade? [He searches for it, finding it right at his forepaws.] Oh. God, what happened to me now? What am I, a puppy? [He turns his head as far back as he can, the reconstructed bone structure proving an odd feeling.] A wolf? A fox? Maybe a fox... So that's what Rush meant. But I don't look like a normal animal. Maybe I'm not... For one, I'm talking. [His ears flicker.] Very quietly... (My senses are different. Feels like I can pick up whispers a mile away... Feels like I can smell smoke twenty miles away. Maybe I'm exaggerating.) [He looks back down at the Crossblade, which has shrunken a tad. It's black, crystalline blades now have neon green running through them like veins.] (What happened to my Spirit Cross...?) [He reaches down with his head, grabbing the Crossblade with his mouth.] (I feel like I can hold it like this easy. My jaw's different... Ah, everything's different. This is weird... I don't need the Crossblade right now.) [The Blade shimmers brightly before vanishing from his maw.] ... Never tasted my own spirit before. Welp, time to look for Safiri. [Before he begins again, there is a call...]

???: Hey! [His voice is clear as day, but he cannot be seen.]

Cruce: What? More people stalking me? Where? Where are you? [He hurriedly looks in all directions, not necessarily panicked at the sound of this voice.]

Ethan: Chris! It's Ethan! Dude, what the hell are you doing here?

Cruce: Ethan? Chris? My name's not Chris...

Ethan: Pbbth. [He drops from the low tree branch and lands on Cruce's back. {Ethan's a skunk furry in his own universe. On Safa, he's a skunk Safan with fur that seems somewhat spiny. His body has a slight red to it, though it still appears black and white. On his forehead is a nearly invisible symbol of some sort.} Mr. Believer, I thought you were dead!

Cruce: H-hey! Get off of me! [He snarls, bucking Ethan off of his back and turning to face him.] What the hell are you supposed to be?

Ethan: [Thrown off, he rolls once before standing on all fours again. He grins at Cruce.] So I don't know if I read your thoughts wrong or what, but you're a strange person, Chris!

Cruce: It's Cruce. Cruuuuce. Not Chris.

Ethan: [His grin fades fast.] 'Kay, serious now. Cruce? That's like one letter away from Chris. Well, it sounds like it at least. Chroos? Or something? You're not gonna hide from Light like that, buddy bud!

Cruce: Who... are you?

Ethan: It's lovely to see you again too, friend! How about a kiss for old time's sake?

Cruce: [He simply glares at Ethan.]

Ethan: Gosh. Someone's in a bad mood. You don't remember your awesome friend Ethan? The Nullifier guy? Dream Eater? Not ringing a bell?

Cruce: Hardly. I'd turn away and go about my business, but I'm kinda interested to know more.

Ethan: Well uh... this is pretty awkward because I really thought you were the Believer.

Cruce: You did too? Some thing calling himself Rush thought the same thing. He led me to Safa...

Ethan: You met Rush? Hahaha! That bundle of paranoia's got you in a trap, I'm afraid. I'm sure of it.

Cruce: What?! I told him I wasn't this Believer Chris person!

Ethan: He's not easy to fool. Nor is he very fond of trusting people who look like the dude who killed his special girlfriend or whatever.

Cruce: Dammit. He was my only chance of learning anything about this place... About Earth, I mean. Well... maybe more than just Earth.

Ethan: ...You're not from Earth?

Cruce: I am, but... not the Earth I woke up in... I don't know what's going on... I'm Cruce Maximilius, wielder of the Crossblade. Not the Believer. I feel like I'm going to have to say that a lot.

Ethan: Probably. I only recognized you by the sound of your voice and thoughts. 'Kay, if you were Chris, I was going to ask you why you were here on Safa. I came because everyone was going this way. I played hero back at the Pokémon place, so I thought it'd be refreshing to see a little more destruction and whatnot.

Cruce: Pokémon...? [His jaw drops for a moment.] Please be joking. Pokémon...?

Ethan: Is this a joking face? [Smirks wide.]

Cruce: Yes.

Ethan: ...The point is, I'm here, and you look like Light's pain in the behind. So now that Rush tricked you, what're you going to do~?

Cruce: I don't know. It doesn't feel like he tricked me... because I still have no clue what's going on. You sound like one of the bad guys, so wanna fight or something? If so, maybe we can make it fast?

Ethan: [He blinks, tilting his head.] ...You're weird. I think I like you. You should let me join up with you. Or join up with Darkness! Yeah, do that! It's a good choice.

Cruce: Do I look like a dumbass? [He turns around, ready to march off into the forest.]

Ethan: [Walks underneath Cruce's belly, tail skimming his chest. Directly under Cruce, he looks up and smiles.] Oh come on!

Cruce: !? [He looks down at Ethan, nearly touching muzzles.] What do you want, man?

Ethan: Bad guys? 'Kay, do I look like a bad guy at all?

Cruce: ...Well no...

Ethan: I think you're under the assumption that Darkness is evil. And maybe that's true... or something... but! Light's being dumb about things! They're causing more harm than they know! And at this point, Darkness is helping so many worlds. Light just thinks they're a problem and wants to get rid of them... We need more help. Help like you, 'kay?

Cruce: So I'm being recruited by both Light and Darkness in the same day?

Ethan: Uhhh... Maybe?

Cruce: [He sighs, lifting his head with a disgruntled expression.] You're lucky you're cute...

Ethan: Ooh, damn right, baby. [He giggles mischievously and licks Cruce's chin.]

Cruce: [Drops his head once more.] Wh--!!

Ethan: 'Guess you really did miss me! Do you want a kiss after all~?

Cruce: Are you always like this?

Ethan: Maybe! God, you really are like him... It was fun being on adventures with him. I wanna do it again, 'kay?

Cruce: Fine, you can come with me. Just try not to--

Ethan: [Runs out from underneath Cruce.] --Get in the way, I know... Well Maxie? We gonna go or what?

Cruce: [Curiously watching the skunk.] (This person is on the side of Darkness? What is Darkness exactly...? Maybe taking this guy with me is a good idea. I still know nothing. Hell, I just turned into a fox thing. Good start.)

Ethan: Good start indeed!

Cruce: Wow, you weren't lying when you said you heard my thoughts. You'll have to explain a bit more about yourself... Dream Eater...


(I met Ethan in the forest. He says he's a part of Darkness, but that feels weird to believe. But so did Rush's words... I don't know who to trust more. But it doesn't matter. Whatever happens happens. I'll wake up soon enough in a hospital bed maybe... ...Again... ...I think I'm beginning to remember something, but... No, I still don't know what to think... Hopefully I find Safiri soon. Maybe Rush too, if he still didn't fool me.)