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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Longer "About Me"
About Me

Username: Fox Demon Areiku V2 (FDAreiku V2)
Alias: Areiku, Reiku, Arei, Rei
Hates Being Called: Miss, Ms., Mrs., Ma'am, Lady
Age: 22

- Gets pissed off easily.
- People in general irritate her.
- Has trust issues.
- Doesn't trust anyone except her closest friends.
- Doesn't have many friends.
- Overprotective.
- Not a very nice person.
- Only nice if you're nice to her.
- Hates being used and toyed with.
- Very quiet and serious.

- Anime
- Manga
- Drawing
- Video Games (Favorite: Tekken)
- Cartoons (Favorite: My Little Pony FiM)
- Music (60's-90's, Classic Rock, Oldies, Anime Music)
- Food
- Friends
- Respect
- Trust

- Trolls
- Spammers
- Hackers
- Scriptors
- Cyberers
- Succubus
- Elitists
- Bdsm
- 'I am poses'
- Annoying people
- Fan crazed people
- Jerks
- Poking
- Emo
- Screamo
- Rap
- Dubstep
- The band LMFAO
- Homestuck
- Twilight
- Harry potter
- Music today

More About Me

I am a very quiet and serious person.
However if you get to know me more and if I like you, then that could change.
If you're a jerk to me, I'll just put you on ignore.
I'm not going to deal with drama anymore.
I've had enough of that in the past.

Back in February 2010, my Fox Demon Areiku account was banned.
I lost everything on that account. (Over 35 million gold worth in items.)
However, this is my second Fox Demon Areiku account. Version 2.

PLEASE do not send me private messages telling me "hi how r u" or anything along those lines. ONLY if it's important.

I prefer comments if you are on my friends list.

If you are not on my friends list and want to have a chat, find me in towns, but make sure you scroll down to read the "TOWNS" section.

I tend to judge people based on actions and personality.
If you don't like it, buzz off.

I don't think of myself as "too cool" for people to talk to.
I just talk to people who I think are nice and friendly.

On the Kinsey Scale, I scored a X.

Friend Requests

I don't like random friends requests.
Please do not send me them if I have never talked to you before.
Get to know me first.

My friendship is not taken for granted. You have to earn it.
I don't accept friendships with people I do not like or if you are friends with people I do not like.

I will not accept friend requests from people who like posting multiple forum posts each day (ex. chatterbox) because it floods my friend feed.
I want to see if my friends update things I think are important, not your useless spam.

If I don't even know you, you have no chance.
If I barely know you, you also have no chance.
I also only accept friends who I actually talk to everyday and actually know them.
If I don't see you for months and don't remember you, you have no chance.

If we have only talked to each other less than a few times and you try to act like my friend, you are not my friend. So stop trying. I decide whether we are friends or not. Not you.

If you are friends with my enemies, I will not add you to my friends list.
Chances are, I will not talk to you, either.
Apologies, but it's just the way I am.
I get hurt when seeing my friends do that.
I do not like to be "second place" from my enemies.
If you don't like it, take yourself off my friends list or I will do it myself.
Tired of having friends who aren't my friends.

If your profile is on private or does not allow me to view any information about you, I will not accept your friend request.

Ghosties (People On Ignore)

I like to fireball people who irritate me.
I have over 6000 people on my ignore list. Cleared my ignore list.
If you want to know if I have you on ignore, look my name up in your friends list page and you will see "They're ignoring me." next to your name.
If you get on my ignore list, don't expect me to take you off
...unless you have a good reason for me to.
That would be the only time I take you off...but it's rare.

I will put you on ignore if you do any of the following:

* Troll.
* Hack
* Spam.
* Cyber.
* Annoy.
* Emote Spam.
* Script/Client.
* Make me uncomfortable.
* Make me hate you.
* Hurt me or my friends.
* Being inappropriate.
* Friends with people I hate.

I am not a forgiving person.
When you betray me once, there is a 90% chance that I will not forgive.
I'm sick of being fooled more than once.

If you keep pestering me to take you off my ignore list, I won't.
Go cry me a river for all I care.
I do not want to have anything to do with you.
I ignored you for a pretty damn good reason.
Even if I do not remember why, it doesn't matter to me.
I don't even want to associate with you.


I am known for making the topics in towns.
Check out my journal for more details.

In towns, when I am standing, then it usually means that I'm there.
If I sit, it means that I am away from my computer.

I also hate it when people poke.
It's a dumb way to get someone's attention, especially mine.
If you poke me, I won't talk to you.

I hate it when people either stand on top of my avi or behind it.
I'll give you one chance to get off before putting you on ignore.

Another thing I hate is when people complain
...especially complaining that they are bored.
Seriously if you are bored on gaia, go find something else to do.
No one wants to hear you complain that you're bored and that there is nothing to do.
There is SOMETHING to do.
Go find it.

I am also very shy when it comes to meeting new people, especially nice people.
I am not one to go up to people and say hi unless I've known you for a long time.
I really do not want to bug people so I just stand alone.
So if you want to talk to me, come up to me face to face.
If I ignore you, then you are most likely on my ignore list.

If you come up to me in towns, at least say "Hello."
Don't just stand and stare expecting me to talk to you first.
If you don't say hello, I'm not going to even bother replying even if I know you.

Usually, I am not up for small talk.
So make sure you have neat grammar and have a lot to say before approaching me.

I don't associate with people who are into BDSM or any time of slave/master/pet crap.
Don't even bother talking to me if you are into that.
It's disgusting and I find that very disturbing. It makes me very uncomfortable.

I don't like people who have crappy usernames.
(Usernames that contain "b***h, slut, horny, fap, kinky, boner, sexy, orgasm, etc.).
Real mature...NOT.

I also do not talk to people who are in "I AM" poses.
(Grunnies, Stamories, Kottan Bells, Alrunas, Kittens, etc.)

I don't hang with the "elitists" or "regulars" in towns.
I tend to find them very annoying.

I dislike crowds very much.
I like my personal space.

I prefer to hang with my own group of friends rather than the popular crowd.
My friends are very nice people and I care about them a hell of a lot.


I am not much of a zOMG player anymore since I'm already at the highest level there is at a CL of 10.0 (Screw DMS).

I don't usually go on zOMG unless I'm orb or loot hunting.
I usually play solo or with my girlfriend.
But if you want me to join your crew, let me know and I'll join ya.

I also help out new players from time to time and offer tips.

Gold Beach (Orb Hunting)
Bassken' Lakes (Saw Mill)

Heralds of Chaos

I am currently addicted to playing this game.
If you want to have a friendly battle, feel free to pm me.


If you do feel like talking to me for any reason, feel free to send me a message or try getting my attention in towns (make sure you say hello first).
But make sure you read EVERYTHING above.
Do that, and we'll get along just fine. I promise.

I try extremely hard to be on good terms with people.
I'm actually looking for really nice friends, but I am too shy to even talk to new people.
Please help me out?

Not sure what else to add at this moment. Sorry.

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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