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Volturri's Revenge (Twilight Fanfic)
>.< Yeah, I wrote a Twilight fanfic- it was a fic exchange for someone here on Gaia. Can't remember her name XD. She wanted one with her Twilight OC in it. XD I wrote this originally on my mule account.

Revenge of the Volturri

For a time, they lived in peace. The Cullens and the Quileute wolf pack settled happily into their little peace of forever. Edward still doted on Bella, and Jacob doted on Renesme. Tala helped Leah to calm down and stop being so resentful- it helped, having another female wolf in the pack. Edward (for the hundredth time) and Bella (for the first time) finished college, Renesme was home schooled. Tala helped Carlisle at the clinic, and had finally gotten her first novel's manuscript accepted by a publisher.

They never gave the Volturi a second thought, assuming they had gone back to Italy with their tales between their legs, helpless with their power neutered.

That false sense of security, that happy ever after, was shattered swiftly and cruelly like a thief in the night. The signs were there- the supernatural folks of Forks were just too happy to notice. Vampires- the ones who had stood with the Cullens against the Volturi- suddenly started disappearing. It was a dangerous world, even for vampires. Things could happen- and things did happen. Subtle, hard-to-prove things. Shocking, tragic accidents and the Volturi, of course, were no where near at the time. Then again, Jane had not been seen in Voltura for a while, either. She hadn't been seen since poor Benjamin, of the Egyptian clan, went missing.

Friends who took a long time to reply to Carlisle stopped replying at all. The Volturi had given up, had not yielded to the Cullen's "checkmate"; they merely retreated to form a new strategy. The Cullens were simply too much of a threat to let them alone. Aro refused to accept defeat. Plus, it had been such a long time since he found anything worth adding to his collection. If they could not defeat the Cullens in open combat- a combat that had never happened, for Aro was too crafty for that- then Carlisle's allies, and the Cullens and wolves themselves, would be taken out one by one, until only the pieces Aro wanted were still standing. Aro's soldiers, his pawns, moved swiftly and covertly, went undetected. If it couldn't be proven, then the Volturi themselves had violated none of their own laws. All evidence was erased; Aro saw to that.

"Hindsight is a b***h." Tala thought, blood loss making her head dizzy and loose her train of thought. Her anger slipped away, too. The vengeful, hateful death of her friends and family, her pack, turned even a mild-mannered, laid back werewolf into a snarling frenzy of teeth and blood-lust. The Volturi brought out the beast in her- but it was brought out too late.

The attack came blindside. Aro had amassed his best fighters in Forks in secret, and the take-out hits were simultaneous and scattered. Tala did not know how the others faired; that fear clenched her heart, made it jack hammer in her chest and pump blood from the gashes in her stomach and legs, made the darkness swim closer and closer around her mind.

Tala, Jacob, and Renesme and just come home from shopping at the mall, to buy Renesme a new outfit, and Tala wanted a new CD. The car doors shut, Renesme was babbling to Jacob about her new Justin Beiber T-shirt, and Tala had been giggling at the thoughts running in Jacob's head about the pop singer, especially the comparisons to him sounding like a girl. A noise in the bushes outside the Cullen's huge house had the three swiftly turning their heads, then their world exploded in pain.

Jacob and Renesme were dead; he had shoved Tala out of the way, grabbed Renesme and tried to dodge, but Jane and Alec were ready for him. Esme was already a smoldering pile of ashes inside the house.

Tala was riled- she hadn't even gotten in one blow, and now she was disabled, in too much pain, too weak from bloodloss, to move. Jane stood over her, smiling sweetly. The only satisfaction Tala got was when the innocent-looking little girl bent over to lick a dribble of Jacob's blood off Tala's cheek. Tala had found the energy to twist her head and bite Jane's face. Sadly, she didn't do much damage before pain- or the mental illusion of it- erupted all over her body and she arched her back, screaming.

Jane patted her already-healing face and glared down at her. "I was going to be nice and kill you swiftly. But not now." Her red eyes gleamed and Tala growled. Jane's lips pulled back over her teeth.

Demetri, Felix, and Chelsea drifted out of the long shadows cast by the trees and setting sun. Chelsea licked flecks of red off her lips. Demetri and Felix were weighed down by badly damaged vampire bodies, which had been broken into several pieces to keep them from putting up any more resistance. The smaller body parts wriggled around in a bag slung over Chelsea's shoulder, the bodies trying to put themselves back together again.

"That was so easy it was almost boring. They're nothing when they don't know its coming." Demetri and Felix dumped their chewed and crumbled burdens down in a heap by Tala's head. She gasped, a wave of nausea, fear, and desperate panic rolling over her when she realized who it was.

Edward, Jasper, and Alice- the only ones of the Cullens to have abilities Aro would find useful, would want to collect. Bella was there, too, and she was the most badly damaged. It was hard to recognize her. Aro had found Edward's weakness- Bella. Demetri and Felix had caught her by surprise, tortured her until Edward surrendered- then they tore him limb from limb to keep him from rescuing her while they had some fun with her, enjoying her screams. Tala could tell all of this from the pleased smirks on the red-eyed vampires' faces and from the carnage on the Cullens' bodies.

Tala's thoughts raced. Her body thrummed with pain- real pain, not a mental trick. Angry, helpless tears trickled down her blood smeared cheeks. From the carnage, she knew deep in her bones, in her heart of hearts, the others- her pack, Carlisle, Rosalie, etc,- were all dead. Dead and gone. Alice hadn't seen this- Alice! Alice and her visions! Surely she would have seen this; if so, this must just be a dream.A horrible, horrible nightmare.

Alice's crumbled body- and Jane's sweet, evil grin said otherwise. Somehow they'd found a way around Alice's sight. If they didn't think before they acted- or if Alice wasn't watching the right vampire- it was easy for her to miss, and apparently she had.

Tala whimpered and Jane smiled poisonously sweet down at her, red eyes glowing. "You know, I always wanted a doggy."

~art by the talented Mythical Mew~[/align:a30c5a3050]
[img:a30c5a3050]http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z6/Blood_Gem/mythical mew resized 2_zps7smdynfc.png[/img:a30c5a3050]
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