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Clyde's Poetry Post
This is pretty much nothing but my poetry. If I post anything besides my poetry I will say in the post.
Rupert's Complete Spell List
Basic Spells:
Fireball [Inferi] – Summons forth a small fireball in Rupert’s hand that can be launched at the opponent. This can cause massive burns. However, the fireball itself cannot be launched very far.

Thunderbolt [Fulmen] – Summons forth a small lightning strike in Rupert’s hand that can be launched at the opponent. This can cause paralysis to the limbs it hits. However he lightning cannot be launched very far.

Ice Spike [Glacies] – A spear shaped icicle is summoned in Rupert’s hand. This icicle will not melt by normal means. When launched into the ground, the ice will spread to entrap the opponent.

Spiraling Air [Vertex] – A small tornado is launched towards the opponent.

Reflect [Repurcussus] – A small reflective shield forms in front of Rupert. The shield causes most basic magic as well as projectiles and basic weaponry to bounce off. The shield last for three posts.

Advanced Spells:
All basic spells have a more advanced form. These are used by actually saying the incantations.

Ice Trap [Conglacio] – By using the incantation, ice will be summoned around the opponent and quickly close in, trapping the opponent within a block of ice.

Spell Fusion [Defigo Coeo] – Using the incantation, Rupert is able to combine two of his spells to create a monstrous combo (i.e. combining Inferi and Vertex would create a flaming tornado)

Dual [Ambo] – Using the incantation, Rupert can quickly use two spells at successively without an incantation. This will deal less damage.

Slow [Cunctor] – Using the incantation, Rupert can cause the time around him to slow for three post, making it seem like he is moving much quicker than those around him.

Rebound [Recutio] – Using the incantation, Rupert will cause any spells, magic, projectiles, or strikes, to bounce back at 1.5 times the power.

Control [Compos] – Using the incantation, Rupert will look directly in the eyes of the target. This will allow him a slight control over the opponent while keeping control over his own body. An opponent of strong enough will can break this but will be very tired afterwards.

Sleep [Dormio] – Using the incantation, Rupert will cause those around him to fall into a deep sleep that last a minimum of three posts.

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