Ah one of my favorite days.....nope not at all!
So I figured out this boy i've known for three years thought of me as a stuck up jerk, great friend right?!? My problem was that he didn't even know what the hell was happening.
so im copying this straight from Face book words in (()) means it wasn't posted im just adding in random comments~
MI~are you serious? you reported my best friend.
wow. your kidding , right?
What J was doing was NOT bullying. sorry to break it to you. Ive been teased, bullied & stuff and it's horrible. But J simply just didn't like you. Did he go out of his way to start fights with you? no. Did he cyberbully you? No. Did you ever threaten him before, or say " if you don't stop, ill tell the dean" No. is NOT a bully, yes he's "violent" but he's nice in so many ways. your taking this to 120% + Not like you havent done it before.. You always overreact. yes, your my friend and all. but stop taking everything SO SERIOUSLY.

M~No, J, NO!

ME~We all know J doesn't like L but, he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut for once and yes he does talk s**t about L just like your doing right now i've seen it and to me he is kindof rude and mean to her so honestly I don't blame L for reporting him to the deans and she has told him to knock it off but, he didn't listen to her so honestly he got what he deserved.


ME~Meh whatever you just cant handle the truth ((Honestly that might have been bitchy on my part but, seriously I was telling the truth and M didn't know what was happening since the only person he actually knows is J and ME so he didn't know L or MI! So im like keep your nose in your own damn business!))

M~‎3 years later and you're still a stuck-up jerk. Wait, sorry. Don't know the whole story, J may be at fault. But, I believe him more. Sorry, Mocha. ((Im like boy I know where you live don't make me slap you))
That was the end of the whole Face Book conversation IM NOT LYING HERES THE LINK SCROLL DOWN YOU'LL FIND IT!
and im like nice to know that you thought of me as a stuck up jerk all this time but, must I remind you about why I won 5th grade elections against you and how you were in 5th grade. He was a huge bully along with J in 5th grade I mean I won by a landslide even his own friends didn't vote for him they were going to but right before election he walked up to me and these other girls and said something that made us all cry and his friends didn't even like that so they didn't vote for him. Yes I know I won by a landslide because I saw the results on accident. SHHHHHH I DIDN'T TELL YOU THIS!!!!!! Just kidding I did! Yeah.....after 5th grade he was all nice to me and stuff so we became friends I guess I was the stupid one all along and grant you im kindof friends with J even though hes going to steal my bestfriends child and raise it to be a cannibal then kidnap me and my child and feed us to the cannibalistic child but, im sorry to me he got what he deserved he DID bully my friend L and sorry I wont let anybody bully L so if I was still there with them I would've reported J before L did............When I was there with L and J I didn't think about reporting him because I had just finished dealing with these 3 girls who wanted to start s**t with me and some of my friends yeah so I didn't want to revisit the dean or councilors office.

Haha great day for me right