Figured it out after the second time! The first attempt of an explanation was in a past entry.

But first, before the hyphens -

I'm happy and sad to inform you. "You don't know the half of me" D8 You haven't even talked to me ; ^ ;

Random info: I'm a helper at heart; it's mostly all I do. I can't help it. If I strongly criticize, it's not that way you think it is. I'm not degrading you. A loving/caring person doesn't like to see you emotionally die. My different kind of criticism is not the way people generally define "criticism" as in their minds (picking at someone). I don't do that. I would know what you can do and that is why I would help you along. I would know so well what you are capable of and nothing would make me happier than to see your proudly with your finished product. Therefore, I happily point out every little thing that needs your tweaking. If I am met with displeasure from you, I feel hurt. I was not trying to hurt you. I point it out never to attack you, but to show you if you follow my advice, I can't wait until you're finished. eg: Art. Artwork is a really good example.

I want to help you.

Lastly, again, horoscope stuff, don't take seriously. It's better to get the same information, but from a better and different source - the person.

Below the hyphens, Copied and Pasted, yay c: It started out commenting on a quote then completely leaving the quote. But then, I thought, 'It connects,' so I continued with "I'm not myself if..."


"A Virgo will give someone who thinks highly of themselves a reality check in a heartbeat."

Now, I've never met anyone like this, okay? But a friend of mine knows someone like this 8O. I felt instantly interested after I read the person's description. Lol ~

I'm not myself if I appear guile to you because it's true. I'm not a guile person. And yet, it might not be true? Who knows because there is a problem.

Let me explain.

(It’s just fun to act guile, like how I’ve seen people act in series and stuff. In short, it is fun to be a certain part of a person I cannot be: cunning, deceptive, sly, clever in the bad definition, guile, and the like.)

I’m all sweet, but because of that, and being analytical, none of my cunning thinking can escape past my mind. It is not “me being deceptive,” for example, that no one sees -- because me being deceptive isn't even possible so no one really can see it! o.o -- but “the ABILITY for me to be deceptive” that no one sees. Sadly, since any kind "slyness" is all in my mind, I have no real output of any if I should ever feel any -shrugs-. By "slyness", I mean the harmless kind of cunning. Not the bad definition of "sly", where people would first think of the word "evil", but "sly" as in smart.

"Cunning" in the intelligent definition!

If you actually thought if, by "slyness", I had meant the malicious, distrustful, and manipulative 'villain' evil kind, well, then, for those people, I don't know how to comment back -barely shrugs-. Other than, perhaps, -tilts her head- "I wonder."

About your thinking, that is. 8O

(Explanation: When someone's wrong about me, it's intriguing, to an extent, how they thought of the result.)

I am a nice person. I've been complimented on my kindness many times.

Only when I feel stuck to my niceness do I feel that I can't be anything else but nice. I can't be selfish. I can't be rude. I can't reject. I can't be mad at someone. I can't stick my tongue or cross my arms; I can't leave or ignore - I can't be mean. (Intentionally. Because with close friends, I'll be momentarily stubborn then comply cause I'm a child =P I like doing that; I know I'll comply cause I love them. It's just something I like doing xD)

The only two people I can be mad at -- if I want to be; it's never serious, but at least I'm able to -- are my parents. They know I'm a sweet, caring, wonderful girl. They know I'm smart, reliable, and a kid, everything. But "nice" isn't my only and single quality. On the other hand, with everyone else, it can be. Therefore, I stay nice, like I usually am, but still continue, until the sad point where I'm unable to change for myself or for you. I'm like an angel who can't stand to be thought of as not an angel and would rather stay super-glued or someone won't like me anymore because, to them, it'll look like I'm mean. It's very blunt/quite a mood whiplash and, thus, awful - I don't want to do that!

I really am nice. I always have good intentions. I don't have a "bad side". I may do wrong and negative things, because everyone does, like accidentally hurting someone, breaking something valuable from slippery hands, wanting a toy as a kid, or having a temper tantrum at a sudden moment due to stress, but those things, those people, are not evil. The listed examples may be not the best things in the world that can happen, but the person would not evil. Being greedy, switching sugar and salt containers, or teasing someone to make another person cheer up would be classified as "really wrong", but not as some "pure evil deed that needs to be eradicated and incinerated". And so forth with whatever examples you can think of @.@. So I may do a bunch of things, good and bad -- blah di blah -- but I don't have an evil side of me and I'm glad.

I may be silent. I may be suddenly serious. I may think and plan out things. I may feel perceptive, intelligent, strategic, and analytical to the delicious amount known as cleverness, but I never make anything bad happen, of course not. When I think about it .... hm, those emotions/personality traits mixed altogether at one perfectly and equally combined moment could FEEL like borderline slyness/"evil", because of the mix, but since I'm kind hearted, nothing happens, lol. I'm normally very cheerful so, please, what are you thinking about right now? > u> Heh c:>

-smiles- It's true that no one should ever underestimate a Virgo and it's true that no one ever knows a Virgo because one, they are either incredibly off or they know a Virgo, and two, when they think they know a Virgo, they might have to think about it again, but this feeling of unstable trust doesn't mean there are any horrible consequences.

It's just that ... when a Virgo is your enemy, a Virgo really is your enemy; and this is important to be aware of´; ^ ;`

(I'm not going to be anyone's enemy! I'm just pointing out this 180 degrees truth because you can't think you can fool around with a nice person in life. If a Virgo is ever actually your enemy, I think they would really be an enemy o.o;. A Virgo can seem cold sometimes, but if the Virgo is an enemy and is intentionally harsh, it will NOT be pretty. That's what I imagine. If a Virgo actually hates someone, ohh ... o - e. A close sister of mine is a Virgo and she's more violent/vicious and vocal than I am, lol, when she's simply passionately disliking someone, so if she's someone's enemy, she can be fearsome -nods- =) There you go, proof ~ xD)

When a Virgo is your enemy, a Virgo really is your enemy. It's almost scary C:

And the fact that it sounds frightening and intimidating is kind of the fun part, since it would initially scare people who are MEANT to be scared because they deserve that fear, and more feelings later (no one is allowed to get away with something unjust they do), before two people become enemies. You know, but in another world cause no one's an enemy here (my world?). That dramatic stuff belongs in another world, like a fictional show on TV or story in a novel. Virgos being an actual enemy cannot be applicable. Not usually, at least; or not for me, at least.

No one's a true enemy here. (I don't mean 'on Gaia', but in general everyday life.)

We are not at war, we are not wielding swords or guns, we are not on constant alert of our imminent deaths, and we don't oh so frequently treasure our lives and our loved ones' lives. No one has some point of view worth killing the person for (I mean, really). People may be not friends or not preferable company, but no one's an enemy - o -.