I'm back, that's right.

Anyways, first day back at work today, went smoothly, like I never left. It was obvious when I stopped in for a schedule yesterday that had left, because I nearly got applause when I walked into the break room.
Staff's changed quite a bit in the past year. We had our department administrator leave, and a supervisor transferred facilities. Georgia got promoted to administrator and damn she's got plans for me, she's gonna make me work even better. Emory, probably the 2nd best worker to Andy (The previous admin) got promoted to supervisor, I knew he would some day, he's damn good.

But anyways, back to work. I only got back on the 16th at night, and they already had me working shifts today, the 18th. Tomorrow's going to be a double already, waiting for my hair to dry so I can get sleep for that. I'm booked for pretty much all daytime shifts every day next week, and I'm going to be trained for more. Everything's moving right along. I would like to make 3.5k by the end of the season to be safe, and with the current state I should around 3.1k by that time. I'm like Georgia's savior, in the middle of sever short-staff I show up, available any day, any shift, any position. And I'm damn good and efficient at what I do, so besides for availability I get it all done right. Although I might not have much legal job security, they'd never say no to me working there.

Aside from that, D3 was a bomb. Bought FF13-2 to kill the pain. Soon as my pay check goes through I'm going to buy another graphics card, I'ma cram 3 in baby. I also recently added another monster 120mm fan in there, super air cooling. Adding in that fan was fun, plugs didn't fit together, so I had to custom wire sh*t. I had the machine on and I was attaching the wire to the PSU, but I was a dip and had the opposite ends stripped and on my lap. Those touched, 12V with no resistance sparked across my lap, computer shut down, that was worth a laugh.
No damage, but when I logged on Grub decided it wanted to redo the partition table, and I lost my windows boot to a dell utility left on my old computers hard drive. Btw, NEVER use manufacturer utilities in different computers, my baby started squeaking because the damn utility was burning up the CPU.

Sadowy's been harassing me nonstop for the past week, not a day goes by where there's not 3 phone calls from him. Brought him to a guild raid today and he failed horribly, made me feel like an idiot for recommending him in front of the GM. Last damn time I do that. Apparently we're going out for dinner Friday.

My grandmother called today, I'll be seeing her Saturday.

Apparently Tracy Tarnowski wants to friend me on facebook right now, I haven't seen her in 5+ years. I only really remember her from when she was in High School and I was in Elementary, she's a cousin of a cousin. I think I'll sit on that request for a bit, I'm not comfortable adding such people. Family is kinda eh, much less barely family I haven't seen since I was a child.

I saw Aaron yesterday, he hasn't changed. People say he's annoying and too chatty, but I really like him, I don't talk much and he provides a good balance to me. Although I like him as is, he could probably stand to change a bit for his own sake. He's a people pleaser like me, but he's a people person too, and he's never going to be happy until he finds a girlfriend. He won't be getting one of those with the nice guy way he acts right now.

I think I've become largely apathetic towards humans. Well, I probably always was, but now more so than usual. I guess it's a mental cycle. Anyways, so many people are stupid, blind, helpless. If only they can see what I see. But no, they're going to continue on, making the wrong choices at the expense of their future. They just never seem to get the big picture.
A year or two ago I started to get really angry with humans. The ignorant ones, those that can't perform to their potential, the negligent, careless, hazardous, blind. But I don't feel that anymore. I've just accepted that most of them are beyond help, and no matter how capable I am, they'll never live up to what they should be, and there's nothing I can do to make them better. I probably have very high standards, it's one of my mottos "we're both humans, if I can do it, so can you" but people just don't. I don't think it's that I'm all that much more competent than them, but sometimes that seems to be the case.

I believe in another phrase, "Canei". Sounds Japanese, one of the reasons I like it. Anyways, it means "Constant and Never ending improvement". You can always be better, you can always improve. Think of what you did well, think of how you can do it even better, and then make it happen. Every single time you do something. If you always improve, than by the end you'll be amazing. You'll get to the point where you can't do any better (although there should ALWAYS be room to do better), and than it can be said that you've reached perfection in that field.
I just don't see why other people aren't so diligent with "Canei", don't they want to be better, greater than what they are?
Whatever. People are saddening. I see terrible ignorance in the people around me and that makes them weak. I can only think of 3 people who might not be so bad, but even they have their moments.

Aaron actually talked too much when he was here, said something I didn't want to hear. I won't hold it against him, but damnit it's been on my mind like Windows on a CPU. Oh well. I already know how it's going to turn out, that sort of sh*t's very predictable. There' s too much evidence in the world supporting my conclusion on what will happen. But hey, I guess I prayed for it, and it happened. I know it wasn't the prayer, but it was the logical series of events.

I think I'll call it a night.