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Estelle:: The Orion
Name:: Estelle
Nickname:: Stell
Age:: Looks about twenty-one
Gender:: Female
Race:: Orion
Sexual Orientation:: Hetero
Occupation:: Scientist/ Medical Assistant
Crush:: McCoy

Height:: 5' 5''
Hair:: Jet black, about to bottom of shoulder blades, side swept bangs.
Eyes: Royal Blue
Skin Tone:: Light Green
Build:: Thin and built.
Markings/Piercings:: None.

Clothing:: Dress, Boots. They are heelless and go up to about mid thy.

Perosnality:: Tease. Flirt. Troublemaker. Any of those would describe Estelle. Shes a fun loving, adventure craving, highly inteligent scientist. She is usually either working hard on a project of some sort or off having a ball with her friends. Though she loves to have fun she also knows the importance of hard work. She can be seriouse when she needs to be and she is a very inteligent girl, though most people would never guess that. When out exploring space she is less likely to be party crazed she gets her seriouse face on and gets right to work. She can take orders well and works even better under pressure. Shes just your basic Orion girl.

Album:: PB