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Kanon:: The Beast
Name:: Kanon, just Kanon
Nickname:: K.K.
Age:: Looks about twenty-two
Gender:: Female
Race:: Beast, wolf to be exact
Sexual Orientation:: Hetero
Occupation:: Mechanic
Crush:: Kamina and Viral

Height:: 5' 5''
Hair:: Long, white, and in a pony tail. She has side swept bangs and two long strands that hang down in the front as well.
Eyes: Ice blue
Skin Tone:: Toned, but not to dark.
Build:: Tall, fit, and slender, chest size is about a 34 c.
Markings/Piercings:: Markings, ref.

Semi-Beast Form:: She has her wolf ears and tail, eyes like this, and her markings.
-She goes into her semi-beast form whenever she feel threatened or gets extremely mad. It coincides with her hot temper. If you see her eyes starting to change the best thing to do is try to calm her down or run.*

Clothing:: Clothing Ref

Perosnality:: Inteligent, flirty, and cocky, Kanon is your oh so typical beast. Shes smart and witty and knows how to use her charm to get pretty much whatever she wants. Though she is a beast and shes suposed to absolutely hate humans she actually has a soft spot for them. She would never admit that though. Shes easy to get along with if you get on her good side and shes a very loyal friend. However she does have a hot temper and a bit of an anger problem, but thats only around certian people. When around a a boy she likes she does get nervous but hardly ever shows it. She was the leader of her pack before they split up so she knows how to deal with people and problems and also how to boss people around. Bacially shes your hot headed, yet sweet and caring beast girl.
*When she is in her semi-beast form her animal instincts kick in. She is extremely aggressive and will attack/kill almost anything that moves. Its extremely hard to calm her down, but it isn't impossible. Once she is out of this form she has no memory of what happened or what she did. When she is in the stage she is very volatile and extremely dangerous.

Album:: PB