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Tokiomi Tohsaka Case File - Doctor Records - Public Folder

Full Name: Tokiomi Tohsaka
Nickname: Toki, Yo-yo, Mr. Manager, Dad, Tohsaka-san, Mr. Tohsaka, The Devil, Father, Tokiyomi, Papa
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 16
Origin of Birth: Düsseldorf, Germany
Age: 35
Height: 177 CM ( 5 feet 9 11 ⁄ 16 in )
Weight: 68 kg ( 150 lbs )
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Tokiomi works for N-G Records as an Artist Manager, he is the manager of two groups one of which is the rookie girl group: Hershe, the other group of which is a boyband known as BEAST. Tokiomi’s also the ex-leader and main vocalist in the legendary group Nittle Grasper
Nationality: Tokiomi’s half German and half Japanese
Appearance: Tokiomi is standing 177cm tall and can be considered to be rather average height for a male. He is is thoroughly trained, about 68kg heavy and a full set of well toned muscles, like a kickboxer, yet he still keeps a slim idol like body, and although his abdominal muscles and arm muscles look remarkable, they don’t show his true age at all. Nonetheless Tokiomi has a rather nice face, slightly tanned yet pale. He has crystal blue eyes and dark brown hair. He can be seen wearing the Tohsaka Kekkaishi Uniform through his day to day working. Usually wearing a Crimson suite, with a teal neck tie. The shirt underneath can vary in color, it is usually white. Tokiomi usually carries a cane like staff with a crimson jewel on the top of it. This gem is “The Golden Gate” in which Tokiomi uses to banish demons from the human world. As a child he use to carry the gem in the form of a ring but as he’s gotten older he’s taken on the elegance appearance of the Tohsaka family and attached a rather large gem on the end of a cane.

Tokiomi Tohsaka Case File - Shadow Organization Records - Private

Kekkaishi Affiliation: Tohsaka
Base of Operation: Tohsaka Manor, is the base at which Tokiomi lives as well as conduct a large majority of his operations.
Kekkaijutsu Style: Schweinorg-Ryu Kekkaijutsu
Kekkaishi Succession: Tokiomi’s the 122nd successor of the House of Tohsaka
Ayakashi Partner: The Ayakashi Partner of the Tohsaka is Archer who is a demon bird that is used for all Ayakashi hunts.

Weapon Section
Weapon Notes: The Tohsaka wield one Brügger & Thomet MP9 with 100 rounds and one Heckler & Koch USP with a single 15 round magazine. Brügger & Thomet MP9 is a compact submachine gun chambered for the 9mm round while the Heckler & Koch USP is a semi-automatic pistol. Tokiomi being as deceptive as he is has his Heckler & Koch customized with a few things, one of which being a suppressor that can be placed or removed at anytime the other thing added to this weapon is the laser sight and flashlight.

Weapon Type: Combat Knife
Weapon Description: Tokiomi refers to this knife as the Azoth Dagger, it is a MercWorx Goliath combat knife. The "Goliath" is part of the David and Goliath set and is the largest MercWorx knife. The total length of the knife is a full 15 3/4” overall it is more than just a regular knife. The blade is S30V steel with an OD Green Micarta Handle. Whether on a mission in the bush or on a week outing in the mountains the Goliath is designed to handle anything that may come your way. The jewel backing is not just for design or to just symbolize the Tohsaka Family but it is actually filled with an antidote towards Ayakashi poison allowing Tokiomi to be prepared for anything while he is away from home.
Weapon Appearance: Click Here
Weapon Location: The Azoth Dagger is kept safely behind Tokiomi in a Cryogenically Treated Sheath with his name etched into it. The sheath is located along his lower back a little above his buttox.

Tokiomi Tohsaka Case File - Government Records - Hidden Registration

Personality: Tokiomi is an aristocrat with a traditional sense of responsibility and aesthetics, which includes noblesse oblige; furthermore, due to his history, he’s a firm believer in hard work and effort.Tokiomi is an arrogant and manipulative man. At first, Tokiomiis rather enigmatic. He is sarcastic and witty, sometimes even to the point of cruelty. Tokiomi has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease his companions. Tokiomi is sarcastic and harsh words are often well-founded, and he uses them to express his often disapproving opinions. Other than amusement, Tokiomi rarely shows any sign of his emotions. However, occasionally he loses his composure and his emotions burst out. Deep inside, Tokiomi feels guilty for all the people he has killed, especially his mother; Aoi. He also blames himself for Elizabeth's death. Because he is very adept at masking his deepest thoughts and feelings, Jade is often able to see through others when they try to hide things. Despite often being able to see the secrets of others, Tohsaka does not reveal their secrets until the time is right. Tokiomi always seems to be several steps ahead of the rest of the party. He hardly ever appears shocked, and he always has a complex and lengthy explanation behind many of the events that stun the people around him. Although when it comes to his family Tokiomi is like any other father and husband, he is very sweet and loving. When his family is at question Tokiyomi’s behavior and attitude is a complete 360 from his day to day appearance.
Hobbies: Tokiomi really doesn’t have any actual hobbies. His life is centered mainly around his work and goals for himself and his family. Tokiomi is a firm believer that hobbies weaken the mind if they aren’t related to training both the mind and the body.
Favorite Food: Korean Food
Favorite Drink: Red Wine
Likes: Tokiomi enjoys a lot of things that deal with refining and gaining strength. He likes to be sure his power is beyond that of a normal human. In such when teaching his own children he tends to try and teach himself a lesson by making tasks harder on himself. Tokiomi also enjoys listening to a lot of music; most of his free time being in the studio. Tokiomi also likes to watch his children perform well in everything they do in life.
Dislikes: Tokiomi dislikes a lot of things but most of things are obvious when he is speaking. He doesn't really hold his thoughts to himself unless he is toying around with someone and not too much longer after that he tends to rip their heads off with a large amount of verbal abuse.
Aoi Tohsaka, is Tokiyomi’s late mother who recently passed away. Her untimely death was not due to an illness or during the battle with an Ayakashi; but at the hands of her own child. The cover up for her death was placed by the old woman being mugged one night near the bridge that wasn’t far from her home. Aoi and Tokiomi as mother and son had a very loving and understanding relationship as he was growing up but as he got older in his late teen years she became cruel and only cared about the family’s name in the eyes of Tokiomi instead of what he wanted when it came to the matters of the heart. Aoi and a few members were behind the death of Elizabeth Fraga, the secret lover of Tokiomi who had his child a week before she was killed. Aoi gave Tokiomi and Korin his child and told Tokiomi it was his duty to teach his son the teachings he was taught as a Tohsaka. Although Aoi knew it was wrong to take a life she openly accepted the fact her son came for her life with tears they both apologized before her death.

Elizabeth Fraga, was once Tokiyomi’s love. She was a German singer who he had the chance of meeting while he was a member of Nittle Grasper. Aside from his personal knowledge of his arranged marriage he decided to keep his love with Elizabeth a secret. They only met a few times a year until he heard that Elizabeth was pregnant with his child. Tokiomi at the time was already married to his current wife Korin and couldn’t break their bond due to the Tohsaka word to the Kanngai. Tokiyomi’s parents got word of the child who was being born into this world by Elizabeth and eventually had the baby taken from her shortly after birth. Elizabeth was killed in a strange fire upon her manor burning everything down. From that day Tokiomi has resented everyone in his family and the Kannagi while he believes they were the ones who killed his lover.

Korin Tohsaka, is the wife of Tokiyomi. Korin who married into the Tohsaka and took on their last name is a member of the Kannagi Magi. Making Tokiomi the husband of a Magus, a witch, a fire charmer, etc. Although to Tokiomi she is a lot more than that and their past together shows that as well. Tokiomi and Korin get along well as husband and wife and they make a great team as parents. Both have their ups and downs in their relationship to the point where at one point Tokiomi hated his wife but he loves her dearly no matter what. Tokiomi has mentioned that he hates how she spoils Kouichi at times making him into a weak Kekkaishi and man but Korin usually responds the same way when it comes to their daughters.

Kouichi Tohsaka, is Tokiomi’s eldest child and only son. He is also a member in the boyband BEAST which Tokiomi manages. Kouichi is also the only child Tokiomi had from his German girlfriend which he picked up while he was on tour with Nittle Grasper. Tokiomi has never told Kouichi the truth about what happened to his birth mother. But with Kouichi being his only male child he tends to be a little more cruel and cold towards him. Most would identify their relationship as a normal father-son relationship but behind the normal eyes Tokiomi uses cruel punishments and words when teaching Kouichi lessons. Deep down Tokiomi loves Kouichi more than he lets off.

Rin Tohsaka, is the Tohsaka’s 123rd Future Family Head. Rin is also the fraternal twin sister of Sumie who was born a few minutes after Rin making her the second oldest. Among that Rin is Tokiomi’s favorite child. Unlike her brother who is more advance she is due to his age, Rin has proven to have more skill and understands the grace as well as the artistic background behind the Tohsaka’s kekkaijutsu. With Rin being Tokiomi’s favorite child he tends to spend a lot more time with her as well places a lot more pressure on her in both academics as well as her work as a Tohsaka Kekkaishi. Tokiomi at times forgets how young Rin is when he is training with her which usually ends with Rin crying or being injured due to an extra long or dangerous training session.

Sumie Tohsaka, is the baby of the Tohsaka family. Even though Sumie and Rin are the same age the fact she was born a few minutes after Rin makes her the youngest. Tokiomi is really soft when it comes to Sumie but he is extremely overprotective of her. Unlike his other two children Sumie gained the Kannagi powers which were translated down through her blood from her mother; Korin. For this Tokiomi doesn’t believe he is able to teach Sumie much but he does often use her for combat training making her his partner against Kouichi and Rin forcing them to work together whether they like it or not. Tokiomi usually takes Sumie with him to the recording studio and allows her to help him out when he is listening to new singles for her older brother’s group “BEAST”.

Episode One: Blood
The past of Tokiomi Tohsaka is one that brings a tale of heartache and death, happiness and tears. Tokiomi was born under the full moon in a major city in Germany; Düsseldorf. Upon his birth Tokiomi witness the death of his father before his very eyes. A fiery death was all that Tokiomi could remember. His mother Aoi protected Tokiomi and escaped to Japan where she was from. That alone was the start of the painful cycle of lost in the eyes of Tokiomi. Miongawa District, deep within the city of Shinjuku is where Tokiomi grew up. The old manor was not only his future home and birthright but his prison. As a boy Tokiomi was forbidden to leave the house other than to attend school and to perform his Kekkaishi duties. As a child Tokiomi obeyed his mother but as he began to grow up and his skills became more advanced Tokiomi left his home more often.

During his teen years Tokiomi was recruited by N-G Records to become a member of a rising boy pop group called Nittle Grasper. As his teen years became enriched in fame beyond the name of the Tohsaka Family Tokiomi used his travels to carry out the duties of his Kekkaishi Family. Defeating Ayakashi by the moonlight and finding love during the daylight. Tokiomi eventually found a woman in which he loved, but that was short lived once his mother caught wind of their hidden love. As soon as Tokiomi found out his mother knew about his love affair it was too late. The woman in which he loved had been found dead in a fire. Not too long after that Tokiomi found out he was arranged to marry a childhood friend; but that’s all Tokiomi saw this girl as. A friend. The name of his bride and the mother of his children to come was Korin.

After Tokiomi’s twin daughters were born he stepped down from being a singer in Nittle Grasper and became a manager in N-G Records. Tokiomi’s excuse was to spend more time with his family mainly his daughters in which were only newborns. Tokiomi also used his son as a shield in this case by bringing his to the disbandment of Nittle Grasper’s Interview.

Over the years Tokiomi’s kind soul turned black and cold. Now Tokiomi is an arrogant and manipulative man who strives, as all powerful human do, to reach Akasha, or the root of all knowledge. He is married to Korin Kannagi, a member of the Fire Magus Clan. The very same people who Tokiomi has sworn to exhaust his revenge on for killing his true wife. As a father Tokiomi seems to care little about his children; he even named his daughter Rin the family Successor over her older brother who is more qualified for the title. Tokiomi’s blood still was boiling about what’s happened in his past he wanted revenge for the woman that was killed for the sake of a marriage that shouldn’t have been. His goal was to destroy everything that got in his way of obtaining the power to bring back the woman he loved. As selfish as it sounds Tokiomi wasn’t only trying to bring her back to life but he was trying to make himself into a God of sorts, and he alone knew the path he would have to take. Even if that meant dealing with demons.