The new haircut went over well, since it's short, but still of course mom doesn't quite get it. "Why don't you cut your bangs, we can barely see your eyes!" It's like the have no concept of what is now. Regardless, everyone at the Wryhouse Coffin Shop loved it, naturally. Marko is doing this thing with his hair where it's shaved everywhere except for the bangs, which looks uhg-mazing but now I can't ever get that haircut.

Classes are boring, as per usual. A new boo transferred in from France, and would you believe Paris (cliche). He was in Flyer's Ed pitching a fit because he can't even fly, which the teacher took to mean "doesn't know how" and which he meant as "physically incapable of." I tried helping him get his point across but you know teachers, once they get an idea into their heads it takes a new stupid idea to dislodge the old one.

I volunteered to partner with him since what am I going to do, fly in V-formation with the rest of these geese? Last week I got beaned in the ankle by that little green shrimp, and he looked extra careen-around-the-sky-with-no-control today.

So this new guy, Nero (good name), he's some kind of boosicion. He had a following doing DJ and freestyle in the Paris catacombs, and I can respect that. He only knows one person in town right now so I've offered to let him hit the clubs with me tonight. You can't take Lin anywhere, there's not a fake ID enchanted enough to convince anyone he's old enough, plus he just gets stepped on a lot and ends up breaking the DJ table when trying to find the bathrooms.

Nero is down with checking out the nightlife. Then he called me "bro" and I simply can't be having with that.