I can't complain. I make them myself.
The truth is a burden
The lie seems friendly.

What comes up naturally,
Is for my safety.
Because as you see
You're not trusted.

A metal wire holding us together.
A mistake I made, or one to protect others.
Sends a shock to each holder.

While a lie is a rope
You just rinse it with gasoline.
It'll turn on fire
After the friction of trust has cast doubt into desire.

By lying you break bonds.
were the bonds you created by lying.

Out of disaster came creation.
By breaking something to gain something of equal importance.
How can this be, to make such an awful trade you see.

Anger they grow.
The heat I feel.
The warmth they feel.
The cold I feel.
The frozen I am.
The slower time goes.

Trapped in their gaze.
Embedded in their mind.
Locked from their heart.
Displayed as a monster.

I make the lies for my safety.
To tell the truth I do it hastefully.
To avoid the absorption of details which can crazily,
lead to everyones demise quickly.

A darkened mind.
A broken bond.
A misjudged character
for all to despise.

One day the lies become the truth,
And I'm sad to say.
You may not like what you hear.

But if I told the truth,
I'd be free.